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Viewtiful Joe Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Viewtiful Joe - Platform: Gamecube

Super mode:
Successfully complete the game with a "Rainbow V" rank in all Episodes 
("V" rank for V points, Defense and Time on all tasks). 
Select the "New Game" game option, choose the character used to complete 
the game, then press Z. In Super mode, your character will have unlimited VFX.

Ultra V Rated mode:
Successfully complete the game in V Rated mode.

V Rated mode:
Successfully complete the game in Adult mode.

Play as Captain Blue:
Successfully complete the game in Ultra V Rated mode.

Play as Sylvia:
Successfully complete the game in Adult mode.

Play as Alastor:
Successfully complete the game in V Rated mode. 

Viewtiful Forever FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game.

Viewtiful World FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game in Kids or Adult mode.

Skip intermission sequences:
Press Z to advance past an intermission sequence.

Completion bonus:
Complete the game, then play it again in the same mode. You will start 
with all of Joe's powers (Slow Motion, Mach Speed, and Zoom In).

Japanese dialogue:
Successfully complete the game in Adult mode to unlock Silvia as a playable 
character. When you play as her, most of the FMV sequences are in Japanese, 
but have English sub-titles.

Defeating Alastor:
While fighting Alastor, he will throw swords at you. When the swords start 
spinning, go to Slo-Mo and hit the swords. The swords will turn red and hit Alastor.

Defeating Cromartys:
To kill the Cromartys (the pilot looking men in black) very easily, as they 
attack with their 4-hit combo, dodge their first two attacks (that will be 
indicated by the skulls). They will now always end their combo with a high 
attack then a low attack, in that order. If you dodge all of these attacks 
it will stun them, enabling you to smash them across the room.

Defeating Gran Bruce:
When you first face Gran Bruce, quickly use Mach Speed and go all the way down 
where Bruce recovers well first. He will try, and you need to use your Mach Speed 
and run up and down around that area. He will then get tired. Start kicking and 
punching him in Slow Motion or Mach Speed. He will then spit bombs out at you. 
Run around again. He will then accidentally eat one. Hit him, and it will take a 
lot of health from him. Keep doing this until you defeat him.

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