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Moonbase Commander Cheats

Moonbase Commander

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Secret units: 
Press "Tab" to bring up a chat box while playing, and type
in one of the following codes: 

Code                Result
/udderdestruction - Turns Bombs into Cows 
/fowlplay         - Turns Cluster Bombs into Chickens 
/EMPIG            - Turns EMP's into Pigs

Bypass challenge mode:
Use a text editor to edit the "moonbase.ini" file in the game folder.
Locate the "[Challenge]" heading towards the end of the file. The 
entries in this section look like "0-3=3". The number after the dash
is the challenge mode level number. The number after the equals sign
is the medal you have on the level. Set them to gold here, and you 
will not have to complete them in the game. Set all but one to gold
and complete the remaining level on gold to unlock everything. 
Use the following as a reference for the values: 

0: Not completed 
1: Gold 
2: Silver 
3: Bronze 

Any entries after the first uncompleted mission are ignored.
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