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Thief The Dark Project Cheats

Thief - The Dark Project

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Shailesh Bokil

* For just having fun,use blackjack and make the guard unconscious. After that carry him
  & throw him in water (well )and see him drown.
* After getting out of the well ,there is a room outside which there is a guard roaming.
  Put off all the lights using the water arrow. There is a small window from where you 
  can use the arrow & kill the guard easily as he cannot see you.
* There are some posters on the wall tear them off with your sword. One poster near 
  the stairs has a secret road directly into the throne room.

Only works with v1.33

Mission Skipping: 
If you're tired of a particular mission, pressing "Control-Alt-Shift-End" will cause 
the mission to end and allow you to move on to the next mission.

Money cheat: 
You can give yourself loot by adding the line  "cash_bonus" to your "dark.cfg."  If set
to an integer, its value is added to your loot total for loadout purposes.

With 'cash_bonus 3000' added to your dark.cfg file, go into the game. When you get to 
the "Loadout" screen, immediately hit ESC, then SAVE, then quit back to the Desktop.

Go back into the game and LOAD the game you just saved. You'll return to the Loadout 
screen, and another 3000 gold will be added to your purse. Repeat until you have as 
much gold as you want/need!

Starting Mission:
You can start the game at a mission other than Lord Bafford's Manor by putting the line 
"starting_mission X" in your "dark.cfg," where X is the mission number to start at. When
you select "New Game," you will start at that mission.

Extra Money in the Training Level: 
When you go through the red door that exits the training ground, quickly go north. There
will be a table with a golden glass type thing on it. Pick it up and you will have an 
extra 50 bucks when you go to the next level to buy stuff! 

Secret Basketball Court: 
First go through training until you reach the courtyard. Spar the guard until he 
goes back to the area he came from, stop him by hiting him a few times. Then grab
the key on the table, now go where the guard came out and go all the way down the
hall until you a door then use the key. You'll come to a court with a ball in the
middle and find a scroll. 

End Mission:
Press [CTRL] + [ALT] + [SHIFT] + [END] to end mission and go on to next one.

Level skip:
Press [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[End] and you will skip the current Level.
NOTE: This only works with the Version 1.33 Patch installed.

Submitted by: Chris G.

* If you're forced into a swordplay situation, try to keep your back away from the
  wall. Backing up may be your best defense. Backpedal from the approaching foe  
  and strike just as soon as he finishes his attack (who will hopefully will miss 

* Stealth is your best tactic in nearly all situations, but remember that a foe
  who's actively searching for you can spot you in the shadows from about 12 feet

* Always try to listen in when you hear a conversation going on around the corner, 
  you just never know when you might pick up some useful information.

* The Water Arrow to put out torches is very useful when you want to sneak past 
  a guard in a room full of light. But be careful, you can only use this when the
  guard is facing the opposite direction of the torch, or he will immediately warn
  the others.

* The poisoning arrow is very useful when there are two guards standing next to 
  eachother. Just kill one with the arrow and finish the second one off. He won't
  be able to warn others. If there're a lot of people, use the noise arrow to 
  distract some and finish them off, one by one.

* A guard standing alone should always be killed by taking him out from behind. 
  He shouldn't be able to make any noise.

* Gas arrows and fire arrows can take out a group of guard. Also, fire arrows, 
  holy water arrows and flash bombs can take out a group of the undead.

Submitted by: Paul C.Lalchungnunga, Hard Core Gamer Zarkawt Aizawl Mizoram 
N.E. India 796 001

* This is not actually a binary cheats...It's a Skill man. It works in most of 
  Thief series....

* The WALL The WALL The WALL..Look for the WALL. On encountering any Enemy stay 
  behind the WALL. Let it be wooden or stone wall . No problem. Then start slaying
  the bad guys from behind the wall.Now you can cut to death any bad guys without 
  much effort and pass your Mission.

* O Jack The Ripper do you think it's Unfair going on like this ??? But You win 
  the game.......So Whattt ? Remember the Maxim ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL.  
  Good Luck In your Thief's Journey.

Unlimited arrows:
Go to the Haunted Cathedral. Go to the pedestal where you are supposed to light the
torches with fire arrows. Go through the passage that opens up, then go inside the
building. Bring a piece of a statue with you. Once you are in there, throw the 
piece on the very edge of one of the tiles (the ones that trigger arrows when 
stepped on). Note: There might be only one tile that works. If done correctly, 
arrows will start shooting out of the wall and get stuck in a wooden pillar. 
You can collect as many arrows as desired. The arrows will not stop until you 
take piece of the statue off the tile.

In the level Undercover, there is a way to kill all of the Hammerites without 
causing any commotion. Find a hammer in one of the rooms. When you see a Hammerite
and no one else is around, throw the hammer at them a few times until they fall 
over and die. Even as you are in the process killing of them, they will not get 
mad. Then, throw the body in a random room where no one will find it. You can now 
go in all the forbidden rooms and steal all the gold desired without getting caught.

Return to the cathedral:
Immediately at the start of the level, collect as many skulls and bones as possible
from the ground surrounding the cathedral. When you open the front double doors, 
throw these skulls and bones down the path of the doors, forcing them to remain 
open. Later, when you have the eye, return to these double doors and exit the 
cathedral this way. You will have completed the mission.

Easter Eggs:
Submitted by: Muddassir Husain

"Start a new game, and choose training. When you have completed first two tasks - walking 
in shadows and in quiet take your guns and start practising. When you`ll fighting with your
sparing partner, I mean that who came from hallway and when you finish run quickly to table
and the most important thing you have to take is the key. If you have enough time you can 
take other things (Apple and healing potion). Now run quickly there where is going your 
partner (that who were fighting just before) and go to the end of this hallway. 
At the end you`ll find door, but they`re locked. Now you have to use the key (I told you to
take) and open them. In room you`ll find basketball, baskets, and a letter. Try to hit with 
the ball into baskets and read the letter. It`s funny.

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