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The Sims Livin Large Cheats

The Sims - Livin' Large

Tired of Paying Bills?;
Submitted by: Neil Sapanta 48

Well here is my solution.

Get all the bills from the mail box
and bring it in.
Then, press ctrl+shift+c to appear the cheat bar, and type "move_objects on" 
and enter.
Goto the buy mode or press F2 and click the envelope of bills and press delete. 
And your "bills" are gone!!!!
Enjoy the game!!!!

naked sims:
Submitted by: karan

if you want naked sims all you have to do is first press ctrl+shift+c the in 
the cheatbar type the code "move_objects on" (without ") the tell your sim to take 
a shower. the select the hand tool and remove the shower you will get a naked sim!!!

Submitted by: ben roy

get a job in the army get promoted up to $550 + 1 friend then find the job on the computer 
and take it again you get the bonuses again and again and you can do it as much as you want.
it is good I play all the time. like it to.

Submitted by: GoniX
When the robber comes and alarm turns on, point your cursor to the robber, it slows his moves, 
but does not slows the game(and police). 

Submitted by: Hacker
Do you want with cheats to take always 1000$???
ok. Now first: To activate tne cheats mode [ctrl]+[shift]+c. And then type rosebud.after that 
type !:!;! how much you want and then do this after you rite this !;!;!;!;!;!;!;1 when you tipe 1 
on the end press enter and the game will say you to that cheat does not work bu look at your money 
and you will see to he goes up for 1000$.! this work to again use cheat rosebud and you can right 
how much you want!. And 1 on the end work to up your money for 1000$

endless cash:
Submitted by:
First thing you have to do is type in on the cheat bar (ctrl-shift-c) "rosebud". 
Then you type in !;!;!;!.... untill you hear a beep. then copy the whole thing (to do this easier 
hold shift and home then copy using ctrl c) then keep pasting it to the cheat bar over and over 
until you reach $999,999,999. Keep doing the cheat untill you get tired. Then when you 
buy or construct something the money will stay at $999,999,999. If you look in the neiborhood area 
you should see money way higher than the $999,999,999. It depends on how much times did you paste the 
cheat bar. 

Submitted by: Jeremy Greenlee
WARNING: The number 1 in the code is NOT a typo!!!

First open Cheat box by holding down Ctrl+Shift+c. Then type rosebud and then press [ENTER].
Open box again and type !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;1 (MAKING SURE TO ADD THE NUMBER 1 IN THERE).
Then press and hold down [ENTER]. DO NOT let off [ENTER]. Ignore the box that says NO SUCH CHEAT.

More Money:
You can get money without having to re-open the code 
box every tim you use the \"!;\" code after typing in the 
\"rosebud\" code.  Open the code box by typing \"ctrl+shift+c\". 
After box open type \"rosebud\" and press ENTER. Open box again 
and type \"!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;1\". The \"1\" at the end 
is not a typo so make sure that the \"1\" is at the end. 
After that hold down ENTER. A box will come up saying 
\"No Such Cheat\" ignore the box and keep holding down enter. 
Each time the box comes up and then leaves \"13,000\" Simoleoms 
will be added to your Sim\'s money.

Submitted by: sheva
You can use code "move_objects on" to make your sim's 
mood bar become full. Simple! First, ask your sim to 
use an object (make sure that your sim has used the 
object), then press F2 or F3 to go to buy mode or build 
mode. Then open the cheat bar with ctrl+c, type the the 
cheat code then enter. Use the hand tool to pick the 
object that is being used by you sim then dispose it. 
Press F1 to return to life mode, then click the picture 
of you sim. Your sim will appear somewhere in your house 
with all mood bars full (except fun bar).
DON'T use this cheat after your sim learns something, such 
as gazing, making potion, studying cooking, playing piano, 
etc. because this can make your sim loses his reward. 
You have to save your game first if you want to use this 
cheat after your sim learns something.

Unlimited Simoleans:
Submitted by: sheva
Just click ctrl-shift-c to open the cheat bar. 
Then type "rosebud;!", after that block the 
characters ";!" by using shift, then click ctrl-c 
to copy the characters. After copying the characters, 
move the cursor to the end of the text then press 
ctrl-v until there is a sound "beep". 
After that, block all the text then move your cursor 
to the end of text then press enter.
If you want more money, just open the cheat bar then 
click ctrl-v, then enter. You can use this cheat whenever 
you want.

Cheat code to move any object :
Open the cheat bar, then click "move_objects on" to turn on 
the cheat and change the parameter "on" to "off" to turn off 
the cheat.

Submitted by: Oscar Syahbana the Kind Hearted
If you don't use cheatcode, please insure that your sims get 
enough play. This could increase their mood. 
Oh yeah.... don't forget to buy all the stuff (but not the 
most expensive)adjust the price with the sims wages.

Submitted by: Dave Maynard
The new cheat for money is rosebud click ctrl+shift+c to 
open cheat window then type the cheat..... for more 
add ;! for 1000 simoleons and ;!;!;!;!;!;!;! for 7000 
simoleons and so on up to a maximum of 60000 simoleons

While playing, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C, then type the 
following codes:

Code                     Result 
klapaucius             - $1000 Simoleons 
rosebud                - $1000 Simoleons (if using v1.1 or higher) 
water_tool             - Make your home an island surrounded by water 
set_hour #             - Change time of day to # (1-24) 
sim_speed #            - Game speed to # (-1000 to +1000) 
interests              - View personality and interests of your Sims 
autonomy #             - Change how Sims think on their own (1-100) 
grow_grass #           - Grow grass # (1-150) 
map_edit on/off        - Edit the map 
route_balloons on/off  - Basic tutorial on/off 
sweep on/off           - Shows ticks of the game 
tile_info on/off       - Show or hide tile info 
log_mask               - Set event logging mask 
draw_all_frames on/off - Draw all frames on and off 
history                - Dumps family history file 
edit_char              - Open Create-A-Character screen 
draw_floorable on/off  - Floorable grid 
draw_routes on/off     - Selected person's path displayed 
move_object            - Move any object 
prepare_lot            - Check and fix required lot objects 
preview_anims on/off   - Preview animations 
rotation (0-3)         - Rotate camera 
house #                - Autoload indicated house # 
visitor_control        - Toggle allowing visitors to be 
                         controlled via keyboard 
!                      - Repeat last cheat 
;                      - Separate multiple cheat commands 

Garbage Bag of Holding:
In the early stages of The Sims life time is often wasted 
emptying the trash and bringing it to the curb. I found 
that if you fill the cheap 30 simolian trash barrel you 
can order your sim to empty it and just as they remove the 
bag cancel the order. Then order them to pick up the mess 
that they just made and they will return the full bag to an 
empty barrel, which will now be empty. Do this every time 
it fills and trash need never be brought outside to the curb 
again. This saves a lot of time. 

Paying the Bills:
Simply keep a bill, unpaid, until the mail carrier delivers 
the next set. When your flag is up (your mailbox being full 
of-- what else, more bills), pay the first one (i.e., bring 
it out to the mailbox.) When you do this, the newer bills 
disappear. Using this cheat, you will only have to pay every 
other bill, instead of every one. 

Building a Castle in the Clouds:
Large second-floor extensions to a house, or even an 
entire house in the air, can be built totally unsupported 
by the following method. First, lay out a complete ground 
layer of pillars. You'll need lots to form a surface to build 
on. Next build your second-floor home on top of these pillars. 
It's important that you do ALL the structural work at this 
point; get all the walls placed and floors put in. 
Don't forget the stairs! Next, simply switch to the ground 
floor, and delete all the pillars. The house will remain 
standing, completely unsupported by anything except thin 
air! Voila! A castle in the clouds for your Sims! 

Raise Sims Mood Bars:
When using the move_object cheat you can restore your Sims 
mood bars by getting your Sim to sit in a chair, pausing the 
game and deleting the chair that your Sim is in. Your Sim will 
disappear. Unpause the game and click on your Sims face icon 
and your Sim will reappear with some restored bars. 

Livin' Large Expansion Cheats 

Full Traits: 
Create a Sim with no traits (0 nice, 0 active, etc.). 
Make him/her a yellow potion, and have them drink it. 
Your Sim will have a personality inversion, with all 
traits now at 10. 

99 Neighborhoods:
Note: This procedure involves changing a game file; create a 
backup copy of the file before proceeding. Enter The Sims folder 
and copy the "TemplateUserData" file to the Desktop. Rename the 
file to "UserData" followed by a number from "6" to "99" for the 
corresponding neighborhood. 

Keep Sim alive:
When a Sim dies, you can keep them alive by using the 
move objects on code to delete the Grim Reaper. Save and 
exit the game, then evict your family. You will have to 
refurnish your house, but at least your Sim will still be 

Stop robberies:
While the robber is busy stealing all your items, select 
some sofas or other big furniture and trap him in a corner, 
or just pile it all around him. If the police do not arrive 
and you do not call them, the robber will remain stuck until 
he dies. Note: All the items he was carrying will still be 

Selling rubber and dead plants:
When the Genie grants you the wish with the dead plants, 
use the move_objects on code. You can now sell the "rubber" 
plants for 20 to 25 Simolians. You can also do this with 
regular dead plants.

Submitted by: rickHH

Save your game before you experiment with any of Livin' Large's 
more chaotic features. Sometimes the outcome is positive, but 
more often than not you may be in for a challenge you don't 
want to deal with. 

Go crazy! Type "rosebud" then "!;!;!;!;" and so on for every
 "!" you get another 1,000 Sim dollars! 

Social skills are key. Build houses stuffed with neighbors who 
will knock on your door and increase your social attributes. 

Submitted by: TerminatorSkyNET

Full personality Bars (Neat, Outgoing, Active, Playful and Nice)

You will need the addon - The Sims: Livin' Large Expansion todo this.
Create a new Sim - enter family name - then at the next screen where 
you put in there Bio and First Name, Enter Bio, Name, Face and clothing - 
Do not put thier personality points in leave them ALL blank. Move ya Sim(s) 
to a house - buy a Chemistry table/set that makes potions. 
This may take a while to get the right potion but will increase ya logic anyway. 
Geep making potions until your sim makes a yellow potion - drink it and all you 
personality points will be at full.

Want sexy sims, sex in sims:
Submitted by: srinivas

press ctrl+shift+c and type move_objects on 

buy the bed with the cntrl+shift+c and type rosebud 
for money for the bud.tell one of the sims to vibrate in bed and 
tell the other sim of the sex to play in bed.
the when he or she gets in go to buy mode and place the bed somewhere else.
go to live mode and watch them have SEX

Submitted by: oliver
Somtimes wen ure cash goes up to 999999999999 or watever (lots of nines) it 
isnt unlimited cash! i tried it then bout loads of suites of armour and it 
went down.PS maxis is awesome because it spells "six am" backwards
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