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Super Smash Flash Cheats

Super Smash Flash

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Julie Smaavik

Skipping through levels:
Just right click anywhere on the game screen, click "Settings" and then right click
again with the settings still open, and click "Play". In adventure mode, this will 
work until level 4, but ones you completed level 4, it will be able to skip levels 

Level skip:
In Classic, Adventure, or All-Star mode, right click at the top left. If done 
correctly, a bar will appear. Click on forward (on the bar) to skip to the next
level. In Training mode, do the same thing and it will advance you to the next 
level. In Training mode, the last level you go to will be the credits. You cannot
play at the credits. After the credits you will be taken to the main menu.

Submitted by: FRANK HOWELL

Once you unlock YOUNG LINK in the two player battle 1 player should be link 2 player 
should be young link.when you be on the same team.young link should be on right side 
of enemy and link on the other both fire a arrow when both of them hit you'll win it 
is not very useful but its fun and hard trying to chase them down.

Easy wins:
To beat 100 Man, 3 Minute, 15 Minute, jump up on the top platform. Keep jumping and 
they will not get you.

Successfully complete Adventure mode under the normal difficulty setting with Blade.

Successfully complete Classic and Adventure mode with Pikachu and Jigglypuff.

Successfully complete Adventure mode with all default characters.

Mr. Incredible:
Successfully complete Classic mode with all default characters.

Successfully complete Classic and Adventure mode with Tails.

Successfully complete Classic and Adventure mode with the default Sonic characters.

Successfully complete Classic or Adventure with any character at any level.

Super Sonic:
Successfully complete Classic mode with Sonic.

Young Link:
Successfully complete Adventure mode with Link.

Complete Adventure as Megaman under at least the normal difficulty setting without
getting a Game Over.

Final Destination stage:
Unlock every character.

Battlefield stage:
Complete All-Star mode.

Unlock every character.

Complete 100-Man Melee.

Complete 3-minute Melee.

Complete Adventure mode as any character after having one hour of total play time.

Complete Adventure mode on at least the normal difficulty setting with Mario.

Mr. Game and Watch:
Complete Target Test mode with every character but him.

Submitted by: tiz a ok

If you hit down & jump at the same time with knuckles it will make the hole level shake
& nock off plars that are in the air.

Submitted by: Uzumakipro

This is not really a cheat,but it's funny. at the character select don't pick a character,
just right click. the menu will appear, then push play you will invisible.

Freeze your opponent!:
Submitted by: Jake

Go onto trainining mode. set attack on. wait until he does something. quicly press pause.
set attack off. unpause. your enemy should be frozen!
Note: you can switch off attack while paused.

Submitted by: Jon

The nightmare in dream land. use your level skip cheat before you score apears aftertarget

Submitted by: Cody

super smash flash, online game.
if you dont have burly brawl mele go to cruel mele right click go to forward keep doing
that until on the top left it says burly brawl mele choose a character then press go, 
right click go to forward then you will fight cloud but if you right click & forward 
again you will fight crono if you beat them you unlock them you can do this as many 
times as needed.

Submitted by: uzumakibarrage1540

Heres how u skip lvls and unlockables...
to skip lvls right click and then click anywhere on screen and then hit play or 
forward.....and unlockables...luigi:beat adv. with adv. with blade.
super sonic:beat classic with sonic.naruto:beat adv. with all starter charecters.
jiggly puff:beat with any charecter.inuyasha:beat without losing lives with any 
charecter.mewtwo:beat with all pokemon on with all 
charecters on with any charecter in 100 man melee.crono:beat 
with any charecter in burly brawl and watch:beat target test with 
all charecters!

Submitted by: William

Use the skip level cheat on Vs mode a few times until you're fighting on a stage you 
don't even have! This saves you the trouble of unlocking every character and beating 
all star to get Battlefield.
Note: This only works after you select your stage.

Submitted by: Mr. Man

If you right click and press play in target test, you'll start playing another player's

Submitted by: dasan

In the lvl peach's castle if u look at the picture of peach u will notice she has no eyes!

Submitted by: shmang

not really a cheat but with a shooting character, right before the screen turns blank 
shoot a lot of times and when the screen turns blank you will see your shot
(might not work).

Submitted by: shwang

Not really a cheat but a glitch,in all-star mode keep skipping till having one more 
battle than fight you'll win and then you'll still have to fight and it will say 
battles:-1.than hold backspace and pick a different mode and you will be at the all-star 
place with the three hearts and youll fall through the floor.skip one more level and youll 
be at the fighting but falling through the stage.(might not work)

Submitted by: garrett

Be sure when you stand by the edge in training mode and u hit the person you are 
fighting that they do not hit you.!

Submitted by: David

If you want to go to the battlefield easily all you have to do is go to peaches castle
then do you do the skip level thing(note)the only problem is you can still hear the 
same exact song so watch out.

Submitted by: ba

Be Sonic than go in Classic mode when you get to the battle field go in the middle, 
hold down on arrow keys than hold down P you'll see what happens...

Submitted by: Alexander Tirado

To unlock crono, use super sonic. Stand by the right platform edge in the battlefield. 
Hold up and use p to do the air attack.(Only use when in 100 man melee.)You will get 
him in no time.

Submitted by: vffvg b

If you play shadow, fight the master hand, go just under his thumb tip. sit there 
and do the P move, and you wont die, and you will kill him. you will take damage, 
but you wont die.

Submitted by: Jackson

ok. On super smash flash go to training mode and put the other persons attack on. 
Next fight him and win about four times. The stage you use is the one with the 
smiling tree and the character you use is supersonic. Now after you have beat the 
other person go on the far right platform and walk to the left. 
You will float in mid air.

Submitted by: Eric Lee

Not really a cheat, more of a glitch. Go to the "How to Play" guide, and then 
right-click the top corner of the game. Don't click the window though. If done 
correctly, there should be an option to click forward, or as some of you now, the 
level skip. After you do this, repeat a few times and the 10man melee character select 
screen will appear. Then press forward again and a battle will start, but your character 
will be invisible and you will drop through the floor. It may not work though, I might 
have to keep testing.

Submitted by: tyler

To unlock lloyd without waiting an hour just play as knuckles in adventure mode with 3 
lives on normal, but be sure to use the skip level cheat for all of the levels

Submitted by: ceek13

okay, get ANY character and go to the wierd place w/ the funky tree thingy, then go 
2 the top ledge and double jump--- You die!

Submitted by: Crono 'n' Cloudster

Awesome Crono move: go to peach's castle as crono and next to the green pipe, and 
then press down, and press P. Crono should hold his sword out endlessly. If any 
enemy touches you, he gets at least 550% inflicted on him before he flies up and 
dies. You hoe 0%. Heh heh heh :)

Submitted by: ethan

Heres how you can beat almost anyone get inuyasha attack the opponent until he has 
at least 90% then use up and p he will go flying off the stage! try it!

Submitted by: braedon

Start the game choose sonic in vs mode and go to the pipe and use down p and people 
will come running after u and thy will get alot of damage and die

Submitted by: aosmithdude1

All u have to do is when the arma games ad comes on do the level skip cheat and it 
will turn purple. do turn the magic purple screen off do the same thing except 
click Rewind

Submitted by: jinjuriki1215

Choose any player attack him and when he runs to you use up+p and it will fly at 
your back causing it to get out of bounds on the platform.

Submitted by: dixie lane

Super Smash Flash: fight crazy hand
Complete adventure mode in less than 5 minutes

Submitted by: GeminiSparkDS

This is realy cheap but also realy helpful. Have you ever been fighting an 
unlockable charicater and right as you almost win... he kills you, well all 
you do to keep from dieing is when you see him come to attack you, simply hit 
pause the attack will ocur but you will not take damage!(-)

Submitted  by: Eryk

When u r figheting the 2 marios at peachs castle use crono then go in back of 
the green pipe use the down p trick and it will repeat it self until the 2 
marios r gone.

Submitted by: Eryk

With diferent people if u use the fast foward cheat u skip the hole game and u 
will fight biferent people,1 time I fouht with blade when i didnt fast foward i 
fought blue when i did fast foward i fougt this guy.

Submitted by: Deveno

When against master hand, when he is going to hit you, pause the game and he will 
go right through you with no damage, i did this to unlock all my characters. 

Submitted  by: Deveno

When in two player melee, go to battelfield and when a health itme appears, use it and 
click pause as soon as you use it. When you un pause, it will still be there and your 
damage will have been lowered.

easy cloud:
Submitted by: damien darby

1. go on crule melee.
2. chose your best character.
3. when playing crule melee right click near the top left.
4. select forward.
5. it takes you to a character screen with out any characters.
6. right click and select forward again.
7. it takes you to the character screen for burly brawl melee ( secret melee).
8. chose best character again.
9. once again in game play of burly brawl melee right click and selct forward.
10. now beat the snot out of cloud.

Submitted by. Alberto

on fox press down and left or right to make him stay in place and attack at the 
same time he'll attack anyone that comes in contact

Submitted by: reynol78

When you defeat classic or adventure,final destination will appear in 
training or melee but when you start the game again,it dissapears.

Submitted by: Retard Man

To skip stages exxcept target test, press ctrl and the right arrow key at the 
same time and vioula, u have skipped the level! Notice: it mixes music to make 
annoying sound till u complete stage fairly...

Submitted by: JIb

To get a lot of point in vs. mode all you have to do is exit right when the 
match starts. It will be a NO CONTEST result though but you will notice you 
will have point bonuses such as Switzerland (12000 points) and impervious 
(7000 points).

Submitted by: Josh

If you want to beat the multy man melee just pick a melee and go fox and hold 
Down and P at the same time so once they come after you they will just go flying 

Submitted by: cheeseman

Use blade blue sonic knuckles mario luigi samus oranyone else whos jumps can 
hurt people get your opponent up to 150% and jump they die

Easy Inuyasha:
Submitted by: andrew

finish adventure mode with megaman in very easy mode and 5 lives.

Submitted by: quickster329

If you keep skipping lvls in vs mode until you have a blank screen with charcters 
press skip again and you will be playing target test with young link

Submitted by: quickster

If you keep skipping lvls in vs mode(press forward not play)It will automatically 
take you to target test and to beat any character be lloyd and keep pressing p and 
up and when he has 100% damage let him run to you and press p and up

Submitted by: Tristan

In 100 man melee right clik then hit settings dont close the box right clik again 
outside of the box. then hit foreword this will make the screen blank right clik 
again but hit back instead of foreword this will make your charecter invisable but 
you will fall off the screen!lol

Easy Shadow:
Submitted by: BobTheSmilder

pick knucles on adventure mode normal 3 lives and skip stages until 4 do 4 then after 
u clear it dont hit continue instead do lvl skip and hit foawrd then do the stage over 
then skip rest then fit shadow.

Submitted by: Robbie

Easy Roco: go to cruel melee choose your best charecter when your in cruel melee right 
click in the high right of the screen select forward it will take you to burly brawl 
(secret melee) select your best charecter again press enter then right click in the high 
right corner again select forward you will face cloud right click in the high right corner 
select forward smack down Roco.

Submitted by: James

When you go to training mode go to pokemon stadiom with pikachu vs jigguly puff or any 
other pokemon then go settings with right click then go to right click again and click 
rewind you should be at the start screen with the music of the training area.......
Submitted by brandon goodwin suck on this cody turner

Submitted by: Raimundo/Nikko

Lloyd can also win in the 100 Man Melee by doing the attack like the one Super Sonic 
should do. (up + P ) Do this again and again to win!!!

Submitted by: Ice

On training go to the zelda level and switch cpu to human while fighting someone once 
when a player jumps in the sky (you also have to put turtle shells on) grab a turtle 
shell and throw it up in the air in the turtle shell will do a speacil ony ur opponet 
(might not work).

Submitted by: union

Dark target smash: after target smash during that moment when its dark level skip

Submitted by: ramas

To get to the level were you fight the hand,in vs mode pick some characters then go to 
the sonic level and right click on the top left corner

Submitted by: Jeremy

When link throws a boomerang let it hit you.You will go faster for a few seconds.

Submitted by: mightyena

You need tails as a cpu go to training and have him on human controlhave him blast 
his gun and press start and change it to cpu then unpause and when his attack is 
finished his gun will look like a mallet!(warning!!!: you must have attack off when 
changeing it to cpu!)

Submitted by: Tyrell Barnes

To unlock Shadow, choose Knuckles to play both the Classic and Adventure modes. 
When you come across Shadow after you beat Master and Crazy Hands, the secret is 
to avoid his attacks and counterattack with Knuckles' Double punch attack 
(Left/Right + P). Shadow will go flying towards the way yo hit him! Good luck!

Submitted by: Tyrell

In order to unlock Shadow the Hedgehog, you must first complete all the Sonic 
characters. Then, you play as Knuckles to play both the Classic Mode and Adventure 
Mode. Finally, when you come across Shadow, avoid his attacks and counterattack with 
Double Punch (Up + P). Shadow will go flying towards the character select! 
Have fun unlocking this powerful hedgehog!

Submitted by: michael

First go to training mode then pick a character.After that pick any level and put 
the cursor by the top right corner and press right then press play or forward then 
keep doing that and you beet training mode!

Melinda Ann DeHart

In tranning have clound as your cpu beat him up and if atack is off he will hit u

Submitted by: Melinda Ann DeHart

1000%, in tranning make alot shells come down in the same spot then a other shell 
near it pick the other shell up and thow it at the other ones same thing 4 bomes

Submitted by: darklord

After you do target test on adventure or classic do level skip.Do the same thing 
except you press back.You'll end up on the screen after completed target test you'll 
see that your score has been raised by 8000.Do this over and over again to get lots 
of points.

Submitted by: PokeMaster

This is not really a cheat, but an importent need-to-know: If you play as Knuckles 
the Echidna with 3 lives and Normal Difficulty in Adventure, the Unlock Lloyd cheat 
may not work.

Submitted by: mustang

easy wins
easy wins in 100 man melee 10 man melee ect. is to right click then go to settings, 
after right click again (outside the box)
and clik "play" then do that 5 times with different charecters to unlock a charecter!!

Submitted by: S. Master #2

When you play as super Sonic in either 100-Man Melee or 3-Minute Melee (or Sonic, 
Shadow, or any of the Sonic characters [that includes Blade & Blue*]) run to the 
edge of the Battlefield and wait for the opponents to run after you. When they get 
close to you, jump and use your Air Attack (Down + P) and send them flying! 
Good luck beating those two and unlocking Cloud and Crono! (Tip: Crono really sucks, 
but you need to unlock him if you're going to unlock All-Star Mode).

Submitted by: sean

i would consider this more of a trick......but use any character you want to (mewtwo, 
sonic, or lloyd are the best for this). next, get your enemy up to about 80% without 
killing them, then do an upper smash (or p + ^ for noobs) and it SHOULD kill them 
automatically..this works about 74% of the time.....hope this helps :)

Submitted by: John

To skip levels right click in the top left corner and select play. it won't work on 
break the targets. Hope I helped.

Easy inyunasha:
Submitted by: jaylen wilson

Use link in adventure mode you can skip levels except the last level 
and bonus target smash the targets. Put it on 5 lives and normal mode

Easy crono: 
Submitted by: Jayjay

Go 2 cruel melee w/ your best character than use the forward cheat [right click on one 
of the top corners w/ your mouse] then you should be at an empty screen do it again and 
then u r at bruly brawl melee choose your best character again click go, do the forward 
cheat again first u can fight cloud 2cd u can fight crono

Submitted by: Joey

On supersmash flash EXE press control and enter at the same time and you will be on the 
next level but on target test it will not work but it will if you complete target test

Submitted by: Phillip Dunn

Use Young Link (If you don't have him, just finish Classic with Link), and do an upper 
smash (Up+p for noobs), and keep going until you hit him pretty high. Then step aside 
and when he comes down fire an arrow and your opponent will be knocked off the screen.;)

Easy Cloud and Crono:
Submitted by: Jack Begbie

Go to 3 min melee and choose someone and go than do the play cheat.Then it will have 
100 man melee and you do the same thing. Keep doing that and it will say challenger 
approaching. It will be cloud. If you want him defeat him or if you already have him 
just do play. Then there will be another challenger. It will be crono. Defeat him and 
you will unlock him. Hope that I helped.

Submitted by: cog

In multi play right click on the top right hand corner and click forward your stage will 
change automaticly...

Submitted by: Joe Morris

When doing the Target Practice in Classic/Adventure Mode, complete the level and while the 
screen is purple, right-click the top left corner and press "Forward." 
You'll be taken to a much darker Target Practice.

Submitted by: Joe Morris

When on the Main Menu, right click on the top left corner of the screen. A menu should then 
pop up. Click "Forward" to make the Main Menu go all funny. If you keep doing this, it will 
eventually take you to the next screen.

Submitted by: adam

When u are on flat surface and there is ground under you hold the down arrow and you 
fall to the ground.

Submitted by: nosam relhop

if u r flying off the stage, press the attack button to stop in mid air make sure to do 
this before u jump.

Submitted by: mason

You can use this in clasic, adventure, allstar, or v.s. mode.if you are fly off the 
stage you are fighting on, press p (the attack button) to stop in mid air. do this 
before you jump.

easy battlefield:
Submitted by: mason

in vs mode, choose anyone then pic peach's castle, then do the lvl skip

Submitted by: XXRENTENX

Go to training mode and right click in the upper corner and press play this will 
change your backround.

Submitted by: Nicky

In multi-man melee use knukle's down/p attack or pikachu's down/p attack and send 
them flying. when your'e surrounded use knukle's jump or pikachu's left/right/p attack.

Submitted by: Niall McCoy

Go back a level: When your playing ADVENTURE or CLASSIC mode if you finsh a level 
and you want to play it again RIGHT CLICK and press BACK 

Submitted by: jess

Go on peaches level there are three options for level skip forward,rewind,and back. 
keep on clicking back...

Go to peaches level instead of fowarding the level rewind. (you should hear the music 
on the title screen).

Submitted by: Nathanael

Easy Shadow:First choose knukles.Then play classic and adventure mode with him.Once 
shadow appears,get him up 2 88% then keep doing the down+p thing to knock him off 
the edge. Hope i helped:)

Submitted by: Dieguinwii

In training mode put a lot of bob-ombs where your opponent is, then grab one bob-omb 
and throw it to your enemy and the bob-ombs are. It'll make a lot of damage... 
More than 6,000% damage!

Submitted by: Ryan Mitchell Phillips

When an enemy is running towards you press up + p and they will go flying

Submitted by: darius

When your at the edge and your opponet is about to hit you as soon as they are about 
to hit you jump they jump of the map and kill themselfs.

How to get certain Bonuses:
Here's a list of all the Bonuses (Special Points) in the game: 

Bird of Prey (4000)  - Used only aerial attacks. 
All Ground (6000)    - Used all standard ground attacks against enemies. 
Lethal Weapon(7000)  - Used wide variety of attacks 
Berserker (3500)     - Attacked in frenzy 
Smash King (3000)    - Used many Smash Attacks. 
Smash Maniac(3500)   - Only used Smash Attacks. 
Smash-less (1500)    - Used no Smash Attacks. 
150% Damage (1000)   - Took 150% damage or more. 
200% Damage (3000)   - Took 200% damage or more. 
250% Damage (7000)   - Took 250% damage or more. 
300% Damage (10000)  - Took 300% damage or more. 
350% Damage (15000)  - Took 350% damage or more 
Heavy Damage (20000) - Took 400% damage or more. 
Stiff Knees(300)     - Did not crouch. 
Crouch Master (500)  - Crouched a lot 
Cement Shoes (4000)  - Never jumped, including midair jumps. 
Airhog (5000)        - Jumped over - 100 times 
Impervious (7000)    - Didn't suffer a single attack 
Switzerland (12000)  - Never Attacked Anyone or took damage 
Full Power (2000)    - Damage at 0% at finish. 
KOs(x500)            - Counts each KO. 

Self-Destructor(-2000) - Had a lot of Self-Destructs. 
Falls(x-500)           - Counts each fall 
SDs(x-500)             - Counts each self-destruct. 

Melee Master (100000)    - Cleared All-Star mode without recovering
Classic Clear (50000)    - Cleared the Classic mode
Adventure Clear (50000)  - Cleared the Adventure mode
All-Star Clear (50000)   - Cleared the All-Star mode 
Very-Hard Clear (200000) - Cleared the Very-Hard mode

Submitted by: Tommy Liang

To get inyuyasha use knunkles once you reach the two hands keep throwing 
rocks at them and do the same with inyuyasha.

Submitted by: SSF Champ 1

Ok well u no u cant get Blue the Hedgehog because he beats the shizz outta yah....
well with blade just keep doing down+p and after he gets a lot of damage just hit 
him once and he will go flying!!!Its that easy.

Submitted  by: nate

Another easy way to beat cruel melee use shadow hit down and p enimies run into u and die.

Easy shadow and super sonic:
Submited by LUIS NAVARRO

play as sonic and tails and knuckles and complete classic and adventure mode and bang! 
those two hedgehog are unloked!

Submitted by: Doug

My tip is for classic mode on team kirby, random melee and final stage master hand use 
knuckles and use rock throw ( down P) to knock them off every time, also it takes about 
1 or 2 or 3 to do this.

Submitted by: Alex

When your using tails, in all modes when tails stands in place when you attack he'll shoot 
some kind of laser. In classic mode this is useful in knuckles, and the kirbys and other 
enemies. Just keep shooting them until they fall off a cliff or something. Hope this helped!

Submitted by: kelvin

This is much more of a combo,(do with sonic or super sonic),ok do that ball move (down + p) 
then when close to opponent then jump and hit (down + p) and if done correctly it will be 
a instant k.o for your opponent.

Submitted by: BlueBlur49

On the Main Menu Screen do the level skip thing by right clickig at top left of page and
nothing will happen do it again to Tilt the Options like 1p melee etc it buggers it but 
its still funny!

Mr.Game and watch:
To unlock mr game and watch you have to beat either target smash or adventure.
Note: The cheat when you click forward does not work on target smash in classic or 

Submitted by: frankie

This is how i unlocked cloud, if you cant do it in 100 man brawl, go to burly brawl, die
and as soon as you die (the background will change) quickly press: [Ctrl] + enter and you
will be fighting blade!

Its kinda like a glich:
Submitted by: lasky

1.Go to trsining and pick the cars
2.Pick pokemon stadium
3.Look up at the corner and u should see SHELL
4.Click the arows that change the item and change it to bomb
5.Make sure the dom cant attack and stand next to him or her
6.Click the yellow button near the arrows u clicked erlier as about ten times with out 
7.Move away from the computer adn change click the yellow arrows again intill it says fire 
8.Get the fire flower and shot the bombs and ur opponent should have a whole lot of damage 
  done to him or her

WARNING: This only works in traning 7.

Get easy crono:
Submitted by: Joel

Go on crewl melee and right click then press forward you will be on burly brawl melee 
(secret melee) and choose a character then click go then press forward again you will beable
to get clowd press forward again and you will get crono.

Screen Scroll:
Submitted by: inuyasha

To do this you need to go into adventure mode choose link as your character in the stage where 
you fight two marios just kill yourself with all your lives gone then your free to rome the area 
NOTE: you must have the game on very easy with three lives.

Completing the game on practice:
Submitted by: daniel

Go to practice mode and choose any characater then you right click and go to settings then you 
right click again and press forward. After the stage select screen will come up and just right 
click and you will be at the first course. After that you keep doing this then the credits will 
come up but you don't complete anything.

Submitted by: dax

Choose a character like super/regular sonic and whend a enemy runs at you hit the attack button 
and your enemy will go off the ring at lighting speed and die.

Bob-omb Glitch:
Submitted by: Super Smash Ultimate Fan

In Super Smash Flash, which can be found at many game sites, go to Training Mode. Select any 
2 characters (I did this with Megaman as Player 1 and Pikachu as Player 2 on the Hyrule Temple 
stage) Set the Item Dropper, which can be found at the top-left corner of the screen, to Bob-omb, 
then press the Drop button. Stop after a while, then get a safe distance away from the Bob-ombs. 
Then, drop yourself 1 Bob-omb. DO NOT THROW IT YET! Next, keep dropping Bob-ombs, then, while 
you're still dropping, throw your Bob-omb, but don't stop dropping. If done right, all the Bob-ombs 
dropped will act as if they have been thrown, and cause huge combo explosions wherever they drop. 
this is useful when you want to make your opponent accumulate a lot of damage before making them go 
flying off of the screen. BTW, be sure to visit the Super Smash Flash Dojo area of and don't forget all the hard work that Cleod 9 put into the Super Smash Flash 
series! SSUF out!

Super Smash Flash Unlockable:
Here how to unlock Super Smash Flash Players 

Unlockable            How
Blue                - Clear Adventure with Blade on at least Normal difficulty.
Cloud               - Complete 100-man melee with any character.
Mr. Game and Watch  - Clear Target Test with every character but him.
Inuyashu            - Clear Adventure without losing any lives.	
Crono               - Clear 3-minute Melee
Jigglypuff          - Clear Adventure on any difficulty with any character.
Zero                - Clear Adventure with Megaman on at least Normal Difficulty without getting 
                      a Game Over
Young Link          - Clear Classic with Link on any difficulty.	
Super Sonic         - Clear Classic with Sonic on Very Hard Difficulty without getting Game 
                      Over. (Known glitch that you may be on any difficulty and it will still work)
Shadow              - Clear Adventure with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.
Naruto              - Clear Adventure with the original 13 characters.
Mr. Incruedible     - Clear Classic Mode with the original 13 characters.
Mewtwo              - Clear Adventure with Pikachu and Jigglypuff.
Luigi               - Clear Adventure on at least normal with Mario.
Lloyd               - Clear Adventure with any character after having one hour of total play time.

Jumping damage:
Submitted by: Edward

When your doing a racing or jumping mission enimies will damage you right?Well you can damage 
them while jumping with blade if you jump and an enemy comes near you they will die and you won't 
take any damage!It's all because of Blade's sword and his spinning power PS lots of people may have 
figuered this out bye now!

Easy wins:
If you always get your butt kicked at super smash flash on 3 minute brawl, no need to worry. Just
go to the top ledge of the stageand double jump. Never try this as super sonic, Inuyasha, naruto,
or mewtwo.

Skip Levels:
Submitted by: damani

In classic or addventure mode you can skip all the hard work.wen u enter one of those modes just 
right click anywere on the game. Then click "settings". Then right click again then click forward.
Keep doing this trough all the levels but u cant do this in target practice. WARNING! Do not use 
this cheat when you have a challenger or else you cant unlock that character!

Shell Censor Bar:
Submitted by: One Winged Angel

Go to training. Get Cloud as your character and InuYasha as your opponent. It may work with other 
characters, I don't know. First stage. Make a bazillion shells fall down on the middle platform. 
Put InuYasha on human control. Move both characters near the shells. Behind the shells, the 
characters bottom halves will be censored out by a brown square.

Submitted by: gabriel

Here all characters blue luigi cloud Lloyd cheats for them first blue go to adventure mode and pick 
blade and skip master hand with right click and fight him and unlock blue now i will do luigi do 
clasic and skip again and fight then you unlock him now i will do cloud ok go to 100 man melee and 
do forward 6 times and fight and you will unlock cloud now Lloyd beat adventure mode with any one 
then unlock him and thats all i can give see you next time later by. gabriel keller

How to unlock blue:
Submitted by: shadow the hedgehog

this is how i unlock blue.
first you will press 1-p mode then you will press regular mode and adventure mode and you will 
choose blade and you will choose 5 lives and normal difficulty then you press go and you will 
skip lvl and again and again (to skip level press right click with your mouse and press right 
click again then press forward to skip levels) but it will never work in target test and if you 
finish it you skip levels again until you go to the boss you will battle the two hands master and
crazy now if you destroy them you will battle blue and if you win you will unlock him, i think i 
might help you to unlock blue. "thank you for reading this bye".

Hint: white screen:
Submitted by: SuperSonic792

Go to meelee mode and do the level skip glitch(right click, click Settings right click again, hit 
forward.) you should go to stages that you dont even have. after that you should come to a screen 
that says back in the upper-right hand corner. click forward again and you should be at the character 
select screen for Target Test mode. click forward again and your character should be invisible and 
fall through the level and keep falling forever!. the screen should be completely white. you can 
reverse this effect6 by clicking rewind.

Easeir level skip:
Submitted by: lukas the flash master

Go to adventure mode and pick your best charecter and go on a fighting level and fall off the screen 
use all your lives and you will be able to move the camera.move it and they will move. move off the 
screen and they will die. this doesnt work for the hands.WARNING:you will have one last life left so 
use it wisely.

Submitted by: Ba

Go to classic pick either sonic (not super sonic) or shadow and if you end up fighting sonic and 
your shadow or vise versa you should'nt take any damge at all but neither will your oppenent for 
that round.

Defending against Master Hand and Crazy Hand:
Submitted by: shadic39

You can doge the attacks from the hands bellow 100% of damage. When over that persent, don't move 
and take damage. If you do move, you will go flying off the stage. If you have trouble doing this, 
set the life counter to 5 lives. Then use the skip level cheat so those lives will be ready when you 
fight the hands.The cheat will last untill the target test. Complete the test and you can go skipping
again.If you can't skip levels by pressing play, hit forward instead.

Defending against the hands:
Submitted by: Shadic

You can doge the hands attacks below 100% of damage. If you are above that persent then take the 
damage. Don't move. If you do you will go flying of the stage. If you have trouble doing this set
the difficulty to easy, and set the life counter to 5%. Skip the levels so your lives will be ready,
useing the skip cheat. This will only work untill the target test. Complete the test and you can go 
skipping again

Final destination stage easily:
Submitted by: cb11

Go to the screen where you start the game. Click jump to credits(you may want to hold down the left 
button on the mouse so the credits will go by fast). When you go to play a fight, the final 
destination stage will be available.

Freeze Frame glitch:
Submitted by: RammerDino

In the Master Hand(Crazy Hand if applicable)level in Classic and Adventure mode, keep attacking 
Master Hand. When he's ready to attack,just pause and you freeze, but Master Hand attacks, 
bypassing the pause without you getting damage.This will give you the advantage of defeating him.

Beginning music:
Submitted by: super smash man

When you are at the options what to play like ... i player or melee, use rewind cheat to go back 
to the beginning screen and the music will still be there!(do not forward at the screen or the 
hole intire screen will go purple)

Music on the front page:
Submitted by: super smash man

you know when you start playing super smash flash when it says"click here to start!"? don't 
instead use the skip'll start. then when you go to the other "click here to play" 
click it. then go use rewind and you will be at the beginning screen and the music will be on! 
(you will have to go to settings, and rewind should be close to forward or we call the skip cheat.

Dark Kirby Zone:
Submitted by: TrasherEvan

Play The "Classic Mode" until you get to target practice, When you beat it, before your stats show 
up, go to the corner of the screen, Right click and select "Play". You should be In the target 
practice at night.

Camera Control:
Submitted by: Danny

This isn't a cheat, it's more of a trick. First go to training. Don't pick a character for yourself. 
Make the CPU be Sonic. Just right click and press Settings. Then press forward. When you pick your 
stage, pick Race To The Finish. When you play, here are the camera controls:

O -go higher
arrow keys -go in a certain direction

You're really playing as an invisible character. O means jump, so that would make you go higher. 
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