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Endless War 3 Cheats

Endless War 3

Submitted by: David K.

Let Them Come to You:
If you rush out into combat you'll be torn to shreds by both your enemies and your
friends. Take on your opponents one at a time if possible.

Born to Lead:
Using the "Q" key to activate command mode is vital. When the firefight starts, use
it to direct your allies' fire against especially tough opponents to take them out.

Submitted by: mike

Take any weapon and make it as your first weapon i like the minigun then take a good
secondary weapon and equip it get in to battle hit "2" then quickly hit "R" then "1"
you gan combine the weapons.

Submitted by: Adam

Go to options and klick grey ball next save settings it is cheats all guns.

Take Minigun as wep and M 79:
Submitted by: Killaa

If u begin take M 79 and push much times on "R", in that time ur pushing on "R"
Take ur minigun back by pushin "1" ( still push "R"). If u have minigun, then stop
pushing "R". You will get auto-fire bazooka bullets! 
Hint: AIm with your cursor entirely to the other side of the game, then the M 79 
bullets explode there!

Submitted by: harry witty

Get the flaregun and minigun and when playing, select the flaregun and hold "R" and
press "1" (still hold "R") then release "R when the minigun is shown and you have an
unlimited range automatic flamethrower!

Will work with any weapons and email me at if you find a ace 
one!!!! good shooting harry.

Easy kills:
Do not rush out into combat. Take your opponents on one at a time if possible.

Submitted by: tristan

Choose flame thrower then choose micro uzi then press "2" then hold "r" and press "1"
then let go of the "r" then you'll have a flame thrower uzi that accuracy is 100% 
cause it doesnt miss where you point the target it will hit it without moving the 
bullet try it.

Submitted by: Dan

Equip any gun (my faveorite is the spas-12 shotgun), hold 'R' (and keep it held) 
press '' to equip the army knife (still holding R) let it reload and you have a gun 
with unlimited ammo! N.B. there is absolutely no kickback!but you can only fire one 
shot at a time.the damage is also increased/reduced to 80.

Unlimted Ammo:
Submitted by: Lol cool88

Ok first get death's sycthe and then as your secondary any weapon then when in a war
move to your secondary and and hold "R" and then click 1. Then your get unlimited 
ammo that kills in one shot!!

Get a minigun and a flaregun: 
Submitted by: Deathman47

Then you press "2" to go to flare gun then hold "R" and press "1" yet go and you will
have a 300 shot flare gun with the speed of a mini gun. Also try Minigun and m79 and 
you get a m79 that has 300 shots with the speed of a mini gun [It shoots a missle that
blows up where you click].

How to Win:
Submitted by: nate

Get rocket launcher as your first weapon and flare gun for your second. The best bombs
are fragmentation. With these your unstoppable. Rocket for long range and groups and 
flare gun for close. Rockets can go through walls.

Submitted by: kiyo

Grab the flare gun and tesla cannon. Press "2" then "r" repeatedly, then press one. You 
get a rapid flare gun and press space for a napalm launcher. Good for tricky spots!

Endless War 1,2, 3 -  How to beat all levels...:
Submitted by: ChEaT KiNg

Wondering how to beat a certain level in Endless war 1,2,3? Well all u gotta do is go to
options and go to unlock all weapons. Then use Minigun as main wep...then as sidearm use
flaregun...and for grenade use splitter or frag...then in the level take each enemy one 
at a time and u should win!

Submitted by: dizzlenator

Take chain gun and flaregun press "2" hold "R" and press "1" and then release "R" and you
get a full auto napalm launcher and a flaregun that shoots at chain gun speed!

Submitted by: wout

Take a bozar and begin a game, then hold "R" and press "3". Now you have a weapon even 
stronger than a minigun. And also unlimited bullets and you haven't got to reload.

Submitted by: Kiyo

Ok get a flare and ak47 or any thing that has i melee attack for its speacial. Now press
"2" repeatedly and if it shows u have a flare keep pressing then press "1", now u have 
unlimited special ammo.

Submitted by: Tyler "Sienora" Dykstra

Choose chain gun for primary weapon, and choose flare gun for secondary weapon. During 
battle press #2, hold r, press #1 and release r, hold space bar and you have napalm 
rockets flying everywhere!

This is what u do:
Submitted by: Will Sparrow

Technically selecting the weapon holding reloading and selecting another weapon applies 
the properties of one weapon to another for example selecting M 79 holding reload selecting 
minigun and releasing during the game will result in a minigun that fire small rockets. 
These properties can be applied to the knife, secondary weapon and grenades as well. 

For example: Applying the minigun to the knife will result in you holding the minigun 
like a knife and firing and slicing at the same time.

2 Weapons at one:
Take any primary weapons and a secondary and while your'e fighting click "2" then "1" and 
immeaditly after you click one click "r" and you will shoot the secondary weapon whit 
the same ammo as the primary weapon.

1 shot kills:
Submitted by: Ben

Get a Death Sythe and a weapon of your choice hit 1 then hold r while holding "r" press "2" 
you will be wielding a death sythe but it will shoot like a gun one bullet will kill the 

How to make any weapons mix:
Submitted by: sean

Say you want the napalm launcher with your mini gun well what you do is pick out the napalm
launcher then start any mission then make sure u wont b shot and then just hold ZLT and you 
will keep getting mini guns then run over and pick up all the ammo you want for it the drop 
it and pick your napalm launcher back up and the stand on top on the mini guns and hold r 
then drop your napalm launcher and you will pick up the mini gun but you will have napalm 

* If you switch weapons you will have to redo the process.
* Works wit any weapon.
* Can make the terminator gun wit the gass gun and mini gun.

Shooting grenade:
Submitted by: al

Take any gun then go to war. With your main gun press (R) repeatedly then press 4 (still 
pressing "R") let it reload then you shoot a shot and trow a grenade at the same time.

Submitted by: cheap_Cheater

Ok first before you start the game you choose the flare gun and at the begging of the game
press "2" then hold "r" then press "3" then. then let go of "r" and when you have your knife
out u can shoot flares then out using ammo. But if you switch your weapon you'll have to do 
it again so just leave it on knife if u want to use a knife as a flare gun and not use ammo.

Rapid Napalm Rockets:
Submitted by: maxamillion

Get a napalm rocket and a flare gun combine the two, first click 2, equip the flare gun then
press 'r' rapidly then press 1, while pressing 'r' then hold space, and you get a 120 rocket
per second napalm rocket shooter.

Submitted by: Ace

Here are some codes you can enter to get weapons any time during the game,(hold them down 
one by one, not letting any go. keep holding until you throw away your previous weapon and
get the new one)
ZLT - Minigun
XHI - rapid fire rockets

Cheat unlimeted ammo:
Submitted by: al goore

Get the m79 for secondary then play press 2 then r&3 at the same time.

Future enemies make them your allies in the past:
Submitted by: anton

Once you begin as an alien (any lvl) you hold r (reload) then do right click on ur mouse.
The battle shud appear on the main screen. then pick any lvl. and weapon (optional) then 
the allies on your side in the previous game shud be in the new game. 
(if you pick the same level the killed allies should be dead bodies. (still alive).)

Mini gun with double damage:
Submitted by: minime

You get a mini gun and a desert eagle and go to war. you get your desert eagle out and 
press (R) reatedly and then press 1 when pressing (R)and then you have a mini gun with 
double damage!

Super grenades:
Submitted by: Nocifer

Take Galil or FN SCAR ( or any weapon with grenade attack for special )
for first weapon and M79 for second. 
Now cross them ( press 2 then r rapidly and then press 1 while still pushin r ) 
the weapon will reload and then itll shoot grenades. 
If you do that with a weapon like the minigun so a weapon without any own grenades the
grenades will not do any damage to the area around their target. So theyre getting like
usual (more powerful) ammunition and they cant kill people behind walls. 
In the case of the FN SCAR ( which is my favorite ) youll have (slightly smaller)
frag grenades exploding when hitting objects or at the point you aimed at.

Activating the minigun, super shotgun or rocket launcher during play:
Submitted by: iop

to activate the minigun during a level, hold down ZLT.
to activate the super shotgun during a level, hold down XHI.
to activate the rocket launcher during a level, hold down YMP.

Win everything:
Submitted by: Worms136

In the options menu turn on all weapons available and turn off slow bullets
then go to the level of choice.
There you'll have to select the Kord 14.5 mm, it's damage is 700, it's fully automatic 
and quite accurate at sniping.
then go for either hit & run or shoulder shots

Hit & Run
just hit them and get behind your cover once again.

Shoulder Shots
Isn't always possible, but expose yourself just enough that you can only hit their shoulders 
(they will start to aim for you when they are fully visible for you) and just only shoot the 
shoulders = One shot, One kill

Submitted by: Robbie

HI guys i know a cheat that will blow ur minds. What u do is get the Minigun for ur first 
gun ad the M79 grenade launcher. Then when ur playig get the M79 out and hold "R" then 
click "1" ad it will combine the Miigun with the M79 the rate of fire is amazing!

Submitted by: paul nocon

choose a rocket launcher or something that launches rocket then start you're mission that 
you picked first click the 'r' and '3' at the same time then you got a rocket launcher with 
a unlimited ammo but you are still making the move the knife is.

Weapon combos:
Get the minigun for your first weapon and the M79 grenade launcher. Take out the M79 during
game play then and hold R and press 1. This will combine the minigun with the M79 with an 
amazing rate of fire.

REAL lagg cannon:
Submitted by: The dUk3

Do this: get HK caws or or a powerful shotgun then enter a random battle that has space for 
throwing weapons around, then get to a spot no one will see you, then hold the keys zlt and 
youll spawn miniguns, pick up the mini gun and spawn as much ammo as you want, then pick up 
your shotgun then press and hold r while your on top of your minigun stash and youll pick up 
all the miniguns but youll still look like youll have a shotgun on the screen, after you reload, 
youll have a minigun that shoots shotgun shells as fast as a well... a minigun. 
CAUTION: This will lagg very much and your person will actually stand there shooting half your 
ammo away, exposing your self just because you fired two shots at the enemy.

Endless War 1-2-3 - unlimited ammo, 3 hit kill!!!:
Submitted by: SiputGila
Email :

first, choose your weapon.
second, press and hold reload button
third, press the melee button while you are still holding the reload button.
fourth, enjoyy!!
remember, the damage of a bullet is 80 (except the explosives)

Infinity super grenades:
Submitted by: ben

get any gun that has a grenade special for example m4,gahil,groza waste all of the grenade 
ammo in the gun then waste 1 bullet ammo clip and reload and then you have infinity grenades

Weapon mix:
Submitted by: qwer

You must choose a red axe and a M79. pick the M79 hold R push 1. now you have a infinite 

Submitted by: ILIKADAY

when u get to the bit where u choose weapons choose a kattana for primary weapon and a flair 
gun for secondary weapon now start your level shoose the flair gun by pressing 2 then hold r 
then press 1 you will see you have a kattana but when you attack you will find you have flair 
gun bullets coming out and you have unlimeted ammo with no reloads.

High Cap Gernades:
Submitted by: Reh Dogg JR

Get H&K G36 for main and m79 for secondary, mix weapons by pressing 2 then holding reload, 
while holding reload key press 1 then let go of reload key, you will now have a rapid fire, 
high capacity grenade launcher! Enjoy the devastation.

Infinite ammo:
Submitted by: michael

go to misson3 of red army kill all but two by exit and die on exit then press ok and say yer 
to retry and it will give weapon ? at moment but you will have infinite ammo.

mg grenade:
Submitted by: tyler3

this is like m79/minigun but use rocketlauncher/uzi. start on one and hit r+2. use this 
because m79 dosnt go through walls.

Ultimate shotgun:
Submitted by: jackpot

when you get to the part where you choose what weapons you will be holding, choose
a shotgun,preferably spas-12 or benelli M3 super shotgun,for primary and choose
a weapon like beretta 93R for secondary then combine the two by holding r when
wielding/visibly holding the shotgun,switch to your secondary weapon while
still holding r then release r. you have an auto shotgun! with some secondary weapons, 
the accuracy is reduced.

2 dangerous fires:
Submitted by: Andre

Take the Bozar, and start a game, then, with the Bozar, press "R ", and then the number 4, 
and this is it.You have a gun with infinite ammunition, without having to recharge it, 
and throw the type grenade that you choose at the same time, it can be a powerful weapon, 
but be careful if you're in a window, the grenade might not pass.
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