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UFC Tapout Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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UFC Tapout - Platform: XBox

Bruce Buffer:
Win UFC mode with all characters. 

John McCarthy:
Win UFC mode as Bruce Buffer. 

Mario Yamasaki:
Win UFC mode as John McCarthy 

The Cat:
Win four consecutive matches in arcade mode. 

Femme Fatale:
Win eight consecutive matches in arcade mode. 

Win sixteen consecutive matches in arcade mode.

Win twenty seven consecutive victories in arcade mode.

Easy wins:
Go into the create a character option and create a Pro Wrestler 
with the following three strengths: Cat-like Reflexes, Excellent 
Submissions, Ground And Pound Stylist. Then, during a match, press 
Front Step + B + A to take your opponent down. You should end up on 
top in a full mount. Then, press X + Y to roll your opponent into a 
back mount. Finally, press either X or Y until he taps out to your 
choke, or press X + A until he taps out for your Nut Cruncher.

Win count:
If you get more than 100 wins, the record counter will say that you 
only have 99.

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