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TimeShift Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Purna Samir Arpit Sachin & Srijal

Defeating Gunman:
Choose M16 as ur Ultimate Weapon & hit 1st bullet without pressing (Shift) 
and second bullet by Slow Motion OR Pressing [Shift]

Defeating the final Boss:
In the fight with Dr. Krone's gigantic Sentinel, when you destroy one of 
his guns with the Pulse Gun, Krone will send artillery raining on your 
roof. In order to escape this barrage, slow time and go into the far right
corner. Face the wall and up at Krone's Sentinel. Jump up on the platform.
Keep running to the right into the corner. You will take no damage while 
in that corner. This works for all three barrages.

Play as Dr. Aiden Krone:
Enter "RXYMCPENCJ" as a code to unlock the Dr. Aiden Krone skin in Multiplayer 

Atrox footprint:
If you kill someone or step in oil or mud, walk on cement or somewhere clean 
and look at your footprint. It will be in great detail and read "Atrox" at 
the top/middle of your shoe print. "Atrox" could be a reference to a type of
snake, a band, and a television show or movie.

Obstruction of wind Fans:
Submitted by: Vijay & Vaibhav

When you face first wind fan after coming from the tunnel. There are 4 platforms 
around fans. On any platform facing towards the wall, Reverse the time. Do not 
let your time energy completely disappear. Before the time energy is completly 
gone you have to stop the time and go over the platform.
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