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RuneScape 2 Cheats

RuneScape 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Free items:
When you do the tutorial at the beginning, keep talking to the people that give you things.
For example, with the baker that gives you water and flour, bake the bread then talk to him
again. He should give you more supplies.

Best Rune weapon:
If you just get to level 40 Attack and are looking for a Rune weapon, the Rune Scimitar is 
recommended over the R2H. The scimitar attacks faster, therefore dealing more damage and 
killing opponents faster.

Change text color and effects:
To talk in a different colored text, type one of the following colors or effects
(including the colon) followed by your text. For example, red:
black: (black)
blue: (blue)
cyan: (cyan
green: (green)
magenta: (magenta)
orange: (orange)
white: (white)
yellow: (yellow)
To do a combination, such as glow1: with wave:, type glow1:wave: followed by your text. 

Raising stats:
Use the following trick to raise your Cooking. After getting to level 32, go into the Cooking 
guild and get a jug. Get grapes from upstairs and go down to the first floor. Fill the jug with 
water. Use the grapes on the jug of water. You now have unfermented wine. 
Repeat this until getting to the desired cooking level.

Easy money:
If you are a member, get to 5 Herblore. Create as many Antipoison potions as possible. Then, 
sell them to the general store. You will get 114 gp for each potion.
Do the quest that allows you to mine Essences. Mine as many as desired and sell them for 45 gp 
Get your Fishing up to 40 then fish Lobsters. Get high combat (over level 50 recommended) and 
good armor (Adamite+ recommended), then go in the volcano on Karamja Island and kill Lessers. 
They drop lots of money, and sometimes Rune Med Helement. Sell the Rune Meds for 10,000 gp each. 
Get to Combat level over 50, Magic 55, then get 60 gp, food (swordfish or lobsters), good armor 
and weapon (Adamite or Rune - recommended). Go to Karajama's Lesser Demons Pits and kill them 
until you get a few Rune Mediums if possible. Then, get five Fire Runes and one Nature Rune for 
every Rune Medium you get. Use High Alchemy on them. You will get 11,000 gp for every one you 
use it on. Alternately, you can get 55 Magic and 10,000 and buy one Rune Medium. Use High Alchemy 
on it and get 11,000 and buy another until you run out of Runes to make a 1,000 gp profit for each 
one. If you are a member, go to the Gnome stronghold and pick Flax. Make them into bowstring, 
then sell them for 100 gp each. 
Note: This trick is only for members. Get your Woodcutting level to at least 45 (level 50 is 
recommended). Go to Seers Village (on the other side of Ice Mountain/Member's Land) and chop 
down maple trees. These trees are difficult to chop down, but if you get over 500 maple logs, 
they will sell for a total of 55,000 gp (100 gp to 150 gp each). Once you are at level 60 
Woodcutting, you can chop down Yews, which sell up to 300 gp each. Then, at level 75 Woodcutting, 
you can chop down Magic Trees and sell their logs for anywhere from 500 gp to 1500 gp. A high 
Woodcutting level is very important to earn money when you are a member. 

To get money, fight Moss Giants. They drop objects such as Black Squares, Magic Staffs, Runes, 
Uncut Gems, and 3 to 300 GP. They drop Big Bones, which can be used for Prayer. Moss Giants in 
free play mode can be found on Crandor Island and Varrok Sewers.
Get your Mining level up to 40. Go to the mine near Rimmington. Mine Gold Ore until your pack 
gets full. Then, go to the general store in Rimmington. Sell the Gold Ores there. 7 Gold Ores are 
worth more than 300 gp. Note: Watch out of the Rock Golem; it appears sometimes when you are mining.

Mine lots of ore until you are at level 15 Mining. Then, use the furnace until you are at level 34. 
Next, mine Iron and bank them until you have 1000 Ores, then sell all of them to the armor seller 
in Varrock for about 250 gp each. You should have about 130,000 coins, because iron only works 
when making bars 50% of the time. 

Get to level 60 Wood Cutting and sell Yews for no lower than 260 GP.
Get to over level 60 in mining. Go in the mining guild, then mine Coal and Mithril ores. Sell 
Coal for 150 gp each and the Mithril ores for 500 gp each. Alternately, if you have over level 50 
smithing, make them into Mithril Bars, and sell them for 1,000 gp each. 
Get a brass key and go to Barbarian Village. Go east from there, and when you reach the bridge 
turn left. You will see a shack. Use your brass key on the door and climb down the ladder. Kill 
the giants there, collect the items that they drop, (3 to 300 gp, Big Bones, Iron Full Helm, 
Iron Kite, etc.), and keep fighting until you run out of space. Then, sell the Big Bones for 
200 gp each and sell the iron items at the shop.
First, mine and smelt iron until you have sixteen bars. Then, go to Varrock and smith them 
into three iron plate bodies and one iron longsword. Sell the iron plate bodies to Horvic in 
Varrock and the iron longsword to the shopkeepers at the sword shop (which is also in Varrock). 
You should now have 1002 gold.
Battle Lesser Demons in Karamaja. The recommended food is tuna, but salmon works. You should 
be at least level 48. Another easy way to make money is to make your inventory able to hold 20 
bananas. Talk to the person inside the hut and ask for a job. If you face the hut's door, the 
crate should be on the left side. You only need to put ten in at one time. You can make 30 gp 
every time you fill the crate and talk to the plantation manager. After you talk, wait for a few 
seconds. He will ask you to fill the crate again. 
Mine Ess after completing the Rune Mystery quest. 
Then, make runes. Sell them at a magic shop. Repeat this process as desired.

Easy cooking experience:
After getting to level 32, go into the Cooking guild and get a jug. Get grapes from upstairs and go 
down to the first floor. Fill the jug with water. Use the grapes on the jug of water. You now have 
unfermented wine. Repeat this until getting to the desired cooking level.

Easy coal:
Go to Edgeville. From there, keep going northwest until you reach level 9 wild. If you do not find 
the coal mine, go west or east to find it. It is at level 9. If you do not find it, you usually 
should go west first.

Easy runes:
When your character is at least level 40, get about 15 Salmon and some armor. Go north into 
the wilderness, to level 6 wilderness. Go west until you find some level 7 and 20 Dark Wizards. 
Kill them to get lots of runes.

Easy experience:
The following places are good places to train. 
The Blurite Cave (south of Sarim): You can fight the Muggers if you are a new player. 
When your level increases, go further in and fight the Pirates. 
Al-Kharid Palace: Fight the Guards here for some easy money. 
Varrock Sewers: This is a great training place. Fight the Rats and Spiders if you are a 
novice, then move on to the Zombies. Further in the cave are level 22 and 25 Skeletons, 
level 24 Zombies (have better drops, usually 10 gp), level 28 Hobgoblins, and level 28 Hill 

Easy Big Bones:
Go to the wilderness. Its easier if you take the route in Varrock. Next, travel until you 
find Black Unicorns. Keep traveling north until you find two level 25 Skeletons walking 
around. There are a lot of Bones here, as well as Big Bones. They also respawn. 
Note: It is a good idea if you do not bring anything in order to get more Big Bones.

Quick mining and smithing levels: 
Mine nothing except tin. Once your inventory is filled, drop it all or sell it in the Dwarven 
mines. Once your mining level reaches 20, you can mine iron. Find the iron rocks just outside 
the area with the scorpions in the Dwarven mines. You can mine the rocks without much bother 
from the other players in the game. Mine nothing but these until you reach level 60 mining. 
Alternately, once you reach level 30 you can mine coal, but it is difficult, as everyone wants 
to mine it. At level 60, you can enter the mining guild. The guild is located at the far end of 
the mines, by the scorpions. Inside the guild you can mine coal very easily and smelt it quickly 
at the Falador Smith, just outside the mines. This will allow you smelt much faster. By this time 
you should be getting about 350 smithing experience for every load of coal and the other materials, 
and 30 mining experience for every coal rock mined.
An easy way to get good mining skills is to go to the mining field by the place where the Champions 
Guild is located. Mine some ore, then go back to where you start after the tutorial. There is a 
furnace there. Melt it and return to the city to the smithy. Very soon, you will be able to mine 
more things then enter the dwarves mines and join the miners guild.

Free items:
When you do the tutorial at the beginning, keep talking to the people that give you things. 
For example, with the baker that gives you water and flour, bake the bread then talk to him again. 
He should give you more supplies.

Tutorial Island:
You cannot die while training in combat on Tutorial Island. However, you can only raise your stats 
to level 3. You can talk on Tutorial Island, but you cannot see the words. 

Stand in front of the main kitchen doors in Lumbridge Castle for several minutes. 
A Genie will appear and ask what stat you want raised. Note: You can only raise one stat once.

Steel Plate:
There is a Steel Plate in the lava maze (level 40 wilderness). It is in the fenced in area with 
the lesser demons in it.

Best Rune weapon:
If you just get to level 40 Attack and are looking for a Rune weapon, the Rune Scimitar is recommended 
over the R2H. The scimitar attacks faster, therefore dealing more damage and killing opponents faster.
If you are a member and have 40 attack, complete the Underground Pass and Regicide quests. Then, go to 
the city place in the Underground Pass. You will see someone who will sell you very powerful halberds. 
The Rune Halberd costs 90,000, and has a 65 strength bonus. It is faster than the two handed, but 
slightly slower than the scimitar. 
The best rune weapons are the R2H and the Rune Halberd. The scimitar may be faster, but its "high 
damage" rate is not as high and does not hit its max hit often. The 2H and Rune Halberd have a high 
"high damage" rate and hit 1 or 2 below their maximum hit very often.

Pirates Treasure quest:
Open the world map. Go to the park in Falador. There is a brown "T" in the middle of the park. 
Get a spade and dig in the middle of it to complete the quest.

Dragon Slayer quest: Defeating Elvarg: 
When fighting the dragon, have the following: level 50 to 60 combat, about 40 HP, attack, defense, and 
strength, Addy-Runite Armor, Addy-Runite Weapon 1 handed, Dragon Fire Shield (required), high level food 
(Lobbies, Swordies, and perhaps Sharks). If a member, also have potions (maybe even a Super Set). 
When you enter her cage, enter defensive attack style -- get the strength exp. Eat often and use prayers 
when needed. After you kill her, you will be out of the cage and finish the quest.

Lost City quest:
Have level 31 Crafting; level 36 Wood Cutting; and level 30 Magic or level 50 Ranging. 
You also need an axe for tree chopping and knife for carving. Talk to the adventurer near Lumbridge 
ask about Zarnaris until the quest starts. The adventurer will tell you about a leprechaun hiding in 
a tree. 
Go just north of the clearing and you will find a tree that reads "Chop". Instead of chopping it 
down, click on it. The leprechaun will appear. He will tell you about the Dramen Tree on Entrana. 
At this point you must decide on Range or Magic. If you are using Magic, get enough Runes for about 
40 Earth Bolts, or enough materials to fletch about 100 arrows and a bow. Go to Entrana from Port Sarim. 
You cannot bring weapons or armor. This is why you need the runes and arrow material. Go down into the 
cave on the north part of the island. Here you will find level 24 zombies. Kill them with your bare 
hands until you have a Bronze Hatchet. Then, go through the Greater Demons and chop the Dramen Tree. 
You will be attacked by a level 101 Tree Spirit. 
Stand behind the mushrooms and shoot it until it is dead. Get a Dramen Branch and teleport out 
of there. 
Then, go to the swamp. Go in to the shack with the Dramen Staff (carved from the Dramen Branch). 
You can now use the Dragon weapons.

Lost City quest: Defeating the Tree Spirit:
There is one very easy way to kill the Tree Spirit on Entranta for the Lost City quest: magic. 
Get at least 29 magic and take runes and robes to cast Earth Bolt about forty times and a teleport 
This helps getting out without ending up in level 29 wildly. Without using runes, go into the 
tunnels and kill zombies until you get an axe. Cut the tree and get attacked. Run around, and 
without it following you, hide behind the giant mushrooms to the left of the tree. Set your combat 
to spell and Earth Blast and kill it within 5 minutes. Cut the tree and teleport out. 

Pirates Treasure quest:
Open the world map. Go to the park in Falador. There is a brown "T" in the middle of the park. 
Get a spade and dig in the middle of it to complete the quest.

Killing the Spirit for Lost City: 
Get level 30 to 35 Fletching, a Ring Of Dueling, 30+ Range, 60+ Combat, and 25 Swordfish. 
Cut or buy a Willow, a bowstring, and about 200 Iron or Steel Arrows. Make the Willow an unstrung bow 
and take the arrows, bowstring, and the unstrung bow. String the bow on Enteria. Fight the zombie with 
your fist or feet until you get a Bronze Axe. Run past the Greater Demons until you get to the tree. 
Attempt to cut it and a level 101 or 103 Tree Spirit will appear. Run behind the fungus so you can use 
a range attack. This should only take one or two minutes; move your character often. Run into the hole 
if you do not have a Ring Of Dueling, and use the Swordfish for health. If you have the ring, teleport 
to the duel arena, cut the branch, then go inside the shed east of the starting place. 

You can access Miscellanea from the port in Relekka. 

Name colors:
When you log in, enter one of the following followed by your name (for example, @greName).
Note: There are other colors. 

Easy prayer experience:
This can only be done as a member after you have completed Ghosts Ahoy. Take the following items 
and go into Taverley Dungeon: Good Weapon, Armor, Telly Runes (optional), Anti-Fire Shield 
(optional), Food Lobsters or better. Make sure you have a good combat level. Follow the main path 
until you find a large group of black knights. Find the jail keeper (level 46) and kill him. Take 
the key and enter the southern jail. Talk to the person, choosing the top option both times. 
Take the new key and go back to some bridges near the lava river. Go across and run to the door, 
staying away from the chaos dwarfs and lesser demons. Next kill as many baby dragons as you can 
and take all the bones, eating when necessary to get more room. Teleport out and repeat. When you 
have enough, teleport to the Port. Withdraw twelve buckets and twelve bones. Make Bonemeal in the 
temple. Take the Bonemeal and twelve buckets into the basement. Fill the buckets and go back. 
Worship the Ectofuntus and build experience.

Tutorial Island:
You cannot die while training in combat on Tutorial Island. However, you can only raise your 
stats to level 3.

3 Money Methods:
Here are three methods even a noob straight off tutorial island can use! 

If you are not coming straight off tutorial island and you have a couple K to burn then you can 
skip the first step and possibly the second. 

NOTE: None of these steps require high attack, defense, health, or strength. The only high stat 
you need is woodcutting and I will explain the best way to get to the level you need in about a
half hour. (It may be longer; time varies.) 

Step 1: 
Go to Lumbridge. (if you just came off tutorial island you are already there.)If you walk east 
a little, you should spot a river. Find the nearest bridge to the other side. (There are two.) 
Once over, go due north past a cow field and a chicken area. FOLLOW THE PATH. It does do a few 
curves but it heads to where you need to get to. Once you pass the chicken place, the path will
pass a fence. After you are on the other side, the path splits. Go west. Almost immediately, 
you will see a picnic table and two oaks. To the east, down the incline, are four trees that 
form a square. Cut one down, then another, then a third, and the final one. By the time this 
has been done, the first tree should have grown back. 
Repeat this until you are level 15 woodcutting. A way to earn extra experience is to, instead 
of dropping logs to free inventory space is to light them on fire with your tinderbox instead.
The only obstacles you may encounter while doing this are a goblin, a farmer, and unicorns. 
Fortunately, none should be aggressive so as long as you mind your own business, you shouldn't 
be attacked. Also, when cutting the trees, a tree may "come to life". It will have red eyes. 
If this happens, just cut a different tree until the one returns to normal. Once you are level
15 woodcutting, drop all your logs or light them. 
Now you begin cutting the oaks. Oak trees can be chopped many, many times before it goes down.
(Some oaks will just come down.) Get a full inventory and go west. You will find another curve
and the road will go north again. DO NOT GO TO THE EAST OF THE PATH OR YOU COULD BE KILLED. 
Once you pass some guards and a gate, you are now in Varrock: the key city for all these 
methods. (The guards are not aggressive.) Follow the path north and you will soon see a general
store on the east side of the road. (The map icon is a pot.) Sell your oak logs and you should 
get about 30-60 gp. Then, go south again out of the gate. Once you have exited the gate, go 
west and there is an abundance of oak trees. Get a full inventory and sell again. Continue 
going to the oaks and selling them until you have 400-600 gp. 

Step 2: 
Now that you have some loot, log out and find a crowded server like 1 or 3. Return to the 
general store and if you see minor runes, which are earth, wind, fire, water, mind, and body 
runes, consult my chart to see if you should buy it. Now sell all the runes to the rune shop. 
To locate the rune shop, go east from the Varrock center which is the big paved area north of 
the general store, and go south at the next path in that direction. BEWARE THE LEVEL 6 MUGGER. 

Step 3: 
Once you have 3000-5000 gp the second this method, start buying the major runes also. Major 
runes include death, law, nature, soul, and cosmic runes. Chaos runes are poor for business 
unless you find them as an enemy drop. Sell the major runes to players only. 


buy:highest price to buy for 
sell:lowest price to sell for 

mind runes buy 4 sell 5 
body runes buy 3 sell 5 
wind runes buy 3 sell 4 
earth runes buy 4 sell 4 
fire runes buy 4 sell 5 
water runes buy 3 sell 5 
chaos runes buy 80 sell 100 
law runes buy 350 sell 800 
cosmic runes buy 400 sell 900 
nature runes buy 300 sell 600 

Getting to Member land:
Member land is Member-only. Use one of the following methods to reach it.

Travel over White Wolf Mountain. It is free but full of wolves. 
Travel under White Wolf Mountain using places with the Dwarves. 
Travel using the Traders ship. This is costly, but safe. To do this travel buy a 
ticket for 150 coins and travel to Keldagrim. 
Teleport spells. To get to Ardounge you must complete the Plague City quest. 
Teleport lever in the Wildy (Deserted Keep, can be teleported back to Wilderness) 

Strange dead tree actions:
Go to Draynor Manor. Go up from lumber bridge, then go left until you get to a road with 
four lines. 
Go up and try to chop the tree by the dead bush. You will not be chopping it. Instead, 
you will see 
the dead tree hit you and distract you until you go away. At anytime you find some of these, 
sometimes they will attack you. Also, in the wilderness (levels 3 to 9), you can try to chop a 
tree, but you will not chop it. It will turn very weird, and also break your axe. 
Note: You cannot use this trick to die.

Light logs without trying:
Use any kind of log with your tinderbox. You will atempt to light the logs. 
When your character moves, click on your tinderbox and logs. If timed too late, 
your person will attempt to light them.

Go to Dranyor Village. Go outside of the bank on the side where the willows are located 
(south side), facing identical to the banker. Click as south as possible. When he gets inline 
with the rock, click on the banker. If timed correctly, he will be doing the moonwalk for a 
few seconds

Failed teleport:
Use the home teleport spell, then quickly use the Goblin Dance emote. The circle will draw 
itself, thus not teleporting you.

Easy experience 1:
Varrock Sewers: This is a great training place. Fight the Rats and Spiders if you are a novice, 
then move on to the Zombies. Further in the cave are level 22 and 25 Skeletons, level 24 Zombies
(have better drops, usually 10 gp), level 28 Hobgoblins, and level 28 Hill Giants.

Easy experience 2:
Go to Barbarian Village. Note: Bring food if you are a lower than level 23. Go north of where 
the coal is located. You will see Unicorns if you are going the correct direction. Keep going 
north until you see a red "!" and go to it. Down the trapdoor are level 2 Spiders and level 
21 Skeletons. If you go deep enough, you will find level 29 and 34 Hobgoblins and level 28 
Hill Giants. You will also find some zombies.

Play multiple accounts:
To play multiple accounts at one time on the same computer, download the client from Runescape's
 main site. Open two windows and get to the login screen on both. Then, shrink one window. To 
match the "Login" button with the background screen, enter your name and password on both screens. 
When you login, click the "Login" button on the top window, and quickly press the "Login" button 
on the background screen. The game only allows 30 to 60 seconds before you are logged due to 
inactivity. Make sure you use both windows frequently. It is best to use [Alt] + [Tab] to switch 
back and forth between the windows.

Turn Into an Easter Egg:
On Easter day, go south of Falador with a spade with you, and go into the forest. You'll see a 
bunch of bunnies and kids. You'll notice the bunnies burrying Easter-Eggs. Dig up the eggs with 
your spade. Give out 10 eggs to children. Then, keep on digging up eggs until you find an egg 
that is blue with a yellow lightning-shaped stripe on it. Eat it while standing on top of one 
of the rabbit holes that the rabbits come out of. You'll turn into a bunny and apear inside of 
the bunny base. Hop your way to the North, where you'll find a room filled with bunnies 
listening to speakers. you'll notice a shute that has eggs rolling down it. Hop up the shute 
and enter the hole at the top. You'll apear in a room where the Easter-Bunny resides. Speak 
to the Easter-Bunny and ask him, "What's going on here?".... He'll tell you that the bunnies 
should be giving the children Easter-eggs. Tell him, "No, they are just burrying the eggs." 
He'll give you a mission to give out ten eggs, if you've already done that like instructed 
above, your character will say that he/she has already done it. the easter bunny will reward 
you with a magic ring that lets you turn into and Easter-egg! 

Faster Magic Lvl:
There is a way to get your magic up somewhat faster and safer than going and fighting something 
that is deadly and could kill you. First, you have to go mine about 500 to 1000 rune essence. 
Second, you have to go turn them into the number of runes you want depending on your magic lvl. 
I advise an equal amount depending on the spell you want to cast. Make sure the spell that you 
are stocking up for is a attack or offensive spell and it will deal damage. Finally, after you 
have all your runes, go to the wizard's tower, which is south of draynor Village. Go to the top 
floor of the wizard's tower, and there will be a lvl 82 lesser demon. Don't be scared though, 
because he is caged up and cannot attack you. It is a great way to raise your magic since you 
only have to wait 1-2 minutes before it respawns again. This tip is not very good for archers 
unless they have alot of money so they can buy more arrows, since you cannot retrieve any 
items that are within the cage.

Easy money for members:
To do this you must have 10 crafting (optional). Read this whole thing before attempting. Go 
to Seer's Village, with nothing on, and inventory free. South of the party room, there is a 
field of flax. Click flax continuously to get a full inventory. Either you could store the 
flax in the bank, or spin them into bowstrings, which sell for a lot more. If you want to 
spin them, (10 crafting needed), then after you pick flax, go up the ladder that is north 
of the chapel and south-west of the bank. (the only building with a ladder). theres a spinning 
wheel here. Either pick flax and store in the bank, or spin it, then store. Bowstrings sell 
for 150gp-220gp each. (most people will buy bowstrings for 150gp-180gp, 200gp+ are normally 
used for massive amounts). Flax sells for 100gp-110gp each. I've done both and I've found 
they both take about the same amount of time. (bowstrings reccomended, because more people 
will buy them, and you get nice crafting exp. At least until level 40. If you are a little 
confused, contact me ingame, my username is Shadowjdl. Happy money making!

Training Hint:
In runescape 2 go to the Varrock Palace and go north to the very back of the Palace where 
you will find a ladder. Go up the ladder into the Guards room above. Look around and you 
will see that there is a (usually) empty room filled with guards that give nice amounts 
of EXP for training. 
NOTE: It is best if you go to the least popular Game World as there is less people who might 
go to that spot. 

Tutorial Island:
You cannot die while training in combat on Tutorial Island. However, you can only raise 
your stats to level 3.

First mine 1k iron then sell 4 100k then buy 500 coal for 75k then sell for 100k then repeat 
until 150k buy coal for 150k then sell 200k then repeat until 300k then buy 15000 coal for 
300k and repeat again until 400k and so on 

A guide on how do you get gold:
If you have 40 crafting+ you can enter crafting guild with a brown apron. know not many 
people have 40 crafting so the crafting guild is an ideal place for mining gold and also 
silver and if you donít have 40 crafting either make tares or make hard leather body's

Easy Money:
To make easy money with a low level character, go to the Varrock mining pit. and mine some 
iron. After you mine the ore go to the Grand Exchange. Put the ore in the exchange. Iron Ore 
sells there for about 75 to 88 gp each. Note: You can get more if you save the Iron Ore inside
your bank.

Tanning Hides:
- first i would advise buying 500+cow hides which runs around 49k. 
  best place to buy is at the "Grand Exchange".
- next get 1500gp and go to the Al Kharid bank.
- bank your hides, than fill your bag with 27 hides while you still have the 1.5k in the 
  28th spot.
- run north just above the bank to the tannery and tan the hides for 3gp each to make hard 
- run the tanned hides back to the bank deposite them and take out 27 more. 
- Do this until you have all 500 tanned and your 1500gp is used up, than just take them to 
  the grand exchange and sell them for 71.5k
- than buy more and repeat until you have as much as you want.

Easy runes:
On the way to the desert village there is a scorpion pit . In there is a rune that keeps 
respawning. On the right side of the mine is a Fire Rune. Click the cliff and wait for the 
rune to appear. This requires some patience. Collect the Fire Rune. Get about 100 to 200 of 
them, then go to the Rune Shop in Varrock and sell them.

Easter Egg - Halloween Mask:
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on October 31. 
There are three different colors. 

Easter Egg - Santa Hat:
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on December 25.

Secret - free air runes and mind runes:
First if you want to get these runes follow the guide.
First go to lumbridge.then go to the place where you can get the training stuff. Then right 
click on the magic tutor click claim then you get 30 air runes and mind runes. Then 30 minutes
later drop those runes and right click on the magic tutor and press claim again then you get 
30 airs and 30 minds. then pick up the runes you dropped earlier and then you have 60 airs and 
minds so just repeat the guide on top and soon you have lots of airs and minds.

Secret - Rune Essy should be called Gold Essy:
For F2P do rune mysteries quest then go to varrok to the aurbury then get tele-ed so ur in 
the essy mine. Then mine essy then go to the bank and do this 40 times then you have about 
800 give or take. then sell at grand exchange fo 40 each heres a chart:

10k=400,000gp (get 500 more than this and it's half a freaking mill!) 
For members
Pure essy(members server)100 each i think

Easy money:
Go to fist of Guthix which is north of Varrok, Directly, and go in the cave. Then when in 
the cave go into the long end into a waiting room with combat things like a staff and rune 
scimmy.(useful: 30 maging, 40 Str, 40 ATT, 40 Def) then in battle own your oppoenent the 
when you are hunted get the rock then run back and forth across the middle until you are 
being attacked. When attacked rune to the outskirts and use the healing bandages when needed. 
then us the tele-orb note: click on ground after a tele because you will run towards opponent. 
then when you do this own until you get 300 guthix Tokens. when this happens you will trade 
the guy behind the counter and get a adamant berserker shield. then go to the grand exchange 
and sell this.

Easy Money:
Submitted by: Nartbor

Get to enter Cooking Guild by cooking meat until you can make stew then cook stew until 
you have lvl 32 cooking buy a chef hat at Gnomic Supplies (next to gnome copters)enter the 
Cooking guild and go upstairs take 2 cooking apples and a pie dish wait tilu can have 
another pie dish there go upstairs again and take a pot and wait until u can have another 
pot and go to a general store buy 2 buckets use the buckets on the pump and drain in the 
guild and go out back so you can get grain go to top floor and use ur grain in the hopper 
go down stairs put the flour in ur pot make pastry dough get more grain do the same thing 
use the dough on the dish make the to pie shells use the apples on the pie shells then cook 
them upstairs if ur succesful sell them at G/E for 105gp.

Easy Money Hint:
Use the following trick to get easy money if you are at level 30 or higher. In Varrok, by the 
east bank, go towards Barbarian Village but do not cross the bridge. Go up by the level 5 
Goblins until you see a small house. Note: You will need a Brass Key. Open the door and go 
down the ladder. You will find level 28 Hill Giants. When you kill them, they drop Big Bones 
which can be sold quickly at the Grand Exchange for about 400 gp each.

More Easy Money:
Get 15 mining and a good pickaxe. Go to Al-Kharid. Mine Iron Ore and bank them. Mine more 
ore and repeat. Do this until you have reached a desired amount. Take them from bank as a 
note, and sell them at the Grand Exchange at the lowest price.

Easy Money:
Go to Lumbridge General Store and you'll see a mage tutor near it. Right-click and select 
"Claim magic tutor." The magic tutor will give you 30 air and mind runes. Sell them at the 
Grand Exchange for the lowest price. (By the way, if you set an item at the lowest price 
in the Grand Exchange, people can still buy it for a higher price.) Runes sell moderately 
fast and cost quite a bit so you'll probably get about 2K (that's rounded) of money. 

How to get runes without crafting:
If u want runes without crafting all u need to do is mine some essence then after your done 
don't craft it just sell it in the g.e then buy some runes then when u do this you still get
some extra money.

So if you get about 100 bones, while killing chickens (which i usually do), if you take about 
a minute to store the bones into your bank, then you can get about 10k + the feathers. or you 
can just always take the bones from whoever dosn't want them.

Easy Money with Iron Arrow Shafts:
For easy money get iron arrow shafts and sell them to people for 10gp each.

Combat level:
At the back of barbarian village there is a place go down jail enterance, read all the 
plaques. Tlk 2 guard there and go upstairs. Do the Test and hand it in u get 2 lamps. 
Rub them and increase ur Attack and Defence. If u r lvl 3 then u will be lvl 7.

Get dragon armour easy:
Just level up attack or strenght to 99 but leave def to 1 and then go to duel arena get whip 
and bet someone in a duel like 1 whip for dragon armour and there you go you have got a pure
attack or strenght.

Extra Money:
Go to Rimmington (Members can do this with 40 Magic, 1 Air Rune, 1 Earth Rune, and 1 Law Rune).
Have a high mining level so that you can mine at least iron ore. Mine any ores then sell them 
to the general store. Repeating this several times can give you a good amount of money. 
If you are a Member, get about level 57 to 60 Ranged. Go to the Talvery dungeon, where the Blue
Dragons are located. This requires Dust Key. Also try this on a world with few players. Range 
the dragons and pick up their bones, Blue Dragonhides, and any other valuable items they may 
drop. One Dragon Bone and one Blue Dragonhide are worth about 5,000 gp. This also works with 
other dragons (for example, Green Dragons), but they are not worth as much.

Easy Runes:
First, get 1,400 gp. Go into the wilderness and find the person that sells the capes. Buy 28 
of them at 50 gp each (1,400 gp total). Go to the Grand Exchange and sell all of them there 
for 150 gp each (4,200 gp total). The person who sells the capes is in level 46 wilderness. 
Note: Watch out for the ghosts because they can hit frequently.

Make money:
If you are a member go to varrock mage shop use teleport then u will be teleported to a mining
place bring a (pickaxe) then mine the ess and keep on doing it till you got about 1000 then u 
go to the g.e (grand exchange) and sell them and this is my way of making money tips and if 
you are a high level prefer go to barrows.

Easy Runes:
To get free Mind and Wind Runes, start a new game. Talk to the bank and magic tutor in the
tutorial. When you get the Mind and Wind Runes, deposit them in your bank. Talk to the magic
tutor again to get 30 more runes of each type. Continue doing this until you have as many as
desired. You can also do this after the tutorial; however there is a wait time before you 
can get more runes.

Easy Money:
For two easy levels, go to Lumbridge. Go in the trapdoor of the first house next to the
bridge. Talk to the man sitting in the chair. Say the phrase "I could kill the dragon 
for you". He will say, "Thank you, but no" will give you two antique lamps.

Eyes Of Glouphrie quest:
Get to the part where you must do the puzzle for the anti-illusion machine. When you have
your first Crystals drop them and talk to Brimstail. Keep doing this until you have the 
correct crystals to get the numbers right.

Austin Powers Reference:
Go to Draenor Village and find the pig pen. There will be two piglets,one of them when 
examined will have your person say, "I shall call him, Mini Pig.",which is a reference 
to Austin Powers.

Sell Cow Hides:
1.Goto lumby then head to the windmill.
2.Behind the mill will be a cow field.
3.Go into it and kill cows till u have full inventory of cowhides.
4.Go to the bank next to the cow field and bank all hides.
5.Repeat steps 3-4 20 times.
6.Go to g.e. and note all hides.
7.Sell all noted hides.
Cow hides sell for around 100 gp so 20 inventories would end up as 56000 gp.

Fishing guide:
First buy: small net, fishing rod, fly fishing rod, harpoon, lobster pot, fishing bait
(2000) and feathers (2500).
2nd: Go fish srimps until level 5 and then go fish sardine using fishing rod until 25 
(you will start cathicng herring at level 10)(you can find the sardine spot at dragnor 
3rd: Go fish trout using fly road in lumbridge river near the collapesed mine until 
level 30.
4th: Now time for tuna go to karamja fishing spot and harrpon tuna until 41.
5th: Now fish lobster and wow all of a sudden you have 41 fishing!

More money from fish with no training:
All you do is go to a world that has nothing specal about it that is almost full or any 
world with alot of people at karmamja docks and pick up all there raw tuna and sell it 
at the ge no work really just clicking tuna.

Basically all you have to do, so long as you're a member, is get a high enough slayer level
to kill jellys. Jellys have a melee/magic based attacking style, so just wear black dragon 
hide or karils and you'll be ok. bring you're best melee equipment, i.e. godsword, or whip,
or d scimmy, and a rune defender, plus super str/att if you so choose, and food. They are 
pretty easy to kill, and they are the lowest level monster which drops level 3 clue scrolls.
I've made upwards of 8 mill from clues, and that hasn't been in too long of a time.

Free Mind and Air Runes:
Normally when you claim some runes from the mage tutor and come back she says; "You have
some mind runes in your (inventory/bank), why not use them" So heres how to do this - 
first go and claim runes then wait a half hour. next go RIGHT outside the place and drop
them or else she'll say"Someone has droped some runes on the floor, why not use them". So
then talk to her and you get More Runes! Pick up and keep repeating the procedure until 
you're satified.

Fast fishing exp:
First at level.1 fishing fish craw fish behind lumber bridge church until level 20. Then 
fish throut until level 40. Then tuna till 45 then lobster till 50 fish swordfish and tuna
till 99 this is for f2p only. The reason why you fish swordfish and tuna till 99 is because 
t takes a while to catch swordfish and your catch tuna 80 percent of the time. So your 
getting rid of exp faster than catching swordfish for an inventory. Jst catch until you 
get a full inventory of swordfish. I did this i had like 15k exp and it brought down to 
8k exp. Yyou can fish lobster for money. Lobster only gives you a certain amount per 
Fishing swordfish and tuna is a fast way to get swordfish gloves. If you don't know where
to get them you can get them at the fist of guthix if you don't know where that is its in
the wild next to varrock if you don't know how to get their go to a world where it has 
the mini game and follow people their.

Gettin steel arrows without having to buy them partly:
If you want some steel arrows and don't feel like buying them from g.e or the shops. I 
suggest you do this. okay be level 29 and above bring some food tuna is good its cheaper
heals good lobsters good but expensive this requires also some money notice some also to
be able to go to 2nd floor of strong hold of security. okay this what you do get your best
armour and weapons and food. go to barbarian ville then go through the whole in the ground
after that go to 2nd level. go through the doors to your right. go in fight the zombies 
watch out for the fresh crawlers.the steel arrows aren't 100% drops. but are dropped alot.
If your to lazy to kill them hire workers say 1.5k for 100 arrows(just example use if you 
want idc) mosly hire the strong dumb ones or the ones who really want money after that you
can do whatever.

Simple way to get some money:
This works for anybody, F2P, P2P, noobs, etc. So, go to Lumbridge. Then go to the place 
with chickens. Start killing chickens. Pick up the raw chicken, and nothing else. When 
you have a full inventory, take them to the bank. When you have a total of 50, sell them
to the general store. As an alternate, if you want more experience, you can do the same 
with cows.

Easy runes:
Create a Tiara using a Silver Bar and a Tiara Mold. Then, go to the mysterious rune altar
that you wish to enchant the Tiara with. After that, use the Talisman and the Tiara with 
the altar. You will then enchant the Tiara. Whenever you craft runes using that Tiara you
will craft double the essence that you have. Note: To craft runes you must have completed
the Rune Mysteries quest.
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