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Fallout New Vegas All Unique Weapons Locations Cheats

Fallout - New Vegas - All Unique Weapons Locations

Fallout New Vegas All Unique Weapons Locations:
Submitted by: Noor-A-Alam

Unique Guns:
Unique Weapon Location #1: Sawed-Off Shotgun: Big Boomer

Location: Gibson Scrap Yard

You can only get this weapon by killing Old Lady Gibson. If you decide to kill her, 
your karma will decrease. It is up to you to decide if you feel as if this shotgun 
is worth it with its stats.

Also be warned that if you decide to kill her, you may want to complete the Side 
Quest called ?Nothin? But A Hound Dog? if you plan on wanting the attack damage 
versus either increased speed or increased toughness then you will need to keep 
Old Lady Gibson alive till afterwards.

You cannot get it by sneaking and pickpocketing it from her, or any other way.

Unique Weapon Location #2: Hunting Shotgun: Dinner Bell

Location: The Thorn, in the sewers in front of Westside

Do not be mistaken that this weapon is at the ?Old Nuclear Test Site? because it is 
not. The weapon located there is just a regular Hunting Shotgun and not the unique 
shotgun here called the Dinner Bell.

You will need to talk to Red Lucy inside of The Thorn which is located right in front 
of the entrance to Westside. She will give you a Side Quest called ?Bleed Me Dry? 
which will be quite a long quest.

You will need to collect all of the following to complete this quest for Red Lucy: 
Radscorpion Eggs, Fire Gecko Eggs, Night Stalker Eggs, Cazador Eggs and finally 
Deathclaw Eggs.

When you finished collecting them all, after giving her the Deathclaw Eggs you will 
receive this unique weapon ?Dinner Bell? from her.

Unique Weapon Location #3: This Machine

Location: Camp McCarran

This weapon is a reward by the Contreras if you do not turn him in. It will be at 
the end of the free quest titled ?Dealing with Contreras.?
Unique Weapon Location #4: Sniper Rifle: Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle

Location: Sniper?s Nest

This weapon will be inside of a footlocker in the Sniper?s Nest that overlooks the 
Cottonwood Cove. It is nearly all the way up the hill.
Unique Weapon Location #5: .44 Magnum Revolver: Mysterious Magnum

Location: Sunset Sarsaparilla Billboard; North of El Dorado Gas & Service

If you decide to kill him, you should know that if you do you will fail the Side Quest 
?Talent Pool.? Talent Pool is also an achievement worth 20 Gamerscore or a Bronze 
Trophy. To start the ?Talent Pool? Side Quest talk to Tommy Torini at the Tops Casino 
and go from there.

Once you are done with the Side Quest you can kill him, or before if it does not matter 
to you or if you already have the achievement or trophy. You will not be able to pickpocket 
him to get the weapon. He will give you his gun at the end of the Side Quest.

However; one final way you can get his weapon without doing the side quest or killing 
him would be to shoot the gun out of his hand which can be done by carefully shooting 
him so he draws his weapon.

Unique Weapon Location #6: Cowboy Repeater: La Longue Carabine

Location: Camp McCarran

You will need to kill Corporal Sterling in order to acquire this sniper rifle from him.

If you choose to kill him, NCR infamy will be gained. If you do not wish to be shunned 
from the NCR then you cannot kill him which is the only way you can get his weapon as 
it cannot be pickpocketed.

Unique Weapon Location #7: .357 Magnum Revoler: Lucky

Location: Primm at The Bison Steve Hotel

You will need a lockpick skill of 75 in order to get in this vault. The vault is located 
in the floor behind the cash register of the Gift Shop.

If you do not have a lockpick skill of 75 you will need to either rank up until you do 
or find and use the skill magazine called Locksmith?s Reader that temporary gives you 
+20 to your lockpick skill. You would still need at least a lockpick skill of 55 though 
if you had only 1. There are 12 of these.

You could also search for Skill Books which permanently increase these skills. Find the 
4 locations to Thumbers Today Skill Books to increase your skill by +3 (or +4 with the 
Comprehension Perk) each time you find and use the book.

Unique Weapon Location #8: Marksman Carbine: All-American

Location: Vault 34

This weapon will be on the floor on an turned table inside of the Armory Cache in Vault 34.
Unique Weapon Location #9: Varmint Rifle: Ratslayer

Location: Broc Flower Cave

This weapon will be against a desk inside of the Broc Flower Cave.
Unique Weapon Location #10: 9mm Pistol: Maria

Location: The Tops Casino

This weapon can only be acquired if you kill Benny. Once you have, take it off his body.
Unique Weapon Location #11: That Gun

Location: Novac at the Dino Bite Gift Shop.

You can either buy this weapon here, or pick the lock to the storage room and steal it 
from there.

Unique Weapon Location #12: Minigun: CZ57 Avenger

Location: The Devil?s Throat

This weapon will be inside The Devil?s Throat at the back of the container trailer by 
a dead body.
Unique Weapon Location #13: 9mm Submachine Gun: Vance?s Submachine Gun

Location: Wins Hideout

You will find Vance?s 9mm Submachine Gun inside of his safe in his shack. His shack is 
to the northwest of the Vegas Strip North Gate, North of Vegas and right down the street 
from H&H Tools Factory.

You will need a lockpick skill of 100 in order to be able to open the safe. You can use 
either a skill book to increase your lockpick skill by 3 for each of the 4 in the game 
or you can find skill magazines which will temporary increase your skill by 20 for each 
magazine to be able to open it.

Unique Weapon Location #14: BB Gun: Abilene Kid LE BB Gun

Location: Field?s Shack

This weapon will be found lying on a shelf inside of Field?s Shack which is near 
Nellis Air Force Base.

Unique Energy Weapons
Unique Weapon Location #15: Alien Blaster

Location: Hovering Anomaly

Requirements: You must start the game with the Wild Wastleland Trait, otherwise 
you will not be able to get the Alien Blaster.

This weapon will be found at Hovering Anomaly as long as you meet the requirements.
Unique Weapon Location #16: Gauss Rifle: YCS/186

Location: Mercenary Camp

Requirements: You must NOT start the game with the Wild Wasteland Trait.

You will find this weapon at the Mercenary Camp as long as you meet the requirements, 
not taking the Wild Wasteland Trait, which prevents you from getting the Alien Blaster 
unless you prefer this weapon more.
Unique Weapon Location #17: Laser Pistol: Pew Pew

Location: Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters

This weapon will be on the body of Allen Marks after you have completed the Side Quest 
titled ?The Legend of the Star.?
Unique Weapon Location #18: Tesla Cannon: Tesla-Beaton Prototype

Location: Crashed Vertibird

This weapon will be on the ground near the crashed Vertibird. This area will be heavily 
surrounded by robots protecting the crash site. It is also right near the Nuclear Test 
Site and the Searchlight Airfield.
Unique Weapon Location #19: Plasma Rifle: Q-35 Matter Modulator

Location: REPCONN Headquarters

This weapon will be in a pod casement in the locked shipping room inside the REPCONN 
Unique Weapon Location #20: Laser Rifle: AER14 Prototype

Location: Vault 22

You can find the Laser Rifle: AER14 Prototype at Vault 22 on the Fifth Level ? Pest 
Control. When you get off the elevator you will then head down the hallway to your 
right ahead of you.

Then enter the stairway to the Vault 22 ? Common Areas to find the energy weapon on 
the ground right before the next set of stairs with rubble blocking the path upstairs. 
This is why you had to go through the Fifth Level. It is also right next to a skeleton.

Unique Weapon Location #21: Pulse Gun

Location: Vault 34

This weapon will be in the Armory Cache in Vault 34.
Unique Weapon Location #22: Euclid?s C-Finder

Location: Mick & Ralph?s

This weapon is carried by Max in and around Mick & Ralph?s on the Freeside streets 
by New Vegas. Kill him to obtain it.

Unique Melee Weapons
Unique Weapon Location #23: Oh, Baby!

Location: Charleston Cave

You will find the ?Oh Baby!? melee weapon at the very bottom of the Charlestown Cave. 
While you move through the cave and kill the nightstalkers, take the left path which 
will lead to a small area filled with water. Just past this up the hill, there will 
be dead nightkins lying on the ground.

The ?Oh Baby!? melee weapon will be lying to the left of one of the dead nightkins 
that is carrying a chewed stealth boy which is needed in the Side Quest ?Guest Who 
I Saw Today.?

Unique Weapon Location #24: Fire Axe: Knock Knock

Location: Camp Searchlight

This weapon will be inside of the restrooms on the upper floor of the Fire Station 
inside Camp Searchlight.
Unique Weapon Location #25: Bumper Sword: Blade of the East

Location: Legate?s Camp

This weapon is carried by Legate Lanius at the Legate?s Camp. Kill him to get it.
Unique Weapon Location #26: 9 Iron: Nephi?s Golf Driver

Location: Samson Rock Crushing Plant

This weapon is carried by a Fiend named Driver Nephi in his territory at the Samson 
Rock Crushing Plant.
Unique Weapon Location #27: Lead Pipe: The Humble Cudgel

Location: Sealed Sewers

This weapon will be found near the Prospector corpse inside of the Sealed Sewers.
Unique Weapon Location #28: Combat Knife: Chance?s Knife

Location: Chance?s Grave

This weapon will be inside of Chance?s Grave which is near the Tribal Village and 
the Makeshift Great Khan Camp.
Unique Weapon Location #29: Machete: Liberator

Location: Nelson

This weapon is carried by Dead Sea in Nelson. Kill him to get it.
Unique Weapon Location #30: Cleaver: Chopper

Location: Wolfhorn Ranch

This weapon will be found on the stove of the Wolfhorn Ranch.
Unique Weapon Location #31: Straight Razor: Figaro

Location: Kings School of Impersonation

You will need to kill Sergio, whom is a hair dresser, in the last room at the back 
of the building.

You might hurt your relationship with the Kings by killing Sergio, and possibly 
Karma. It is your decision if this melee weapon is worth killing Sergio over or 
not. There is no other way to get it.

Unique Explosives Weapons
Unique Weapon Location #32: Missile Launcher: Annabelle

Location: Black Mountain

You will need to kill the Nightkin Sniper that is at the very top of Black Mountain. 
Then head to where his body is and you will find that he is carrying the Annabelle
Missle Launcher.

One of the companions, Raul Tejada, will also be found inside of the Prison Building 
here at the top.

Unique Weapon Location #33: Grenade Rifle: Thump-Thump

Location: Nellis Array

This weapon will be found lying on the floor near the Ant Mount in Nellis Array.
Unique Weapon Location #34: Fat Man

Location: Quarry Junction
Another Location: In the mountains south of Jacobstown

There are a few locations for the Fat Man unlike any of the other unique weapons; this 
is still counted as one though. It will be on the edge of the southern green pond inside 
of Quarry Junction. Next to it will be a skeleton, both of which are partially in the 
water. It would be much easier to have the Side Quest ?Bleed Me Dry? found and active 
when you enter the Quarry so that you can collect the Deathclaw Eggs while you kill them 
in this area, unless you have already completed it.

Another location you can find another Fat Man is in the mountains south of Jacobstown. 
This can be found during the same Side Quest ?Bleed Me Dry? but earlier when you are 
collecting the Cazador Eggs. It will be on already dead Super Mutant Master lying on 
the ground to the left.

Unique Weapon Location #35: Frag Grenade: Holy Frag Grenade

Location: Camp Searchlight

Requirements: You must start the game with the Wild Wastleland Trait, otherwise you 
will not be able to get the Holy Frag Grenade.

This grenade will be in the basement of the eastern church in Camp Searchlight as long 
as you meet the requirements above.
Unique Weapon Location #36: Grenade Machinegun: Mercy

Location: Dead Wind Cavern

This weapon will be on the floor of the cavern near the body of a dead Brotherhood of 
Steel Paladin in Dead Wind Cavern.

Unique Unarmed Weapons
Unique Weapon Location #37: Displacer Glove: Pushy

Location: Ruby Hill Mine

This weapon will be on the body of a Jackal Gang member inside of the Ruby Hill Mine.
Unique Weapon Location #38: Zap Glove: Paladin Toaster

Location: Black Rock Cave

This weapon will be found near the body of the dead Prospector in Black Rock Cave.
Unique Weapon Location #39: Spiked Knuckles: Love and Hate

Location: Bonnie Springs

This weapon will be on the Viper Gang Leader in Bonnie Springs. Kill him to get it.
Unique Weapon Location #40: Bladed Gauntlet: Cram Opener

Location: Camp McCarran

You will need to kill or pickpocket Little Buster in order to get the Cram Opener.

You can find him majority of the time during the day at the front right side as you 
enter Camp McCarran. He will be practicing his punches on the dummy in front of a 
yellow busted up truck.

If you kill him you will gain infamy with the NCR, so decide if this matters or not 
to you.

Unique Weapon Location #41: DogTag Fist: Recompense of the Fallen

Location: Cottonwood Cave

You will find the Recompense of the Fallen inside of Aurelius of Phoenix?s desk at 
his office. His office is on the 2nd floor, with a balcony.

Unique Weapon Location #42: Boxing Gloves: Golden Gloves

Location: Lucky 38 Casino

You can find the Golden Boxing Gloves on the Casino floor at the Lucky 38 Casino. 
It will be at the VIP Bar above the Cashier room which is on the left side of the 
Casino when you enter.
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