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Ikaruga Platform Xbox 360 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Ikaruga - Platform: Xbox 360

Extra continues:
One additional continue will be unlocked after each hour of accumulated game 
play. Infinite continues will be unlocked after eight hours of total game play.

Prototype mode and leaderboards:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Prototype mode with leaderboards.

Dot Eater leaderboard:
Successfully complete a level without shooting or dying to unlock the Dot Eater 
leaderboards as well as the "Dot Eater" achievement.

Easy "Dot Eater" achievement:
Select Chapter 1 on the Easy difficulty. Enter the settings, and set continues 
to off and lives to 5.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Target: Eboshidori (10 points): Destroy Eboshidori. 
Target: Buppousou (10 points): Destroy Buppousou. 
Target: Uzura (15 points): Destroy Uzura. 
Target: Misago (15 points): Destroy Misago. 
Target: Tageri (15 points): Destroy Tageri. 
Good grade (20 points): Complete Chapter 1 in any mode with a grade of A or 
Fine grade (20 points): Complete Chapter 2 in any mode with a grade of A or 
Excellent grade (20 points): Complete Chapter 3 in any mode with a grade of A 
or better. 
Stellar grade (20 points): Complete Chapter 4 in any mode with a grade of A or 
Star player (20 points): Complete the Final Chapter in any mode with a grade 
of A or better. 
Unstoppable (25 points): Clear the game in any mode without using Continues. 
Dot Eater (10 points): Clear a certain chapter in any mode without shooting at 

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