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Top Dog Cheats

Top Dog

Submitted by David.K

* To avoid getting shot while taking off, you can delay pulling up until you can
  see the opponent isn't likely to aim at you.

* When you take off, shoot the first plane down. Next, fly upside down and get 
  close to the next plane that is about to take off. If you're in front a little 
  then brake. If you're too far ahead then do a loop the loop. If you keep doing 
  this you can shoot down a lot of planes.

* To get the highest score, once you have shot the enemy down, turn upside down 
  so you are flying in the same direction as him and get close to the ground. Once
  he lifts off then shoot him down. Also, try and get into a position where the 
  enemy can't take off because you'll shoot him, so that you can get maximum points
  as long as you keep pressing up 'til you get bored.

* Even after you get shot, you can still shoot the computer and get points and go
  up in rank.

* If you go straight up, you will stall, and you'll just crash. Try to avoid going 
  straight up.

* If you feel really threatened by the enemy plane, fly really close to the ground
  and gently land. The enemy cannot shoot you while on the ground, so keep moving 
  until the other plane crashes. This gives you an opportunity to get above your 
  opponent. This technique is best used at high speeds with a slow rate of descent.

* Try to let go of the gas quickly in the air to turn faster. Then shoot down the 
  enemy plane as fast as possible and keep spinning if you can. When the next plane 
  arrives on the ground, wait until it begins to lift up and shoot it quickly.
  Continue spinning and shooting the planes at takeoff.

* If the enemy plane is behind you and shoots, pull a loop-de-loop, and try to get
  behind him. Remember, behind the enemy plane is the best place to get him from.

* When you're up and flying, try not to go too near the top of the screen. Although
  it makes it easier for you, you dont get any points.

* Taking Off: As soon as the game starts you want to hold down on the throttle, so
  you are moving forward on the ground. This will make taking off faster and easier.
  Begin your takeoff, by pulling up, right when the enemy plane is in front of you.
  By the time you get up in the air he'll be behind you, right where you want him.
  Get behind the enemy plane as soon as you can, this will probably involve a quick
  loop-de-loop. Letting go of the thrust while spinning will help you spin faster.

* Aerial Dog Fighting: This is what the game is named for and where, to be successful,
  you must excel. You want to chase the enemy plane closely from behind. This means 
  you will have to turn your plane upside-down. The computer usually flies in big 
  arcs, a slow and ineffective way of flying. Keeping your plane straight will help
  you catch up to the computer, and shoot it down. Once you catch up to the enemy, 
  you'll want to shoot him down as soon as you can. Take a lot of shots, you can't 
  run out. Remember, if you are far away from your enemy, shoot to where they are 
  going. You might hit him. Defensively all you can really do is dodge bullets. If
  the enemy is behind, try to pull a loop-de-loop or decrease your speed by letting
  go of thrust for a bit, so you can get behind him. The sides of the screen are 
  your friends, use them to dodge bullets. Never try to fly straight, you will 
  probably just stall and crash.

* Landing: Landing is an important skill if you want to rack up skills, but do not 
  have the time or patience to sit at the screen for a long time. The key to landing
  is to ease the plane, don't fly straight into the ground, you'll crash. You are not
  susceptible to bullets when on the ground, but you can't shoot either.

* Kill Tip: If you want to rack up kills fast, stay low to the ground, flying on your
  back, staying behind enemy planes that are taking off. Shoot them as soon as they 
  become airborne.
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