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The Sims House Party Cheats

The Sims House Party

Hire a Caterer:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Go to the phone, and go to Services. Click Caterer, and you can hire one.
Make sure you have out the punch bowl or the table full of trays and stuff
or the caterer can't fill anything.

Hire a Dancer:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Just buy the big cake in Misc. and click on it to hire a female, or male 
exotic dancer.

The Mime:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Want to see the mime? If you party is lacking entertainment, this guy will
show up. The guests don't appreciate his company very well.

Naughty Mime:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Watch out, the Mime can steal things. Make sure you put alot of your favorite
things away. Mainly, he steals food, but you never know.

The Repo Man Comes:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

All you have to do is not check the mail to receive the bills, then you should
get this message from the loan department saying to pay the bills and if you 
don't a guy will appear later on and take something. It might not be the same

A Big Dinner for Free (requiers cheat):
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Okay wake have a piss, shower and the rest but don't have breakfast order a 
Caterer and then press (on the keyboard) Shift, Ctrl and C and a little screen
will pop up, then type move_objects on and press enter the go to buy mode go 
to misc. and buy a white table with flowers a big empty dish and some little 
tray things it doesn't matter where you put it and go back to live mode then 
wait for the caterer when he comes here he will prepare a meal that could last
all day long. Next have your family to have breakfast they'll pull out either 
a salad and cheese, a fish with green beans and new potatoes, a slice of cake 
with a candle or a lasagna, then at the end of the day when the caterer is 
about to charge you go into buy mode and select the caterer and click on the
blue bar where it says delete voila he's gone and you've had a days worth of
meals for free!

Submitted by: DJ Simo

This is a cool cheat to do. First, build the vibrate'o matic bed. Then go to
live mode a click on the bed. Click on the action "Vibrate" Then Make a nother
 person "play in bed". When their both under the covers, Pause the game. Do 
the "move_objects on" cheat. Then go to build mode. While their still under 
the covers, remove the bed. You will see them naked. NOTE: You will need two 
people to do this.

Have A HUGE Pool Party!:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

This is cool. First build a pool. Then do the "move_objects on" cheat. Then 
get the mailman to come, the Grim Reaper, Paperboy, Genie, your two sims, 
fireman, police man, gardener, repair man, pizza man, and all the other 
characters that there are in the game at your house AT THE SAME TIME! Then
pick each person up and put them in the pool. Then remove the laders, You'll
have a BIG pool party. 
Note: Eventually they'll disapear. (I dont know why)

Large House:
Submitted by: Subir

Pick up a Family And Move them to a empty ground, one without a house already
built on it and buy it. Then go to the to the build mode.  
Press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C and then type in the cheat "move-objects on" and 
press Enter. Now you can build your house even outside the specified area 
{The Grid Pattern}.
But if you want to place, move or delete objects in the part of the house 
which is build outside the grid pattern then this cheat should be on.

Submitted by:Steph Milz

When having a party to late(11:00p.m.) a cop will come  once and tell you to 
"quiet down" which means tell your guests to go home. If you do not do this 
the cop will come back a second time and give you a fine of 200 simoleons. So
try to have your party earlier in the day. Also, you can not hide and not answer
the door for the cop, because she will just walk in and find you.

Cheat Mode:
Submitted by: nightraider
Cheat Codes While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C to display a prompt
box in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, enter one of the following codes.
Note: Enter [Exclamation point] at the prompt to repeat the last cheat entered. 
Enter a [Semi-colon] between codes to enter multiple codes at the same time. 
rosebud - 1000 Simoleons

Quick money:
Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud;: as a code. Then hold [Enter] so that "No 
such cheat" begins to flash. Keep the key held to gain up to 99 million simolians. 

Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud as a code, then enter !;!;!;!; and so on. 
Every "!" results in another 1,000 simolians. 

Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud as a code, then enter !;!;!;!;! and so on.
After your last exclamation point, type a semi colon then a colon. The end of 
your entry should look like !;!;!;!;: Then, hold [Enter]. The "No such cheat" 
message will flash. Hold [Enter] to quickly get up to 9,999,999 simoleons.

Drew Carey:
If you throw a big enough party, Drew Carey will show up to entertain and hang out
until it ends.

Campfire ghost:
Have a Sim that has a Charisma/Creativity over 6. Light a fire and tell a story. 
Once in a great while, a campfire ghost will appear and haunt your Sims until the
fire goes out.

Move any object (even sims):
To move any object press Control, Shift and C all together and enter "move_object on"
and you will be able move everything.

Naked Sims:
If you want to see ur sim naked simply do this code: 

1. Hold ctrl shift and c and a box will appear in the corner. 
2. Type in move_objects on 
3. Have your sim go in the shower. 
4. Go into buy mode and take the shower off ur sim. 
5. Now ur sim will be standing there in naked 
6. They won't even have censor signs so all you 
    need to do is look and see. Also all the woman 
    have the same sized boobs.

A Rockin' Party:
Want to throw a smashing party? Buy the reclaimed payphone and call throw party to 
really get the night going, better still you don't need to greet your guests, they 
let themselves in!! But it costs $1 (Simolean) to make calls...

If your party is a flop and the mime will happen to come, don't panic. All you have
to do is either delete all doors going  outside our you can use the velvet ropes to
keep him out. After awile He will give up and go away. 

Always when throwing a party use the recycled phone to call everyone (but it does cost
you  a buck), this way the party is more of a bash.

If you can throw a large party and everyone is having fun, Drew Carrey will show up.

To get money: 
Submitted by: Bob Ann

Type ctrl + alt + c , then the code typer will pop up after you see it type rosebud;
: and then keep pushing enter it will say no such cheat , but you're money is still
going up!

Submitted by: mmbg

While in game press "v" this will display your version number and the current date.
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