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Dofus Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

How To Get Fast Kamas:
Join any huge group of people that are attacking gobballs [usually a round
the north gate] you may be wondering why, this is so that your prospecting
gets raised and you get a lot of kamas and sometimes items.

How to get to level 20 fast:
When you make a guy do all the quest in Incarnam, once you do that fight on
Chafers there. When you about level 15 go to Astrub and go to the forest and
fight prespics and boars, but before you do that do some quests there too.

How to get fast money:
When your in Incarnam go to Foreman Ikure in Incarnam at (3,3) who gives you
a profession and get the Alchemist profession and gather flax for the next 10
profession levels.
Note: Do not make any potions yet until you get level 10.

When you level 10 in Alchemist go to Asturb and go to the resource sellroom 
(you should have about 4,500 Kamas when your there). Buy 3 patches of 100 
water, go to the Alchemist workshop at 5,-20 and make some Mini Healing 
potions. After you done that go to the Alchemist sellroom and sell them for
about 50 each.


* Do quests and fight mobs in Incarnam. (You can also go to Astrub and do
  your class quest to be booted to level 3.)
* From lvl 7-8 Incarnam Dungeon can be a good place for xp.
* Another good place are the Gobballs up to level 10.
* Lone Plants (Demonic Roses etc.)
* Some quests in Astrub can be an alternate source for XP.
* At level 15, you can choose to continue training in Incarnam (eg. fighting
  Prepubescent Chafers or Sick Grossewer Milirats) or move on to Astrub.
* Around level 12, Boars and Prespics are also good. 

* From approximately level 10, you may choose to leave Incarnam  for the 
  Astrub Rocky Inlet (where the sand dungeon is).
* The Blop Prairie is great for experience as well.(Find single Biblops/Blops
  of an element that is weak to you).

Easy experience:
When you are level 15 you should go to Astrub. When you are at incranum you 
should level up your profession (Farmer, Alchemist, etc.). Subscribers to the
game can access more experience point areas and dungeons . Concentrate your 
Prospecting and try to raise it to get better items when you finish battles.

Submitted by: Dofus No.1 players

1st its Dofus not doofus.
2nd in incarnam fields, u see lots of cras. Those are bots.go all the way to the
bridge, go right then keep going up.there are lots of gobballs and gobblys. 
Hardly anyy goes there and they give alot of exp.

Submitted by: Dofus No.1 players

OK the best places to fight are either in the dungeon or cemetery for Incarnam. 
This is because all the other places are occupied by bots. Usually they are cras. 
they are like lvl 30+. Or you could go to the bridge in the meadow go on the 
right side and head upwards. cras hardly got there. I am a lvl 178 eniripsa 
in bonta called nightfire. have fun!

Submitted by: dante

Easy level 6.go to astrub and make the temple quest,then u'll lvl up from level
1 to level 6.

Easy levels:
Ok if you don't wanna waste your time trying forever to get a spell or a certain 
level get the Adventurer Set and have a friend that has some White/Golden/Ivory 
Parchements you get easy levels if you have high wisdom and plus its a great way
to save time not fighting monsters and dying.
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