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Sudden Strike Cheats

Sudden Strike

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Jens Lohse

Cheat mode:
Press [Enter] during game play, then enter one of the following codes.

Code          Result
**superman  - No Damage to Own Units 
**starcraft - 99 Strange Looking Bomber Attacks 
**nofog     - View Full Map and All Units 
**staticfog - Reset "nofog" Cheat 

Get Free Soldiers (Bug Exploitation for German version) 
1. You need a medic truck, a gun (any gun that needs two 
   soldiers), a tank, two officers/snipers, and a supply truck. 

2. First, two officers/snipers operate the gun, and order a    
   tank (or something else). Fire at the gun, just ONE SHOT! 
   press C to stop immediately. 

3. After the supply truck fixed the gun, use medic truck to 
   take the gun, then take it off, you will find that there 
   should be one more officer/sniper. 
4. Repeat the step No.3, you will get a soldier each time. 
   Of course, you may use it to for Submachine 

5. Warning: Sometimes the game will crash if you are too greedy.

Submitted by: rickHH

* In multiplayer, grab as many blimps as you can right away. Those quick 
  reinforcements will come in handy.

* Mortars are excellent long-range weapons. Capture as many as you can. 

* When attacking enemy mortars and artillery, use your soldiers to prevent 
  the weapons from being damaged. Take control of the weapons and turn them
  against the enemy. 

Submitted by: heiner

Press C and V at once and then you'll get to the next level

Occupying watchtowers:
Watchtowers strongly increase your units' visibility, therefore you should 
always keep them manned.

Occupying houses:
Soldiers in houses or bunkers enjoy excellent cover. A fully occupied house 
can stop an entire infantry attack. However, if the enemy starts shelling the
house with tanks or artillery, itís time to evacuate so your men wonít be buried 
under the debris.

Capturing artillery:
If possible, leave enemy guns intact and donít attack them with cannons, hand 
grenades or bombs, but rather with shooters, snipers or machinegun-equipped 
vehicles. After getting rid of the gunners, man the guns with your own soldiers
and beat the enemy with his own weapons.

Repairs and experience:
It always pays off to repair damaged vehicles using the maintenance truck. 
Damaged units often have plenty of experience, and experience is valuable. 
An experienced unit shoots more accurately, sees farther, moves quicker and 
is harder to hit.
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