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Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku 2 Platform Gameboy Advance Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku 2 - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Submitted by Andri Agassi []

New Namek
After you find all of the seven Missing Nameks, back to the ship near to 
the Capsule Corporation and talk to the scientist. The scientist will ask 
you to accompany the refugee back to New Namek! Get in the ship and you 
will be taken to the foreign world. The first thing you have to do is 
talking to Namek in front of the ship. Respectfully, he will give you the 
key of Grandpa Goku's house. His house is located next to Goku's house 
which can't be opened as far. When you coming back to earth, don't forget 
to take Power +5, Strength and Endurance Capsules.
And then, go to the cave in the north. Here you will meet with Cooler. He 
still keeping a resentment with you, so you have to do a little fight with 
him. He can be beaten easily, you don't have to be a Super Saiyan, beat 
him just like the ordinary enemy.
After he died, collect +5 Power Capsule he dropped and go the door at 
north. There is a Level 50 Piccolo Door here. Because the level has 
upgraded, get in and find a Piccolo Statue.

Golden Capsule Reward
After collecting all of 25 Golden Capsules, back to Dr. Briefs in Capsule 
Corporation Laboratory. In a change to return them back, he will let you 
to keep one. Now you can do teleport back to the world map from wherever 
without entering to the cave or building. Just choose from the item menu 
to use it.

Control Text Window
To move the text window, press L or R to move it down or up.

Unlockable: Alternate Ending
Unlock Mr. Satan and upgrade his level to 50. Go to the West City and 
destroy level 50 door to ZZTV.

Unlock Mr. Satan
Go and get everybody except Goku to level 50, then pass all of Level 50 
Character Area and collect all of their Character Trophies. Then, complete 
the game and you will get Goku's Trophy, with a message that Mr. Satan is 
now available to play.

Unlockable: Gohan
Upgrade the character level to 50.

Unlockable: Goku
Upgrade the character level to 50.

Hint: Play Hercule
To play as Hercule, collect all four statue with Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta and 
Piccolo. Notice that when Hercule's level raise up, his status will become 
0 0 endurance, but after you reach him to level 50, bring him to ZZTV 
Station in West City to a few of interesting suprises.

Hint: Get Fish Easily
Go to tropic island and kill all the enemies near to the water or kill 
Kuma Bear in the West City to get fish easily. With three fishes, you can 
get Benzu Ray from Korin.

Submitted by: Dale. My E-Mail is .

Move dialogue box:
You can move the dialogue box up and down the screen.
Push L to move it up and R to move it down.

Unlock Hercule:
By getting fiftieth level with Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta,
and Trunks. Go to the character specific 
gates marked with 50 to collect trophies. The
locations are as follows:

Gohan: Outside Gingertown
Piccolo: New Namek (you must find all seven Nameks to
Trunks: West City
Vegeta: Northern Mountains 

Upon finishing the Cell Games, you will get Hercule. 

Easy Power Up:
To get an easy power up for Goku perform a kamamaha
wave on tropical island

Unlock Satan:
Get to level 50 with Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and
Trunks. Find the statues for those characters, as

Gohan : Near Gingertown
Piccolo: After the fight against Cooler
Trunks: West City
Vegeta: Northern mountains 

Upon finishing the Cell Games, you will get Satan. 

Alternate ending sequence:
Get to level 50 with Satan. Go to the West City and
break down the door (there is a 50 on it). Enter it to
view the sequence. 

Easy health:
Save and reset, then chose another player. Switch back
and you should have full health. 

99 Cookies:
Go to Capsule Corp. and keep talking to Bulma's mom
until she says you have 99 Cookies. Cookies recover 5

Vinnie's music:
In the cave where you have to turn off Vinnie's music,
turn the blue, green, and black switches on. 

Beat 19:
As Vegeta, run behind one of the indestructible rocks.
Wait for 19 at the other 
side and punch the rock. Keep on punching and you will
soon beat him. NOTE-You CAN NOT 
use energy blasts but you can use super sayain He cant
hit you while you transform from the other side of the

7 Nameks locations:

Mayor's house
Tropical islands
Where Piccolo (or God) lives
Northern desert
Northern mountains
B Building of the West City
Near Goku's house (there is a way behind trees) 

Golden Capsule locations:
Upon collecting every one of the twenty five Golden
see Dr. Briefs. He lets you keep one. When used
through the Item window, it 
takes you back to the World Map if you are standing
outside. It will not work inside buildings or caves. 

West City: 5
Warlord's Domain: 2
Triceratops Jungle: 2
Southern Continent: 3
Northern Mountains: 6
Outside Gingertown: 2
Gingertown: 1
Tropical Islands: 1
East District 439: 2
Master Roshi's Island: 1 

Submitted by: Android17

When Cell explodes the ring you know the rock that is near the heros 
use the masiceno HA! on cell. you can't get scratched.

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