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Discord Times Cheats

Discord Times

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: jacob richman

Best army and weapons:
These may be the best army:

1. Mounted Knights(2)
   w/ Crown(can be found at ''War at Ramen Kingdom: Capital on Fire'' at the bottom 
   right), Crusader's armor, Knight's token, Knight's sword.
2. Enchantress w/ Warlock's ring, Mage staff, Token of Mage,armour.
3. Guardsman w/ Sword of Caution, Crusader's armour, Hero's helmet, Pavis sheild.
4. Archmage (same as #2)
5. Bishop w/ Warlock's ring, Bishop's staff, armour.
6. Witch (same as #2).
7. Character.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Need some money the easy way?

1. Always accept hunters gifts instead of money tributes (in the citys).
2. If you need to pay 0 to units its only quest needed soldiers.
   you first want to go find city and get allot of cash befor increasing
   the payment thingy.
3. Dont use priest spells is more usable.
4. Just buy all armor and weapons if you got money for it (all soldiers
   and monks things can wear it (armor)
5. Dont buy spells.
6. Attack all enemys you encounter.
7. Ccapture all the castles you find.
8. Buy monks that can attack form backslots.
9. Equip all the items you find or sell if ALL wearers wear it.

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
1. Always check on your castles. If an evil group of bandits has overtaken
   your castle, you won't get the income from it.
2. The game auto saves every 12 (game time hours) or right before a battle.
   So, if you lose you can pick up the auto save and try again.
3. Too contradict #9 on dennyboy's list, do not always equip items. 
   Some items can actually decrease your HPs, innitiatives, etc. So, be
   sure to check your characters statistics before equiping an item.
4. I think the game makes you aware in the toutorial, but the cities restock
   their cash at 23 hours. If you right click on the city, it will let you 
   know if the taxes have already been collected so you don't have to waste
   valuable time walking there.

Backslot Army:
Submitted by: jacob

These are the stages/tree of a person in the backslots.

1) laysister:nun, sorsorece
2) nun:enchantress, saint woman
3) sorsorece:witch
4) pilgrim:monk, witch-doctor
5) monk:battle monk, priest
6) witch-doctor:wizard
7) wizard:archmage
8) battle monk:church wardner
9) church wardner:inquisitor
12)marksman:sharpshooter, bowman, assassin
13)bowman:chausser(is the spelling right?)
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