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Super Mario World Platform Super Nintendo Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Super Mario World - Platform: Super Nintendo

By: Mega-Fred

one up game cheat
Enter to the one up game with a cape, then do a 
spin jump and hit the cube with the cape (if you 
hit the cube with other part of Mario's body this 
probably doesn't work) >from right to left in every 
line. this will give you all the possible lifes on 
the game.

The following codes are to be applied using game genie.
Submitted by:  Norberto Feliberty

Invinsibility= DD32-6DAD
No Music= D532-6DAD
Extra Life in Reserve Box= E7C3-DD6D
Starman in Reserve Box= 2DC3-DD6D
Feather in Reserve Box= 60C3-DD6D
Fireflower in Reserve Box= 6CC3-DD6D
Yoshi in Reserve Box= C5C3-DD6D
Infinite Time= C264-64D7
1Up with every dragon coin collected= D2E5-A7AD
Keep Powerup when hit= CBED-6DDF
Get hit once and die even with powerup= CBED-6FDF
Little yoshi grows after eating 1 enemy= DFCE-64A0
Start with 99 lives= 14B4-6F07 (Note: With this code, you can change the 
first and/or second character of the code to change the number of lives 
you start with.)
Start as cape mario= CBB7-6D67+D4B7-6DA7+3CB7-6FD7 69B7-6F07
Start as fire mario= CBB7-6D67+D7B7-6DA7+3CB7-6FD7 69B7-6F07
Start as Super Mario= 31B7-6F07
Infinite Jump= DD2C-AF6F
Infinite Lives= C222-D4DD
Keep Powerup when you fall and die= CB28-DF6D
Yoshi isn't in the game= DD3A-6DAD
Glide Jump=AD2C-AF6F
Take yoshit into castle= 7E0DC2C2 (for use with Pro Action Replay)

Submitted by: Prafulla pappy

In the donut ghost house,in the starting where there are lots of 
ghosts above you,manage to get a feather(supermario flying).
Run and try to fly up,the ghosts wont hurt you.ther is a secret 
platform up there.With practice u can go up it,where youwill 
reach a secret level

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