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The Last Stand 2 Cheats

The Last Stand 2

Auto shotgun:
Submitted by: RM

If you use a machine gun, hold [Shoot] and switch weapons. You will now have
a machine shotgun. This is useful when you are in trouble.
When you got no more ammunition for the shotgun, reload (R) then press [Esc]. 
Your character will still be reloading the gun while the zombies are paused. 
Press [Esc] to resume the game when he is done reloading.

Hint Union City:
Submitted by: TheLastStand2

To get the rpg, u must get to the place below union city. search for items 
from all the weapon store there.

Submitted by: justin

If you get stuck on a level that you keep dying on, or you dont have any survivors
left use the hunting goes through multiple zombies and is usually a one 
shot kill. and u dont get anything if you reach the deadline so just take your time
and have fun.

Submitted by: chris

Sometimes when your in the midle of the game pause the game do somthieg else on your
computer for 2 minutes then ti turns daylight.

Submitted by: logan

Dont go to the farm with a pop of 1000 zoombies will almost always kill you if your
not good.

Submitted by: brian julian

ok,this is a short way... have granades and gas tanks put two gas tanks buy each
otherthrogh granade then BOOM! Press esc QUICK!!it with keep blowing up and keep 
killing all zombies around them...GOOD LUCK

Submitted by: Anti-Zombie

There are a few weapons you can only get in a few places so don't expect to get 
every weapon at one point or another.

Submitted by: Bob

When you get ak47 and M4 use them both then when your in game hold shoot and tap 
space and hold down shoot.

Submitted by: Angel

Reaload faster to reaload faster when you start to reload press R rapidly and fast
then he'll reaload faster.

Submitted by: Mr. Pants

If you pause the game while your survivors are reloading, they keep reloading and 
when you unpause they start shooting again. If you right click and turn redraw 
regions on, little red boxes appear over most movement. You can see/shoot zombies
before they even come out the door!

Submitted by: awd

When you have the ak47 and grenades, shoot with the ak and quickley tap thespacebar.
you will unlock the rpg.

Submitted by: Randon Martinez

Pick the chainsaw as your main weapon and the revolver as your backup then click 
"accept" and when the screen turns black swith to the revolver and you then have 
50 ammunition on it.

Submitted by: storm

Last stand 1/2. When pickingplaces too search always pick either store or police 
ect just not housed because they usaly have jack.

Submitted by: callum grygoruk

what Randon Martinez said about the chainsaw and the revolver works with all weponds
so you can make the machinegun wich (200 ammo) as your main wepon and roket launcher
(one ammo) as your second and switch wepons as the screen truns black after your 
chosen your weaponds and pressed the acept buton and your roket launcher will have
200 ammo.

Submitted by: ZombieKiller808

For last stand 2,to get a better start and have many days to reach union city when 
your picking your hours in the first city your in, pick at least 2-3houses/apartments,
and gaurantee you will have at least 2-3 survivors,and i know people are saying only 
pick police, sherif,store,etc.Well sometimez there wrong because most houses and 
apartments do have some survivors left,and without at least three survivors then you
wouldn't be able to fight off the zombies and watch out for the zombiez with weapons
especially the one's that run they would most likely kill your survivors, so stay 
close to your survivors with something useful. Most likely the chainsaw. Just follow
these strategies and you will most likely SUCEED in your mission. 

Submitted by: Eli

This is like what random martinez said but use the compuond bow. Now you have an 
automatic compuond bow.

Submitted by: Mendrez

To get the UMP45, in the map,you will see a fish right? Then on the left side of that 
place go to that place then search gun store or big houses.

Submitted by: robert johnson

Reaload the shotgun so you have at least 2 shells loaded and when you shoot double 
tap shoot and you will fire 2 shells without having 2 pump!

Submitted by: ZombieOwnzer

I finished playing my first round of TLS2, and the weapon I used most? Chainsaw. What 
I like to do is get the chainsaw from the first town as soon as possible. Give all 
your guns to the survivors, seeing as how they can't use the chainsaw. Usually, during
a mission, three or four zombies will rush in quickly. These are what I call "runners". 
Aim the blade at their heads and let loose with a round of zombie ownage. After that, 
it's quite simple. Try and use your survivors to pick off the slow zombies, and chainsaw
those who make it through or those who run really fast. Tata for now! :)

Bow and arrow:
Submitted by: dobber

When in Johnston when chosin weapons in the back of the screen there is a bow. 
it can be used.

Submitted by: Mendrez

If you have found a stronger weapon,and your using your old weapon,give it to your 
survivor, so you can kill zombies fast enough!

Submitted by: jozombiekilla

if you have the chainsaw as your main and greanades as your second when the screen 
gos black after pressing accept you have atumatic greanades with fifty amunition.

Submitted by: Lord Zurg

The cheat about switching weapons like Randon said is effective by the chainsaw as
main weapon and shotgun (not the sawed-off shot gun). You can reload the shotgun by
pressing R and won't lose any bullets!

Submitted by: Mendrez

To get the m249 and the rpg, you have to go in the fort tran (the big fish) click the
weapon storage and the gun stores. 
Now look at your summary: WEAPONS FOUND :M249 minimini,rpg  
_ _ _ trap (trap or something) If you need help just tell me! GOOD LUCK! :)in my mind!

Submitted by: Phil Earley

If you happen to have a lot of supplies and a lot of days lef, I would go to Fort Tran.
Search all of the gun stores. If you find the RPG and the MINIMI (the rocket launcher 
and the gun that looks like a SAW) equip the MINIMI as your first weapon and the RPG 
as your second and click accept. When the screen goes black, press space bar and the 
RPG will have 200 ammo. ITS FRICKIN AWESOME!

Submitted by: Mendrez

If you are always being killed by zombies,try the chainsaw.Use it when you know your
gonna be dying again.

Dont go to aspenwood,you have nothing to see there,(EXCEPT FOR SNIPER RIFLE AND TRAPS)

Revolver         :Glendale 
UMP 45           :Claysburg
AK47             :Jonestown
M4A1             :Jonestown
Hand Grenades    :Jonestown
M249             :Fort Tran
RPG              :Fort Tran
Shotgun          :Claysburg,Glendale
Sawn-Off Shotgun :Aspenwood
Hunting Rifle    :Aspenwood
Chainsaw         :Glendale
UZI              :Claysburg

Submitted by: Zombiemasta!

Remember not to wait until the 36th day to go to union city if you're at Fort Tran or 
the 34th if you're at the one b4 Fort Tran that splits off to Union City if you have 6
days of supplies. It's game over if you wait that long.

Submitted by: robbie roadkill

When having chainsaw and bow use chainsaw as main then at black screen switch to bow
50 bow rounds it is funny its like the uzi lol.

Submitted by: Mendrez

If i were you playing in fort tran,i will just use the RPG instead of the M249.

Submitted by: gilgamesh

Like what randon murtinez and callum grygoruk said like if you pick the machine gun as
your first weapon and the hunting rifle as your second and press space when the screen
turns black your hunting rifle has 200 bullets instead of 1, well it actually swaps the
ammo limits for both weapons like now the machine gun has 1 bullet and the hunting rifle
has 200 bullets. p.s.don't worry, the ammo limits will be reset after you reload that 
weapon.have fun!.

Submitted by: jozombiekilla

If u press esc button 2 then game go freez if u press esc button wen fill form for entry 
entry earas all.
U may think that yu cant kill a army man zombie by shooting it in the head but there is 
room to shoot.
If u pause the game and right clickand press setting enable hard ware accelaration then
ur bullets go faster.

Submitted by: red chilly

You will need ak and as grenade keep shooting with ak and change to grenade then it will
bomb the place up.

Submitted by: Al Farrell


Everyone wrote first chainsaw, than another weapon:
Submitted by: Sam Samski

but theres a better way to survive...take the big machine gun from the city with the fish
at first and the RPG or Sniperrifle as second weapon, at he black screen change weapons 
(Space only one time!) After it your RPG has 185 shots!

Submitted by: Joe

If you are realoding to slow, while your out of ammunition and your guy is realoding 
pause  the game. and keep doing it. P.S. the more you do this the faster you will 

Submitted by: Mountain dew 

Always give your teamates the machinegun becuse you suvrive longer.

Level Hints:
This is the town you start off in, and serves as an effective tutorial
if you are new to Last Stand.

Barricade Max Strength- 80
Weapons- Glock*,Chainsaw, .357 Revolver
Traps- Gas Cylinder**
Supplies- 6
Survivors- 2
Full Search***- 42
*Weapon you start with
**All traps gained come with 4 traps
***Time taken to Search every house/shop/etc. in Hours

-=Whistler's Grove=-
Wistler's Grove has the Compound Bow and Bear Traps that show off 
what the creator has been working on.

Barricade Max Strength- 60
Weapons- Compound Bow, Shotgun
Traps- Bear Trap
Supplies- 5
Survivors- 1
Full Search- 36

With 2 survivors and 2 automatic weapons, a stop here could beef up your 
team and help your march towards Union City.

Barricade Max Strength- 55
Weapons- Uzi, Ump 45
Traps- Gas Cylinder
Supplies- 3
Survivors- 2
Full Search- 46

Aspenwood may be a smaller location on the map, but it packs a big punch. 
Stocked with such backwoods icons as the Sawn-off Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, 
and Bear Trap, stopping here is worth your while.

Barricade Max Strength- 50
Weapons- Sawn-off Shotgun, Hunting Rifle
Traps- Bear Trap
Supplies- 2
Survivors- 2
Full Search- 28

Jonestown has the most weapons/traps of any town/city. This is the first 
place you can find landmines. Altough it has a plethora of weapons, it 
lacks supplies and survivors*.

Barricade Max Strength- 50
Weapons- Hand Grenades,M4A1, Ak47
Traps- Gas Cylinder, Bear Trap, Land Mine
Supplies- 2
Survivors- 1*
Full Search- 55

-=Fort Tran=-
Fort Tran is where the game becomes either a lot of fun or really boring for you. 
With the Undefined and Minimi, this is personally one of my favorite areas, along 
with a barricade that looks very familiar.

Max Barricade Strength-
Weapons- Undefined(Rocket Launcher),4249 Minimi
Traps- x2 landmines*
Supplies- 0
Survivors- 2
Full Search- 29
*8 Landmines in total

-=End Notes=-
- You earn .5 supplies per day.
- The Chainsaw does not go through armor.
- Having a weapon(chainsaw) ready for runners with weapons can save your survivor.
  brethren from having something smashed in their face.
- Headshots are more re-deadly to zombies, take advantage of this!

Submitted by: duncan

Hi its kyle and i want to tell u about the last stand2 if u can get the chainsaw 
and the shotgun u can rule all!! u get the chainsaw in the first city u get the 
shotgun at the second stop on your trip if u are fixing to leave choose the bottom 
place k.. when u get the chainsaw and the shotgun use chainsaw as first wep and shotgun 
as second wep press ok right when the screen gos dark and ur fixin to fight press space 
to switch wep u have to time it right u should start out with the shotgun at 50 ammo 
really useful dont switch cause ur ammo will go away they dont even touch my barricade 
1 more useful cheat from kyle =)

Submitted by: Allan 

Select chainsaw as main and shotgun at back up press accept when it turns black change 
weapon it will have 50 munitions when you have 20of munitions reload and it will have 27 
the keep doing i you have truoble when reloading shoot to stop reloading.

Submitted by: cheesey weener
At the begening of the game press options and you should still be able to see the play 
button press it and play the game as normal it stays as long as you dont click on resume 
(that means when it says to click on something near resume try your best not to click on 
it and you will be playing in pause) hehe.

Submitted by: Bradley Selitto

Have chainsaw as main weapon and any other as secondary and switch when the screen goes 
black to have fifty shots on the secondary gun.

Submitted by: ethan

When u are at aspenwood here's a helpful thing to do get a chainsaw for main weapon 
hunting rifle secondary then when the screen turns black switch weapons and u have an
automatic hunting rifle.

Submitted by: helavor

While in the pause menu after killing a few zombies hold down atl and f4 together to get 
infinate ammo for the whole game and invincibility for that level. it is sweet, remember,
hold alt and f4 at the same time.

Submitted by: helavor

Ok, i just found the wierdest cheat ever. this cheat gets you unlimited ammo and 
invicibility. first, enter the game. after you have killed a few zombies press the escape
button to get to the pause menu. here is what you do, hold alt down for 3-5 seconds and 
then while still holding alt, press F4. this gets you unlimited ammo and invicibility.

Here are some hints for The Last Stand 2:
Submitted by: Christian.M

Unless you have the RPG or minimini from Fort Tran, Keep the Chainsaw as your secondary
weapon. It will come in VERY handy when they group at the barricade.

Don't waste hours when searching & repairing.Ex---
*34/55**44/55**54/55* Don't waste another hour repairing only 1-7 damage;use it another

Give weaker un-used weapons to your survivors.

When searching, take note that you will have more chance of finding survivors if you 
search Apartments and Houses first.It's not like you'd hide out in a Petrol Station while
zombies are around.

ALWAYS KILL ZOMBIES WITH WEAPONS FIRST,as they can reach over and kill you and your 
teammates with their weapons(Sledge Hammers,Axes,Machettes ect.)

Also target the fat ones first, as they can take much more damage.Don't forget to aim 
for the head!

Soldiers and S.W.A.T have armour,and bullets don't penetrate it.Explosives and accurate 
leg shots are recommended.

When you find explosives remember that splash damage doesn't damage you,your teammates 
or the barricade, so use mines up close to the barricade and don't fear going crazy with
the RPG or grenades.

Bear Traps stop zombies,but they also hurt them.A zombie in a Bear Trap will die in a 
few seconds.

Stay away from the country areas as much as possible, Especially Aspenwood.It only has 
about 1,000 people, but it is dangerous to stay for long periods.

If you have enough days left, or don't care whether you escape or not, go to Fort Tran 
because the RPG and minimini are there(Search the weapons storage).Plus it is right next
to Union City.

If you are looking for weapons, go to Gun Shops and Police stations first.Then go to 
7/11s and Petrol Stations.

UNFORTUNATELY,SOME PEOPLE LIE ABOUT "CHEATS". As far as i know, there are NO cheats for 
The Last Stand 2."Helavor" thinks that pressing ALT and F4 at the same time will give 
you infinite ammo and invincibillity.All it does is close the program you are running.
Open another window and do it.See what i mean?
I hope these hints and tips come in handy.

Submitted by: Jack Chu

For those who don't mind downloading Cheat Engine 5.3, you can use it and get 100000+ 
ammo and search all buildings in one night letting you to advance to the next city in 
one night.

Since most people are lazy to learn cheat engine I will tell you how to use it once 
you have downloaded for free.

1. Once you open cheat engine, click on the sign with the computer and the magnifying 
   glass. A process list should show up.

2. Select Window List and find the one that says The last stand 2.(if you are using 
   Modzilla Firefox you must go to that tab.)

3. After you did take you must now find the value for the number(s) you want to change
   and input it where is says hex by 8 times the number. 
   This might be confusing but you'll get it.
   For example, I have a shot gun and I have 8 bullets.
   8 times 8 equals 64 so you put 64 where is says hex.

4. Then click first scan. A list should show up under addresses. Now go back to the 
   game and change the value.(by shooting or un/searching)

5. Again go back to Cheat Engine, enter the new number times 8, and click next scan.
   The address list should narrow down to one.(it might be more. If it is, change the 
   value again and click next scan until it narrows down to one.

6. Double click the value on the address list. It should now appear again on the list 

7. Now double click the number under the word value and change it to anything not too 
   big.(like 9000000 is good)

8. Go back to the game and you should have ammo equal to the changed value you put in 
   divided by 8.

9. Repeat for anything else. To do the same for Secondary weapon, switch to it one the
   game and the value will change on cheat engine. It is important to know which value
   it is on cheat engine because it will become 8 again after every fight.

Note: This also works for other online games that involves numbers.

Questions or Comments email me at 

The Last Stand 2 - Cheat Engine 5.4 (or 5.3):
Submitted by: Jay2

Okay, do exactly as I say:

1. Open up Cheat Engine 5.4 or 5.3 (Both work exactly the same)
2. Open up the Last Stand 2
3. Then go to Cheat Engine "Process List" Which is computer in left up corner.
4. Select Process List or Window List (whether if you downloaded this or not. If you
   downloaded it use 'Process List'. WARNING! For the    Downloaded "Last Stand 2" Menu
   (ESC) doesnt work.)
5. Select
 a) Downloaded, Macromedia Flash Player 8
 b) via Mozilla or Internet Explorer, The Last Stand 2 | etc
6. Play the first round to end.
7. When you get to point 'Search and Repair' go to Cheat Engine and type next "HEX" box 
   96 (4 Bytes)
8. Go to The Last Stand 2 and use TWO (2) POINTS TO REPAIRS. Don't press 'Accept'... Yet!
9. Then go to Cheat Engine and type in next to "HEX" 80. Press Next Scan.
10.There is one value. Double click it and it will appear in box under the 'Memory Scan'
   options. Change the 'Value' by double clicking it. Change it to 8000 and check the box
   'Frozen'. Now go try search some houses and fix barricades ;)
   -Jay2 (Travian s3, Mafia Crime s1, The Crims)

Submitted by: fool

If you select the mechine gun that has 200 amow and get any gun execpt the shotgun or the 
bow and arow then press space while the screen turns black befor you start shooting zombies 
you will have 200 amow for any gun.

Submitted by: James

If your having trouble on a level and you have any powerful weapons like the shotgun,hunting 
rifle, machine gun,or revolver. Give them to the survivors hey call me stupid hand over a 
shotgun to a guy who can die from a slice to the face but the survivors will do more damage 
then you will and will usually keep shooting even when no one has come on the screen yet. 
Here's a bonus the survivors reload the guns faster then you can. What takes you 15 seconds 
to reload the shotgun takes them 2 so strap your survivors they are the key to winning 
the game.

Easy cheat:
Submitted by: justin

When in-game right click then click back then right click then click forward you should see 
that your in the cade still and the zombies are freezed (Note you cant shoot the zombies that 
are freezed) the zombies that are not freezed you can shoot them! And also the zombies that 
are freezed and are hitting your cade will not damage your cade!(Note when you press back at 
that last step it should take you to the book and all the zombies are in the book and their 
all freeze).

Win Easier:
Submitted by: deltazombie

First in the first town, go to the sherrif's then you will get the .357 revolver.
If you r done with the first town, don't leave first! Get as many supply as you can and if 
you have around 5-8 supplies, you would be able to skip towns.(Note: do not go to the 3rd or 
the town with just 1000+ popp because most likely you would encounter zombies with weapons or 
runners. Try getting the shotgun or the sawn off. and the game should be easy for you. or try 
getting the rpg when u can't get through the 2 towns near union city. mostly don't use the m4a1 
if you don't have an ak-47.(Note: Uzi is stronger than m4) The sawn off and shotgun are both 
the best partners. Here are some more gun partners:
Rpg and M4a1
Ak and m4a1
pistol and revolver(for the first town)
Uz1 and m4/ak
Ump and chainsaw
hunting rifle and revolver
sawn off and hunting rifle
Thats all :)

Easy Kill:
Submitted by: master

when your in fort tran get search all the wepeon places so you will get the rpg and the minimini. 
then have minimini as primary and the rpg as secondary. hit accept and when screen goes black hit 
space bar. when the game begins you should have the rpg with 200 ammo! have fun blasting them to 

What Weapons to Give Other Survivors:
Submitted by: ElPablo243

I've noticed that ALL of the survivors (not including the player) shoot one shot at a time. 
In my opinion, the best thing to do is take the weapons you want, then give them all of your 
single shots you aren't using (sawn off shotgun, revolver, pistol...). ALWaYS have a chainsaw 
as a backup!!!

Wanna know how to get 1000 bullets?:
Submitted by: cheater

when u have 4 survivors use shotgun sawn off uzi and pistol press puase then fire 1 bullet hold 
main wep and there (esc)

Get a barret:
Submitted by: dakota

If u have a rpg and revolver put the revolver as ur main and the rpg as ur backup and when the 
screen turns black swith to the rpg and you have a barret.

Fast Reload:
Submitted by: ZombieKillah

People above were saying to get a fast reload rapidly tap "R".....
Its a lot faster reload if your hold the "R" key while he is reloading.

Weapon that I always use and never die with is the UMP45. It has a great reload speed, does a 
decent ammount of damage, and is extremely accurate.

More ammo:
Submitted by: James

You get any type of weapon except for a weapon with only one ammo and it use for your primary 
and then you get a high damage weapon as your secondary and and then you press accept when the 
screen turns black press space and then you get as much ammo in your secondary as your first.

Instant sniper:
Submitted by: cheat sheets

After u beat the town go strait to Claysourg. After u beat Claysburg, go to Whistler grove.
Find anough supplies for 6 days. Then go to Aspenwood and click on the weapon places but dont 
click accept. Go strait to Jonestown, Then search the 3 weapon stores. When you get to where
u chose ur weapons u will automaticly get the hunting rifle from Aspenwood.

Wierd glitch:
Submitted by: James

If you have a new survivor and an old one that has been using the same weapon the entire game 
so far take away the old survivors gun and give to the new one and press accept and then when 
you are fighting the old and new survivor have the same gun.

Submitted by: Robbie

When you get good guns give them to the survivors. They will shoot for you. You can then use
a weapon that has a lot of ammo as a primary (Chainsaw, Machine Gun, etc.). Then use a weapon
with low ammo as a secondary (RPG, Compound Bow, Hunting Rifle, etc.). Once you do that you 
press accept and wile the screen is black press spacebar. It will change guns and the ammo 
will be switched. For example: if your primary weapon has 200 ammo and your secondary weapon 
has 1 ammo the primary weapon will have 1 ammo and the secondary weapon will have 200 ammo. 
This is helpful because the weapon with 1 ammo is more powerful than the weapon with a lot 
of ammo. The most helpful combo is the minime with an RPG. The RPG will end up with 200 ammo.
It lasts the whole level. Remember that the ammo is switched so the gun with a lot of ammo 
will have a little. Reload before you use it. Good luck! Hope this was helpfull!

Gernade machine gun:
Submitted by: nick ortega

ok this was on accident but what you have to do is unlock the gernades and put them as your 
secondary wepon then get any muchine gun and put it as your primary gun the you have to start 
then press space a second later and you will have as much gernades as you had in the machine 
guns clip you can throw like 8 gernades in 1 second i had 50 gernades and threw about 40 in .
about 3 seconds and it froze its the best

4 suvivors:
Submitted by: g15

In the first area let yourself die as the screen is turning red press escape click main menu 
but also press retry quckly afterwards this will give you 4 suvivors and lets you keep your 

Really good Cheat!:
Submitted by: CamerontheAwsomness

Note: You can be even a beginner to do this cheat!

1st. Use all your 12 points on barricades (best solution,barricades)and press accept.

2nd. After the travel and repair menu where your guns are press the exit button on the 
     document below (now you will be on the travel and repair menu again).

3rd. Unrepair your barricades and choose your destinations and accept(Your barricades will 
     remain 100%..smiley face)

4th. Now there might be some weapons,traps etc.

5th. Go back on the T&R menu again and click your destinations you clicked on just then and
     choose some more destinations.

6th. Keep repeating the 5th step and you will be gaining more weapons and of course, free 100%
     health.....smiley face :)

Get more ammo than gun shud hav:
Submitted by: Last Stander

Using the chain saw as your main weapon, select ANY other weapon as your back-up (but not RPG, 
Hand grenade, Compound Bow) and click done. As the screen starts to fade, press spacebar and 
whatever your backup weapon is, it should now have 50 ammo.

Submitted by: yo

Always have chain saw as back it will help so much. Aspen is the worst place do not go to it 
it is small but you keep die and so do your survivores.It has the worst guns don't go. Survivers
only shot once so giv them your shotgun bow and etc. The place before union city has the best 
guns so stay for a little while.

Submitted by: A guy

To stay alive, don't use the ammo cheat. its really hard to do, or might have just been fixed. 
use a primary like the ump, ak, m4, or machine gun. use a secondary that will be effective in 
taking down many zombies quickly. kill zombies from fast to slow in this order-armed army guys, 
armed swat guys(your guys tend to just shoot their armor) fat armed guys(they have extra health), 
regular armed guys, and whoever is firt for the unarmed. only kill armed guys if they are in 
line with your survivors, otherwise kill them normally., because if they aren't lined up with 
your suriviors, they won't kill the survivors. also, if you have two surivors on the same half 
of the screen, guard the opposite side because your guys will not shoot that far in that direction.

Extra gun for survivor:
Submitted by: cool kid

once you get 2 weapons and have 1 survor give the starter weapon to the 1st survivor then when 
you get another survivor go into battle and your 2nd survivor will have the same gun as your 
1st survivor.

Awesome game owning glitch:
Submitted by: levz

ok this only works for the downloaded version of the game. at the building search screen do what 
you want and then hit accept then at the day summary at the bottom of the screen is the town map. 
hit the X and the building search will come up again and hit accept again and the summary will come 
up again and hit accept and everything you had will double repeat for more supplies and survivors.

Faster or slower:
Submitted by: kieran

When you spot the survivors reloading press esc to pause the game and wait till he/she stops 
reloading then countinue.

Submitted by: urmom

at the weapon changing screen, put any wep u want with high ammo and any wep u want with low ammo,
to get high ammo for the low ammo one use the high ammo wep you chose and when u press accept when 
the screen turns black press space and u will have high ammo for that gun........... :)

50 ammo:
Submitted by: mr fuzzy

when you have chainsaw put it in main weapon then use any other weapon in reserve,
then when the screen gos black press accept press space and you will have 50 ammo on any weapon 
you chose[don't use it with guns that 50 or more ammo on it]

Submitted by: Whictimized

If you don't get shotgun this is not the hint for you. Get your self a shotgun and one or more 
surrivors. What you do is shoot the people that run. The surrivors will kill the slowest ones. 
So dont waste ammo on the slowest. The zombies that runs or got a middle speed SHOOT THEM. 
Good luck. I hope you can do it.

Any Level:
Submitted by: BB

When faced with the SWAT team zombies, use the chainsaw and aim for thier face. 
The SWAT team zomnies have padded armor, so the face is thier only weak spot.

Submitted by: Tuck harmer!

In the first town quickly find either the 357.magnum/chainsaw (try to get both in one try) 
and give them to a survivor. i know that you might say... "oh i can fire better than a 
survivor" but they reload a lot faster than you. this works best in Fort Tran and Aspenwood 
and Claysburg, because there are strong weapons there that the survivors can use.

200 ammo for rpg without reloading:
Submitted by: Rev

If you select the mechine gun that has 200 amow and get the rpg then press space while the 
screen turns black before you start shooting zombies 
you will have 200 amow for the rpg.

Submitted by: Joey

In the town Fort Train put the mini gun machine gun as your first weapon then put your RPG 
as your secondary weapon then press accept,once you've pressed accept when the screen turns 
black switch your weapon (space) then if you did it right you should have 200 RPG bullets!!!

2 .357's:
Submitted by: Dylan Cutlip

Arm 1 of your survivers with the .357 then as the screen goes black when you win press the 
spacebar really fast then go search for survivers.The journal will pop up in the back ground.
Close it then it will send u 2 search again after u close the search page it will arm 2 
survivers with the .357.

Submitted by: Doctapper

On the Last Stand 2 before you go to the city under Union City (i think the one under union 
is called Jonestow), search EVERY gun store and cop station in the game, you will get some 
real good guns (and survivors)

Submitted by: rene

I have tryed the glitch were you have the chainsaw and grenades and press space when the 
screen turns black when i run out of 50 grenades how do i get them back.

Hints for Last stand 2:
Submitted by: A person

ULTIMATE WEAPON COMBO: Main-Chainsaw. Backup- Ump45. The UMP has good damage for the fat 
zombies, good accuarcy for the armored zombies(headshots+leg shots) and a fast reload. 
And the chainsaw for when they group up at your barricade, just quickly switch to the 
chainsaw and eliminate them.
Dont Hog all the good weapons for yourself, give guns like uzi, ak, and shotgun to your 
survivors for a better chance.

Wait until you have a few more supplies to go to aspenwood, aspen has horrible weapons and 
its very hard to get out of. GLITCH: Make your main weapon like a Machine gun, or a gun with 
alot of ammo. And make your backup a strong weapon but small mags.(EX: Main-Machine Gun. 
Backup-RPG)Press 'Accept' and when the screen turns black quickly press the space bar and 
your RPG will have 180 ammo.(Works with all weapons) Hope these helped.

Submitted by: NateDawg15667

Everyone says that Aspenwood isn't good but it actually is. First you want to go to Claysburg 
because there are a lot of good weapons there and there is a good barricade. 
Then go to Aspenwood and do the two places marked with guns. You will get the hunting rifle.
( its bullets can go through zombies :) Then stay there and stockpile up a lot of supplies. 
But you need 2-4 survivors if you want to make this work. Once you have 10 or more supplies, 
go to Jamestown and then the exclusion zone. Skipping through those town is the easiest way 
to win. You might not end up with the guns you wanted, but at least you win, have bragging 
rights, and can always go back to test out the towns that you skipped. Also, the traps go 
in this order from best to worst. Bear trap(the zombies stay there and get wounded by the 
second and you can easily pick them off.) Land mine(the zombies get blown up on their own 
contact, not your bullets.) Gasoline tank(it blows up the zombies really well, but whenever 
one blow up, one near it blows up. they also low up on contact of your bullets, arrows, 
grenades, and chainsaw which is a very useful weapon.) :)

RPG with 200 Rockets:
Submitted by: KnowHow

For this particular combination you need to find the M249 mini and the RPG. 
When you are on the screen that allows you to equip your weapons, select the M249 as a primary 
and the RPG as a secondary weapon. Click -ACCEPT- then as soon as the screen turns black 
press the SPACE BAR to switch weapons and when the round begins you will find yourself with 
a 200 round RPG that requires no reloading and fires as fast as you can click the mouse.

Cross bow with 50 ammo:
Submitted by: mmaam

like the cheat with the chainsaw but the secondary weapon is a cross bow. press space when 
the screen turns black then when you shot the cross bow it will go as fast as a UZI. when 
the 50 ammo goes down to zero it will stop shoting so fast.

Any weapon:
Submitted by: Monkeytay

fist take any machine gun,(i prefer the uzi) put it in the main slot and then put any other 
weapon beside the chainsaw such as the compond bow,any shot gun gernades or pistols in the back 
up slot then press accept right when the screen goes black press space and your back up weapon 
will have 50 bullets if your main weapon is the uzi don,the press space until you use all of the 
bullets in the back up slot or your weapon willgo back to 1 bullet.hope it works for you,Monkeytay 

Helpful Tips:
Submitted by: Lil Jeffy

Get the Uzi as soon as possible. Give the top 2 survivors a strong weapon and a machine gun because 
most of the zombies head to the top of the screen. If you see a zombie running with a weapon kill it 
first then go for the zombies with armor and dogs because they are hard to kill with a chainsaw.
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