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TOCA Touring Car Championship Cheats

TOCA Touring Car Championship

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter your name as the following:

Effect                          Code
Beep horn to shoot other cars - TANK
Camera View 3                 - CMFOLLOW
Cartoon sky                   - CMTOON
Disable all tracks            - CMLOCK
Disable collision detection   - CMNOTHITS
Disco fog                     - CMDISCO
Faster Cars                   - XBOOSTME
Go-kart mode                  - CMCHUN
Helicopter view               - CMCOPTER
Larger hands with in-car view - CMHANDY
Low gravity                   - CMLOGRAV
More aggressive drivers       - CMMAYHEM
More cars                     - CMGARAGE
Overhead view                 - CMMICRO
Rain falls upwards            - CMRAINUP
Raining frogs                 - CMCATDOG
Rear wheel drive              - FLEXMOBILE
Starry sky surroundings       - CMSTARS
TOCA Showdown mirrored track  - PATSCREEM
Unlock all Tracks             - JHAMMO
Drunk view                    - HANGOVER
Top down view                 - TOPDOWN
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