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MechCommander 2 Cheats

MechCommander 2

Mamba, Submitted the following Information:

The ai is really stupid it locks onto the first thing it sees and chases
it a really fast mech into visual range of the enemy when they 
follow it charge it behind your main battle lance the enemy won`t fire 
on them but will continue mindlessly on after your bait as your main 
force stomps on them.

Submitted by: Vickrahm

As you only have limited resource points,use them wisely. Usually,I will get
myself 1 or 2 repair trucks depending on how many Mechs I have. The rest of 
it, i use to salvage expensive Mechs like Mad Cats and Atlas. In this way, i 
am able to save my c-bills. 

Save file editing tips V1.00:
Note - I don't care what you do with save files, it your own responsibility to
change what you saved. Always backup before try these, and.. please let me know
if you want to add something here. :^) Please, no complains, questions, etc.. 
Contact : 

First, open save file '' in C:\program files\microsoft games
"\mechcommander2\data\savegame" - by default -, with text editor (notepad or
wordpad.. etc), pretty simple. 

If you saved some mech configuration, you might need to go down a bit (or more)
to find what you want. (If you just saved after 1st mission, it will make things
easier, make sure you didn't saved any mech config). 

You can change - C-bills, pilot stats (gunnery, piloting, special skills, medals,
dead/live) Note - For pilot stats, start with 'pmw's are where used in campaign. 

Still testing 'Additional purchasing' thingy... 

*** I guess remove '_' make that pilot available in campaign, but not 
recommended, if you add all, you don't have space for that much, and don't
add pilot where you can find in mission, could crash comp (rescue Craymore
mission is the one) *** 

If you change gunnery and piloting skill, pilot rank will automaticaly changed
to that level. So please add skills before or after changed gunnery and piloting
skill. In game, gunnery and piloting skill max is 80. Also usable skills per pilot
is 4, so choose carefuly. 

Weapon skills will add accuracy bonus, Mech skills for less samage taken when 
piloting certain mech class, Sensor will add more info in sendor range, jumpjet
will let you jump farther, scout will give pilot better line of sight, toughness
will make you pilot survive injury, sharp shooting will make pilot easy to destory
certain mech parts (head arms and legs, if you order 'called shots'). For more 
skill info, look at in games. 

Following list is for easier skill change. (change FALSE to TRUE - in CAPITAL 
letter- , if you like to disable certain skill, do reverse, TRUE to FALSE) 
*** I didn't bother on medals, its just for decoration, I think *** 

Regular skills: 
Skill 0 - Light class mech
Skill 1 - Laser
Skill 2 - Light autocannon
Skill 3 - Medium autocannon
Skill 4 - Streak SRM
Skill 5 - Small arms
Skill 6 - Sensor
Skill 7 - Toughness 

Veteran Skills: 
Skill  8 - Medium class mech
Skill  9 - Pulse laser
Skill 10 - ER laser
Skill 11 - LRM
Skill 12 - Scout
Skill 13 - Jump jet 

Elite Skills: 
Skill 14 - Heavy class mech
Skill 15 - PPC
Skill 16 - Heavy autocannon
Skill 17 - Short range
Skill 18 - Medium range
Skill 19 - Long range 

Ace skills: 
Skill 20 - Assault class mech
Skill 21 - Gauss rifle
Skill 22 - Sharp shooter

Submitted by: Devon, 

Unknown-In file C:\\Mechcommander 2 (trial)/Data/savegame/aftergame.??? open with
notepad and under pilot2. 
Change b SpecialtySkill22 = False to b SpecialtySkill22 = TRUE. 
When you figur out what it can do then mail me.

Repair while walking:
If a jump-capable Mech is damaged and you have a Repair Bay captured, select the
Mech to jump to any location. While in the air, select the Mech to repair in the
Repair Bay. The Mech will land, then start walking to the Repair Bay. Do not order
the Mech at this time. While walking, the Mech should be repairing. Note: If the 
Repair Bay is in a base, you must have the Gate Control under your command or the
Mech pilot will tell you he or she cannot get there. 

Gas and fuel tanks:
Gas and fuel tank explosions are one of the most dangerous accidents in the game, 
but also the deadliest weapons. It is a good idea to lure enemy Mechs into range 
of fuel tanks and blow up the tanks, thus taking the enemy out. However, the enemy
will also do the same thing to you.

If you have the resources, salvage in the field is cheaper then salvaging the Mechs
after the mission is over. Any Mech you salvage in the mission with the salvage 
craft, you keep with the rest of your Mechs in recovery. It only costs 10,000 resource
points in the mission to salvage a Mech, while after the mission in the salvage screen
it can cost from 20,000 to over 150,000 resource points for salvage. However, only 
do this with Mechs that are worth salvaging. If you have any resources remaining 
after all the objectives are complete or the enemy destroyed (whichever comes first),
salvage whatever Mechs you can and sell the useless ones when you get back to the 

Use all those resource points:
As the resource points captured in one mission do not carry over to the next, you 
should use up all of them before the end of the mission, and one of the best way 
is to salvage downed mechs. Salvage the most expensive (i.e. heaviest) mechs, as 
it costs 10000 rp to salvage any mech, from light Fire Ant to heavy Atlas. It doesn't
matter if you repair it or not, as all mechs are repaired at the end of the mission. 
If the mech is salvaged, you don't need to pay an additional salvage fee at the end,
saving you even more C-bills.

Salvage EVERY mech you can and sell them:
The simplest way to make money is the salvage EVERY mech you can at the end of 
every mission. While the manual would suggest you salvage only the mechs that 
need minimum repairs, the truth is they are all repaired to sell-able specs after
you pay the salvage fee. The salvage fee is usually 15-30% lower than purchase fee.
So when you sell them, you gain difference PER mech, which is quite a bit of money.
A typical mission nets you about 60000 c-bills, so salvaging mechs will be the bulk
of your income. Keep the ones you want, and sell the rest.
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