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Village Escape Part 1 Tips & Tricks

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Village Escape - Part 1

-Go right and click the bushes untill you find a key.
-go left and use it on the chest.
-get ruby and exit the room.
-go foreward and click to look up in the trees.
-click around until you find a magic wand.
-go foreward again and use it on the tiger.
-go foreward again. one of the lillies says H. get the cow 
 that says H.
-then go right. one of the trees has a weird symbol, 
 remember it.
-go right and click around the sheep until you find the one 
 w/ the symbol and take it.
-go right again and click on one of the branches to get an oar.
 (if you cant find it use tab).
-go right twice and click around the barrels until you find
 a sword.
-use it to cut the rope on the boat.
-now you must transport the animals w/o the tiger eating one
 of them.
-click on the man and tiger to move them across.
-take the tiger off and go back. pick up sheep 
 (or cow dont think it matters.)
-move the sheep and pick up tiger again.
-drop off tiger and pick up cow.
-drop off cow and go back for the tiger.
-pick him up and drop him off. you win
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