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Perfect Dark Platform Nintendo64 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Perfect Dark - Platform: Nintendo64

Submitted by: Dylan Baranski

Hidden Weapon Caches:
On each level, there are secret weapons to be found. Here's where you 
can find them:

[Mission 1.1: dataDyne Central-Defection]

-Laptop Gun (Perfect Agent only): Let the office suit guy run away from 
you & he'll open up a closet on the middle office floor. The closet 
contains a Laptop Gun + extra pistol ammo.

-Dual Silenced Falcon 2s: On the lowest office floor, in the back hallway, 
there is a Shock Trooper wielding these. Kill him to get those.

[Mission 1.2: dataDyne Research-Investigation]

-Dual CMP-150s: Get to the Hoverbot terminal room without being seen. 
There is a little hallway in there with another computer. Activate it 
to open the nearby secret weapon compartment, & go over there to get 
the dual CMP-150s.

-Proximity Mine: Go over to the far back of the isotope room to get 
this weapon. Don't stay in there too long, or you'll lose health & 
your vision will be very blurry!

[Mission 1.3: dataDyne Central-Extraction]

-DY357 Magnum: Kill the first 5 Shock Troopers on the ground floor 
without being spotted. The 5th guy will drop this weapon.

-Grenade & Dragon: Kill every Shock Trooper on the ground floor 
without being spotted. Once you get to the lowest office floor, 
there should be an extra Shock Trooper with a keycard. Kill him to 
get the keycard, which will allow you access Cassandra's office. 
On her desk is a Grenade. Pick it up, and with your back to the window, 
toss it at the corner of the wall to your left. You should blow open a 
hole & be able to access a secret room with a Dragon.

[Mission 2.1: Carrington Villa-Hostage one]

-Dual CMP-150s (Agent & Special Agent): Get to the first sniper & kill 
him within 36 seconds. When he falls, he'll drop the weapons.

-Devastator: At the abandoned helipad with the shield on top of the 
crate, destroy the leftmost crate. A Devastator will pop out.

[Mission 3.1: Chicago-Stealth]

-BombSpy: In the alley with the exploding barrels stacked up, push 
the dumpster next to the barrels, and then destroy the barrels, and 
they should destroy the dumpster as well. There will be a suitcase 
with a BombSpy inside.

[Mission 3.2: G5 Building-Reconaissance]

-Crossbow: Knock out both of the cloaked guards at the beginning 
rather than killing them. The second one will drop the crossbow.

-N-Bombs: At the top of the stairway near the escape route, there 
should be a box with N-Bombs inside.

[Mission 4.1: Area 51-Infiltration]

-Rocket Launcher: In the middle of a deserted helipad blocked off by 
a fence with a hole in it. BEWARE: It's surrounded by hidden land mines. 
Use hand grenades to get rid of 'em.

-Dual MagSec 4s: Near the comms antenna, after you plant the bug or 
cause a bunch of havoc, a bunch of guards will come out to attack you. 
One will have the dual MagSec 4s.

[Area 51-Rescue]

-Dual Silenced Falcon 2s: Upon entering the warehouse complex, turn 
right & go around the pile of crates. There should be an alcove with 
an exploding barrel in it. Destroy the barrel & duck into the alcove 
to get the hidden weapons.

-Phoenix: After exiting the first elevator, turn right & go over to 
the door. It's normally locked, but you can open it by either persuading 
a guard into opening it for you or having the maintenance techincian 
from the last mission open it for you (if you didn't kill him). Then, 
go all the way up the walk way to the elevator, & go up to find some 
doors leading to a room with the Phoenix.

[Mission 4.3: Area 51-Escape]

-Dual Scoped Falcon 2s: Go back into the room with the dead biotechincians. 
Each one has a scoped Falcon 2.

-Remote Mines: If you get Elvis to the hiding place within 31 seconds, a 
box of Remote Mines will be waiting for you after exiting the miantenance 

[Mission 5.1: Air Base-Espionage]

-Proximity mines: Go all the way to the cable car arrival point. Tucked 
away in the far left corner of this area is a box of Proximity mines.

-Dual DY357 Magnums: Knock out both of the NSA agents (the guys wearing 
dark gray outfits) in the base. When you kill the 3rd NSA agent in the 
security monitoring room, he'll drop those two guns

[Mission 5.2: Air Force One-Antiterrorism]

-Dual Cyclones: In the room with the stairs leading up to the President's 
room, there are two closets. Knock out the two guards in here to get 
keycards to open up the closets & get dual Cyclones.

[Mission 5.3: Crash Site-Confrontation]

-Proximity Mine: Meet up with Elvis & he'll give you one.

-DY357-LX: When you find the area where Trent is holding the President 
hostage, quickly run up to Trent & disarm him. The DY357-LX is a golden 
version of the DY357 Magnum that can kill in one hit.

[Mission 6: Pelagic 2-Exploration]

-Dual Silenced Falcon 2s: Kill some guard in the 3rd hallway (after the 
stairs leading up to the navigation systems room) without the alarm being 

[Mission 6.2: Deep Sea-Nullify Threat]

-Proximity Mine: After the 1st room with the cloaked guards, turn 
left & kill a certain guard before Elvis does & he'll drpo a box of 
Proximity Mines.

[Mission 7.1: Carrington Institute-Defense]

Devastator: Save all hostages on the upper floor. One will drop the weapon.

[Mission 8.1: Attack Ship-Covert Assault]

-Slayer: After taking an elevator up from the hangar, keep going straight 
(fighting off Skedar along the way) until you hit a square room that loops 
around. In the back is a Slayer.

-Dual Maulers: One of the Skedars in the bridge will drop these.

[Mission 9.1: Skedar Ruins-Battle Shrine]

-Dual Phoenixes: Using the Devastator's wall hugger grenades, destroy the 
two pillars that are not marked as special pillars on your R-Tracker. 
WARNING: There is this one pillar that is invincible to your grenade 
rounds. If this pillar is not marked as a special pillar, then restart 
the mission. Once those two pillars are destroyed, you'll receive the 
weapons once you get to the ravine.

[Special Assignment #1: Mr. Blonde's Revenge]

-Dual CMP-150s: A couple of the female guards at the bottom carry these.

-Dual Falcon 2s (Perfect Agent): After you kill the dataDyne Captain, 
she'll drop these.

-Laptop Gun: If you can somehow get the closet on the middle office 
floor to open (the same one where you got the Laptop Gun in dataDyne 
Central: Defection), you'll find that the Laptop Gun is still there.

[Special Assignment #2: Maian SOS]

-Psychosis Gun: On a table outside the room you start in. Some of the 
lab techs in the level drop extra ammo.

-Dual DY357-LXs: After exiting the hall leading to the autopsy labs, 
turn right & go into the cryo lab on the left. There'll be a guard 
wielding these. WARNING: He can take a lot of punishment & can kill 
you in one hit. Better yet, if you still have Psychosis Gun ammo left, 
use a shot on him & make him fight for you. When he gets killed, pick 
up the weapons. Also, they only carry one shot.

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