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Vexx Platform Playstation 1 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Vexx - Platform: Playstation 1

Super move
Use combos to increase the super move meter in the top right corner. 
After it is flashing, press R1 to execute a super move. 

Powerful attack
When doing the Square(3) combo, press the buttons slowly and the 
third attack will be a ground piercing attack that you can follow 
up with an uppercut by pressing Square. If you hold Square on the 
third hit, Vexx will power up for a more powerful attack, and his 
uppercut will send him into the air.

Alternate ending
Go to Timberdale. Go to the sundial. Set it to either of the golden 
dots (sunrise or sunset). Quickly get back to the hub and enter the 
Shadowrealm. The ending sequence will be different, with Vexx will 
flipping off Yabu.

Quick save
If you found a diary page or an extra life and need a quick way to 
save but cannot find a new heart, do not collect a heart you previously 
acquired. Instead, go to Darby's house on Timberdale. Teleport into 
the picture and pick up the Crimson Key. This works with the Air Suit, 
but Timberdale is quicker. 

Fly Suit
In Dragons Reach (level 2), climb up the dragon's tail. Continue 
climbing until you reach the yellow poles on the slippery ground. 
Climb the first and jump to the others. On the last one, turn to 
your left and try to do a long jump to a small platform with a jump 
pad on it. You will be rocketed over to the plateau. Walk around it. 
The fly suit is on the other side. Note that the jump to the jump 
pad may require some adjustments on your part.

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