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RF Online Cheats

RF Online

Cheat Codes:
Update by: BONSAI
Update by: msidik48
Submitted by: RM

Easy experience:
Use the following tricks for easy early leveling with shield and knife
(levels close range, shield, and defense).

Warrior: Intense shield and knife creates intense defense with a decent

Spiritualist: Having a Spirit knife that increases FP recovery by 500% 
and will help you maintain a spell fiesta without many potions. A shield
could benefit if you are dependent on not dying. 

Ranger: When the Long Range skill is maxed, use this combo to stay 
powerful and alive. Defense is not given much to a ranger. Leveling close
range can be difficult. Intense works well. 

Specialist: Intense shield and knife really protects the health they lack.
Long range weapons will be useful if they prefer avoiding damage altogether. 

You will enter the password on normal chat at the game.

Password            Result
one hit kill      - all monster and character will be dead in one hit
show me the money - you will be added 500m gold
whos your daddy   - grow to lvl 50 and all pt will be GM
specialist        - 500hp
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