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Viewtiful Joe 2 Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Viewtiful Joe 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Unlock the following chambers by completing the indicated task.

 1: Complete Reel 1, Act 4.
 2: Complete the slippery floor scene in Reel 5 Act 1 with over four lives 
 3: Get killed by a Rocker.
 4: Complete any scene with one life remaining.
 5: Clear Reel 2, Act 3.
 6: Complete Chamber 1.
 7: Collect all 250 Film Canisters in any Reel.
 8: Get a game over and do not reset.
 9: Complete Reel 3, Act 1.
10: Complete Chamber 1 and enter the bonus scene in Reel 4, Act 2.
11: Complete Chamber 2 with at least an "A" rank.
12: Get a "V" time rank in five consecutive scenes.
13: Use only one life from start to end in a scene.
14: Complete Reel 4, Act 2.
15: Get a "Rainbow V" rank on the UFO fire scene in Reel 4, Act 1.
16: Complete the last scene in Reel 2, Act 1 without using VFX.
17: Complete Chamber 8.
18: Complete Chamber 9 and buy the Sliding power-up.
19: Defeat Long John in Reel 3, Chapter 2 with at least an "A" rank.
20: Complete the kitchen scene in Reel 1, Act 3 with a "Rainbow V" rank.
21: Complete Chambers 3 and 12.
22: Complete Chamber 13.
23: Complete Reel 7, Act 3 with over 200,000 Viewtifuls saved.
24: Get Joe thrown out of the bathroom ten times in the Monorail scene in Reel 3, 
    Act 1.
25: Do not use VFX after the gear scene ends in Reel 3, Act 2 until the next one 
26: Complete Chamber 17 and Story mode under the kids difficulty setting.
27: Complete Chamber 18 and buy the Redhot Kick power-up.
28: Complete the switch scene in Reel 7, Act 1 with over 30 seconds remaining.
29: Collect all the Film Canisters in Reel 5, Chapter 1.
30: Get a "Rainbow V" rank in five consecutive scenes.
31: Use the Ukemi move successfully ten times in Reel 7, Act 1.
32: Complete Reel 1, Act 4.
33: Complete Chamber 24.
34: Complete Reel 1, Act 4 without getting any Film Canisters.
35: Complete story mode under the Adult difficulty setting.
36: Complete Chamber 27 and complete story mode under the Kids difficulty setting.
37: Complete Chamber 6, complete story mode under the Kids difficulty setting, 
    and get an overall "D" rank three times. 

Reel select:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Reel select option for that and 
lower difficulty settings.

V-Rated mode:
Successfully complete the game in Adult mode.

Ultra V-Rated mode:
Successfully complete the game in V-Rated mode.

Super VJ Mode:
Successfully complete all 37 Chambers.

Alternate saved game icons:
Successfully complete all 37 Chambers to get a Rainbow V saved game icon. 
Successfully complete the game in the Kids or Adult difficulty setting to 
unlock a Red V saved game icon.

Use the Six Cannon:
To use the Six Cannon in battle or anywhere else, you must have an almost 
entire bar of VFX (plus the four to five mini-bars). Then, hold Z until it 
gets to the last two VFX. A cannon will appear and shoot a large beam with 
the switched character in it. This works well against Bosses.

Slo Mo saves:
Use Slo Mo when enemies are about to attack you.

Viewtiful Joe references:
There are three references to the original Viewtiful Joe in the same Act. 
Just before you are going to fight Alastor, he will recommend purchasing 
Viewtiful Joe at your local discount store. He will also take out a script 
like he did the first time and say the same exact line as in the first game. 
The last one is on both sides of Alastor. There are golden statues resembling 
Gran Bruce, the third boss from the first game.

Fire Leo and Frost Tiger:
Not only are Fire Leo (one of the Bosses from the original Viewtiful Joe) 
and Frost Tiger brothers and look alike, but they fight exactly the same 
except that Fire Leo goes in lava to get his aura back, while Frost Tiger 
grows his aura.

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