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Might & Magic 7 For Blood and Honor Cheats

Might & Magic 7 - For Blood and Honor

Easy experience:
Battle a monster that is worth a large amount of experience points, such as a red 
or blue dragon. After killing the creatures, do not search the body for items. Cast
Paralyze on the dead monster, to bring it back to life. However, it may be killed 
will one successful hit to collect its experience points. Repeat this to rapidly 
accrue experience. 

If you have a character that can cast the Light magic Paralyze spell, you can kill
a monster more than once and get experience for it every time.
Kill a monster that gives a good bit of experience. (I recommend a Blue or Red 
Dragon.) Don't click on the dead monster to get items off it. Instead cast the 
Paralyze spell on it. The dead monster will stand back up and you can kill it 
again and again by only hitting it once. I have done this as many as 12 times on 
one Red Dragon and received a lot of experience from this tactic.

Tavern in Tatalia:
The master guild of mind is on the second floor of the tavern in Tatalia. Fly or 
Jump is required to get here. Just look up and walk around the tavern until you 
see a small open space in the fence. Jump in the open space and walk to the 
master guild of mind.

New World Computing Dungeon:
For those of you who remember the New World Computing Dungeon from Might and Magic
VI, There is one in Might and Magic VII as well. Unfortunately, I only know how to
get there late in the game. Here is how to get to it.

When on the Shoals Map (underwater map) you will find a sunken pirate ship in the
middle right side of the map. There is a chest hidden behind some rocks on the 
bottom of the ship. In the chest is a bottle with a temple inside. Right click on
the Temple in a Bottle and do what it tells you do. You will then be teleported 
to the New World Computing Dungeon. 

Free Money:
After you retreive the book of Divine Intervention go to Harmondale and  sell it. 
Then go to the arbiter and click on "I lost it" he will give you another one. Go 
outside and drop it, then go back inside. Repeat this process of getting the book
and dropping it outside then getting another one. After a while pick up all the 
books and sell all except 1 so you can complete the quest (works best with 
grandmaster merchant). 

Receiving More Items from Dead Dragons:
You can have as many items as you wish after killing the red dragon in the 
beginning of the game. Just click on the dead red dragon to get your item and if 
you see that the red dragon still appears save your game. Click on the dragon 
again after saving. If clicking on the dragon & it disappeared, reload your 
save game & click on the dragon again. Do it as many times as you like til 
you're ready to go for the fight.

Permanent zombie status:
Allow any character(s) to die (i.e. the portrait at the bottom of the 
adventure screen turns into a tombstone), but no more than three at a time.
Go to a temple at one of the following locations to resurrect your slain 
character(s): Deyja Moors, The Pit, or Mount Nighon. This will raise the 
fallen as a normal zombie (i.e. personality drop, mind immunity, "zombie" 
status, continual HP drop, etc.) Before doing the next step, its strongly 
recommended that you go to a bank and deposit all your money. Go out and 
let the entire party die. After the intermission sequence when you are in
Harmondale, any character(s) who were not cured of the zombie status will
be listed as in good condition without any of the negative side effects, 
but their portraits, voices, and inventory images will be those of zombies.
The effect is permanent, and can only be remedied by loading a previous 

Shoot blasters quickly:
To shoot the blasters very quickly, you need to have either an expert 
ranking in Dagger, or a master ranking in Sword, You also need to have
the Armsmaster skill. Put the Blaster in the primary hand, and either 
the Dagger or the Sword in the other hand. You need to have a very high
number (about 30 or 40 ) in Armsmaster. The game gets confused and cuts
the recovery time on the blaster from 30 to 0, and the firing rate is 
You can fire four times in turn-based mode, or continuously in real time.

Black potions:
Get a chunk of Erudine ore and take it to the Item Maker in Erathia. Use 
the ore and make an item. Do this as many times as it takes to get a 
Black Potion. 

Easy gold:
This trick requires a Lich or Archmage with grand master in Fire Magic and
a Priest of the Light or Dark with a grand master Merchant. Go to a weapons
shop. Buy a weapon that is not already enchanted (with your merchant). Leave
the store and use Fire Aura on the weapon. Put it in your merchant's back 
pack and sell it back to the weapon shop. You now have made a 2000 gold 
profit on that weapon. 

Easy gold:
Enter the options menu and select "Always Run". Run to the northeast of 
the Emerald Island (where the dragonflies live). Wait until the dragonflies
fly against you. Then, run to the middle of the town. The guards will kill 
the dragonflies. Avoid shooting at them, as you may hit the guards. When all
the dragonflies that followed you have been killed, search all the dead bodies
for gold. Repeat this trick until you have enough gold as needed.

Easy relics and artifacts:
First, kill a dragon such as Wromthrax. Go over to its body, and save the 
game. Then, click on the dragon's dead body. It will probably do the normal
thing and make a money sound, tell you the type of item, and disappear, 
However, it may do something different and special. It will make the money
sound, tell you what kind of item you got, then stay there. When this happens,
stop, save the game again, and click on the dragon. If you can do this to the 
first dragon in the game, the rest of the game becomes much easier.
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