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YuGiOh GX Spirit Caller Platform Nintendo DS Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller - Platform: Nintendo DS

Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour bonuses:
Note: This requires another Nintendo DS with Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour. 
Select the "Wireless Connection" option in both systems simutaneously. 
In Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour, create a room. In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit 
Caller enter the newly created room with Spirit Caller. The game should 
automatically save. Exit Wireless Connection mode on both systems. In Yu-Gi-Oh!
GX Spirit Caller, go back to your dorm room and enter the closet. You should 
find the Stuffy Collared Shirt, Cheap Duel Disk, and a title based on your 
level and card collection in Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour.

Duel Disks:
Defeat the indicated duelist repeatedly until he or she gives you the disk:

Alchemy Disk   : Professor Banner 
Amazonness Disk: Tania 
Gorgeous Disk  : Admiral 
Kaibaman Disk  : Kaibaman 
Pharaoh Disk   : Abidos 
Vampire Disk   : Camula 

Buy almost all packs from a set for 150 DP:
Note: This is described using buttons only, you can use the stylus if desired.
This way is just easier and better detailed for description purposes. Enter 
the Duel Academy Campus. Choose "Store" then select "Card Counter". Put the 
pointer over "Legend of the White Dragon" and press A. Press A to select the
first pack only. Press B to return to the pack selection screen. Move the 
pointer over to the pack you want to "buy" all of and press A to enter it. 
Press A again to deselect the first pack of this set. This is the only way it
will work. Press B to return to the pack selection screen. Move the pointer 
over to any other available pack. It must not be one you chose a pack from and
must not be one that they are sold out of. Press R and the cost will go down 
to 150 DP. Press X and you will now have the new cards.

Card passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords at the Password Machine to unlock the 
corresponding card for purchase. Note: You can only unlock cards that you 
already have, either individually or in a pack list.

Card                    Password 
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom 83994646 
7 Colored Fish 23771716 
A Cat of Ill Omen 24140059 
A Deal With Dark Ruler 06850209 
A Feather of the Phoenix 49140998 
A Feint Plan 68170903 
A Hero Emerges 21597117 
A Legendary Ocean 00295517 
A Man With Wdjat 51351302 
A Rival Appears! 05728014 
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon 28596933 
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit 13026402 
Abare Ushioni 89718302 
Absolute End 27744077 
Absorbing Kid From the Sky 49771608 
Abyss Soldier 18318842 
Abyssal Designator 89801755 
Acid Trap Hole 41356845 
Acrobat Monkey 47372349 
Adhesion Trap Hole 62325062 
Adhesive Explosive 53828396 
After the Struggle 25345186 
Agido 16135253 
Airknight Parshath 18036057 
Aitsu 48202661 
Alkana Knight Joker 06150044 
Alpha the Magnet Warrior 99785935 
Altar for Tribute 21070956 
Amazon Archer 91869203 
Amazoness Archers 67987611 
Amazoness Blowpiper 73574678 
Amazoness Chain Master 29654737 
Amazoness Paladin 47480070 
Amazoness Swords Woman 94004268 
Amazoness Tiger 10979723 
Amoeba 95174353 
Amphibian Beast 67371383 
Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 64342551 
Amplifier 00303660 
An Owl of Luck 23927567 
Ancient Elf 93221206 
Ancient Gear 31557782 
Ancient Gear Beast 10509340 
Ancient Gear Cannon 80045583 
Ancient Gear Castle 92001300 
Ancient Gear Drill 67829249 
Ancient Gear Golem 83104731 
Ancient Gear Soldier 56094445 
Ancient Lamp 54912977 
Ancient Lizard Warrior 43230671 
Andro Sphinx 15013468 
Anteatereatingant 13250922 
Anti-Aircraft Flower 65064143 
Anti-Spell 53112492 
Apprentice Magician 09156135 
Appropriate 48539234 
Aqua Madoor 85639257 
Aqua Spirit 40916023 
Arcane Archer of the Forest 55001420 
Archfiend of Gilfer 50287060 
Archfiend Soldier 49881766 
Archlord Zerato 18378582 
Armaill 53153481 
Armed Changer 90374791 
Armed Dragon LV 3 00980973 
Armed Dragon LV 5 46384672 
Armed Dragon LV 7 73879377 
Armed Dragon LV10 59464593 
Armed Ninja 09076207 
Armed Samurai - Ben Kei 84430950 
Armor Axe 07180418 
Armor Break 79649195 
Armored Lizard 15480588 
Armored Starfish 17535588 
Armored Zombie 20277860 
Array of Revealing Light 69296555 
Arsenal Bug 42364374 
Arsenal Robber 55348096 
Arsenal Summoner 85489096 
Assault on GHQ 62633180 
Astral Barrier 37053871 
Asura Priest 02134346 
Aswan Apparition 88236094 
Atomic Firefly 87340664 
Attack and Receive 63689843 
Attack Reflector Unit 91989718 
Aussa the Earth Charmer 37970940 
Autonomous Action Unit 71453557 
Avatar of the Pot 99284890 
Axe Dragonute 84914462 
Axe of Despair 40619825 
B. Skull Dragon 11901678 
B.E.S. Covered Core 15317640 
B.E.S. Crystal Core 22790789 
B.E.S. Tetran 44954628 
Baby Dragon 88819587 
Back to Square One 47453433 
Backfire 82705573 
Backup Soldier 36280194 
Bad Reaction to Simochi 40633297 
Bait Doll 07165085 
Ballista of Rampart Smashing 00242146 
Banisher of the Light 61528025 
Bark of Dark Ruler 41925941 
Barrel Dragon 81480460 
Basic Insect 89091579 
Battery Charger 61181383 
Batteryman AA 63142001 
Batteryman C 19733961 
Battle Footballer 48094997 
Battle Ox 05053103 
Battle-Scarred 94463200 
Bazoo The Soul-Eater 40133511 
Beast Soul Swap 35149085 
Beaver Warrior 32452818 
Beckoning Light 16255442 
Beelze Frog 49522489 
Begone, Knave 20374520 
Behemoth the King of All Animals 22996376 
Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World 33731070 
Berserk Dragon 85605684 
Berserk Gorilla 39168895 
Beta the Magnet Warrior 39256679 
Bickuribox 25655502 
Big Bang Shot 61127349 
Big Burn 95472621 
Big Core 14148099 
Big Koala 42129512 
Big Shield Gardna 65240384 
Big Wave Small Wave 51562916 
Big-Tusked Mammoth 59380081 
Bio-Mage 58696829 
Birdface 45547649 
Black Illusion Ritual 41426869 
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 72989439 
Black Pendant 65169794 
Black Tyranno 38670435 
Blackland Fire Dragon 87564352 
Blade Knight 39507162 
Blade Rabbit 58268433 
Blade Skater 97023549 
Bladefly 28470714 
Blast Held By a Tribute 89041555 
Blast Magician 21051146 
Blast with Chain 98239899 
Blasting the Ruins 21466326 
Blazing Inpachi 05464695 
Mystical Elf 15025844 
Mystical Space Typhoon 05318639 
Rock Ogre Grotto #1 68846917 
Rope of Life 93382620 
Salamandra 32268901 
Skull Dice 00126218 
Skull Lair 06733059 
Spark Blaster 97362768 
Spring of Rebirth 94425169 
Swamp Battleguard 40453765 
Swords of Revealing Light 72302403 
The Inexperienced Spy 81820689 
The Wicked Worm Beast 06285791 
Time Wizard 71625222 
Tragedy 35686187 
Tribute to the Doomed 79759861 
Two-Headed King Rex 94119974 
Two-Pronged Attack 83887306 
Tyhone 72842870 
Wasteland 23424603 
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Forest #1 87796900 

Pack Glitch:
This glitch will put any amount of packs as 150 DP. Here's how to do it:

1. Go into whatever set, and checkmark 1 pack.

2. Select the set you want to buy all, or some of, and press L. Or checkmark them manually.

3. Exit out of that set, and highlight another set (Do NOT go into the other set) Now press R.

4. After doing all 3 above, Press X.

If done correctly, the packs you wanted, plus the one you checkmarked earlier, are only worth 150 
DP altogether. This can be done with any pack.

Note: The set must not be empty in order for this to work.

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