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The Sting Cheats

The Sting

Hints for Beating the Early Areas:
(The gas stations is covered in the tutorial so I will 
not go through it here.) 

Grocery Store:
The left locker has money in it. Use the third floor as 
hiding place. The room next to the stairwell on level 1 
cannot be seen by the old lady, even if you walk out of 
it while she is on the first floor. The radio is worth 
some money also. 

Don't use accomplice. Hide in the bathrooms on the first 
floor. The lockers are empty. The guards cannot see you 
if you hide on the other side of the projector room on 
the second floor. Don't forget to rob the register. 

Have your accomplice carry the crowbar to pry open a 
window on the side. Get the money in the desk by the 
room with the plant first. The office to the side with 
the empty desk is not visited by the technician. 
The plant is heavy and snatch it as soon as the technician 
exits out the room. 

Boxing Club:
Have 2 accomplice this time. Let one accomplice carry a 
crowbar. The boxer cannot see you if you hide on the other 
side of the stairs. Disable the security system first, then 
crowbar the glass case. The gloves are 60 pounds to let matt 
carry it without getting anything else. Don't forget to take 
the pictures and the cash box. 

Two men operation. Have one crack the safe and also rob the 
desks while the other scour the floors. The safe take 20 
minutes to crack. Most of the rooms don't have anything it 
them. The top two rooms (suites) all have stuff in them.
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