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The Sims Makin Magic Cheats

The Sims - Makin' Magic

Cheat Codes:
While playing, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C, then type the 
following codes:

Code                     Result 
klapaucius             - $1000 Simoleons 
rosebud                - $1000 Simoleons (if using v1.1 or higher) 
water_tool             - Make your home an island surrounded by water 
set_hour #             - Change time of day to # (1-24) 
sim_speed #            - Game speed to # (-1000 to +1000) 
interests              - View personality and interests of your Sims 
autonomy #             - Change how Sims think on their own (1-100) 
grow_grass #           - Grow grass # (1-150) 
map_edit on/off        - Edit the map 
route_balloons on/off  - Basic tutorial on/off 
sweep on/off           - Shows ticks of the game 
tile_info on/off       - Show or hide tile info 
log_mask               - Set event logging mask 
draw_all_frames on/off - Draw all frames on and off 
history                - Dumps family history file 
edit_char              - Open Create-A-Character screen 
draw_floorable on/off  - Floorable grid 
draw_routes on/off     - Selected person's path displayed 
move_object            - Move any object 
prepare_lot            - Check and fix required lot objects 
preview_anims on/off   - Preview animations 
rotation (0-3)         - Rotate camera 
house #                - Autoload indicated house # 
visitor_control        - Toggle allowing visitors to be 
                         controlled via keyboard 
!                      - Repeat last cheat 
;                      - Separate multiple cheat commands 

Submitteed by: Sim

Type the rosebud cheat then type the !;!;!; cheat until you get to the 
end of the box but instead of finishing it properly put in a different 
letter and then just keep your finger on ENTER your money will go up and 
up very fast the works on most of the Sims. 

Submitted by: 11098
To make your sim happy:

-hold ctrl shift c
-enter the code move_objects on
-this code will let you move anything you want
-go to buy mode
-delete your sim
-go to live mode
-click on the deleted sim's face
-the sim should come back

Submitted by: BENBOW THE GAMER

If your sims are on a red crystal, press at the same time ctrl+alt+c. 
type the following: move_objects on. save the game. Click on your sim 
and delete him. Click on live mode and press on the sims face. 
If you saved the game before doing this, you will see that the crystal 
has turned green again and the sims modd is excellent. 
He has still got all his relationship and job points.
If you don't save before doing this, you will loose these.

Easy money:
Sell a Garden Gnome after it is enchanted with any charm for 100 Simoleons. 
Note: They first have to be solidified. 

More money:
Make the charm called Rain Of Riches and cast the spell. A lot of gold will 
fall from the sky. You can collect the piles of gold and sell them for about 
400 Simoleons each.

Easy career advancement:
To easily advance in careers, just pick the military track. You do not need friends 
for the first four stages, and it pays the most money.

Using Magic on people:
When casting a spell on a magical Sim that is offensive, be careful; it can backfire 
and hit you instead. Use extreme caution if using your Toadification. If it hits you 
and you hop away, you are are in trouble. Your Sim may never return.

Toadification spell:
If you cast the Toadification spell onto a magical Sim, it may backfire and make 
you a toad instead. If you hop away, your Sim may not return. If you do not know 
the other Sim is magical or not, save the game first. If you turn into a toad and 
hop away, leave to the neighborhood screen without saving then go back to the house. 

Easy Toad Swear, Toadstools, Butter, MagiCoins:
When you evict someone from a house then buy a new one, you get a parcel from the 
Mystery Man. He will give you some Toad Swear, Toadstools, Butter and 35 MagiCoins 
Save the game and evict the Sim/family from that house, Move in to get those items 
again. Keep doing this to move into Magic Town or to get unlimited Toad Swear, 
Toadstools, Butter, MagiCoins.

Stupid clone:
Make the Clone Drone charm. The clone of your Sim will walk around, dumping water 
all over the place. Sometimes, he or she will spontaneously explode, creating a 
fire at that location. 

Unlimited maid:
Enable the move_objects on code. Buy Bonehilda's Closet and knock on the door. 
When she exits her closet, delete the closet. She will remain in your house and 
keep cleaning.

Quick friend:
Make the Relationship Boost spell and cast it on the person you are trying to convert 
to a friend. Alternately, make the Smiley Faces spell and cast it on someone. 
They will instantly become your friend.

Full need bars:
Enable the move_objects on code and delete your Sim. If there is only one Sim in the 
family, then time will speed up. Go to live mode and the deleted Sim's picture at the 
bottom should have a circle with a cross in it. Click the picture of the Sim and the 
circle with the cross in it should go away. Your sim should appear in the place where 
it was when you deleted it. Note: The bars will not be completely filled, but you can 
use this trick if your Sim is very tired and you want them to keep doing a certain thing. 
This trick also works on pets.

Get food for dragon:
An easy way to get food for a dragon is to buy flowers. Dragons will eat them and it 
is a lot easier than making garbage. 

Burglar proof house:
To cheaply burglar proof your home, grow a Pink Crystal. Harvest the crystal, remove all 
the doors from your home, and use teleport to enter and exit. Note: The Pink Crystal gives 
you the teleport ability. Growing crystals works best in a Creepy Hollow lot. Also, there 
are many fan-created teleporter objects. 

Naked Sim:
Get the Chrome Concept Shower. Enable the move_objects on code. Put a Sim in the shower, 
then delete the shower. Then, put a Space Miser Shower in its place.
Go back to living mode and your Sim will be walking around naked.

Cheat Patch:
At Magic Town Go To Cheat Patch When It Has A Alternate Paragraph Instead Of This Has 
Yet To Be Unlocked That Means It Is Unlocked This Is How To When It Says This Has Yet 
To Be Unlocked Here's How To: Get A Relationship Number As 100 With Every Sim 
Take Lots Of Photos And Get A Job And Get Lots Of Money This Is How To Unlock It By Cheat 
Code In Magic Town At The Place with The Cheat Patch Press Ctrl+Shift+C And Enter Rosebud 
Until You Got Lots Of Money Then Take The Same Snapshots Alot Of Times And Talk To People 
And Hold 1+0+0 And The Cheat Patch Will Be Unlocked 

Heres All The Cheats:
1.Create A Character
2.More Money
3.Restore Tutorial
4.Debug Actions
5.Move Objects
6.No Fires Or Burglars
Here's All The Cheat Codes:
Create A Character
More Money
Restore Tutorial
Debug Actions
Move Objects
move_objects on
No Fires Or Burglars
All Cheats

How To Kill A Burglar:
If You Want To Kill A Burglar:
1.Have A Fire And A Burglar
2.Don't Have A Robber Alarm Or Fire Alarm
3.Let The Burglar Steal The Fireplace Or Stove That's On Fire And It'll Burn Him And 
  Kill Him.

How To Have Grim Reaper And Other Stuff:
To Get Grim Reaper And Other Stuff Without Getting The Sims Livin' Large And The Unleashed 
And Stuff At Your Neiborhood Press Control And Shift And Alt And Enter 
livinunleashedsuperstarhotdatevacation And The Other Towns And Rezone The Neiborhood 
Button Will Turn White And The Other Guys Can Be At Peoples House And Grim Reaper Will 
Come When Someone Dies And You Can Get Pets!

The 3 types of dragons:
There are 3 types of dragons. Each have their own name and their own personality.

Gold dragon - Pyritie:
Hardly ever sets something on fire, is a very lovely dragon to have.
Cradle a dragon egg 5 times and put music on the egg and leave it to get this dragon.

Red dragon - Burnie:
This dragon was ignored at birth and has grown to be a very annoyed dragon, burns at l
east one thing a day. Leave a dragon egg alone to get this dragon.

Purple dragon - Torch:
This dragon is lazy, cannot breath fire and is easily the most loved dragon.
Cradle a dragon egg egg 6 times to get this dragon.

Dragon food:
I have only had Pyritie so far and lots of cheats have told me to feed it daffodils or
dragon treats- But it never worked, my dragon got hungry and ran away. But then I found
out that the dragon liked orange poppies. Now I don't have to feed it- It goes and eats
poppies and I don't have to lift a finger! Orange poppies are the best for a pyritie 

Give That dragon Of yours some Variation:
Everyone says different things about those oh so lovable sometimes naughty dragons, and 
what they eat. For every Sim player its different. The best chance you have is making a
row of different flowers and lock your dragon in with them. Keep checking Until You see
one flower bed is missing.That will be the type of flower your dragon/dragons will eat.
Usually for me its always a type of Poppy. So make a big patch so that dragon of yours 
wont get angry and leave, or start fires! 0_o!, and remember to refill. Also, if you 
want to get get things off it, like scales, tears and etc.. always have some treats and
give it lots of attention, in my opinion if you have more then one dragon, make a special
room for them with a massive fireplace.

How to raise a dragon:
Go to magictown and earn lots of magicoins. Buy dragon chew toys from Vikki Vampiress. 
Buy a dragon egg from Vikki. Get your dragon home, and place the egg down somewhere safe.
Plant lots of yellow flowers in your yard, this is what your dragon eats. Cradle the egg,
shift it, play it music, and eventually it will hatch. Make sure you pay alot of attention
to the egg, touch it as many times as possible. Give the baby dragon a pat, and groom it.
Put lots of fire alarms in your house. Continue putting yellow flowers everywhere.
Train your dragon, pet it etc.

How to get green up without the hassle:
First get the cheat box by holding down ctrl-shift-c at the same time, and then type in
"move_objects on" without quotations. Then go to build/buy mode and delete your sim. 
Then go back to live mode and click on the image of your sim. It should have a little 
red cross on it. Your sim will appear, and... HEY PRESTO!! Your sim has full bars!
The blue potion only puts up six of the eight bars.
Note: Don't use this cheat if you have just gained some skill points, wait a day or two.
If you don't wait, then that skill bar will drop to zero.
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