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Three Cats Zansyo Tips & Tricks

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Three Cats - Zansyo

-Click the top left corner of the calendar to move it aside
 so you can get the blue thumbtack. 
-Click the refrigerator, then click the life preserver twice 
 to move it up so you can get the bottle cap underneath. 
-Use the bottlecap on the cat next to the life preserver to 
 get the blue key. 
-Open the left-hand window and get the bird feeder. Do “about 
 item” on it and click the bit of silver rod (under the dome 
 part). The rod should replace the bird feeder in your inventory. 
-Open the right-hand window, click the windowsill, and get the 
 cat toy. 
-Click on the picture of the cat eating squid to zoom in, then 
 click again to move it aside so you can get the (key?)card. 
-Use the cat toy on the black-and-white cat to get the balloon.
-Use the key on the blue cabinet to get the pump. 
-Do “about item” on the pump and apply the balloon to it. 
 Inflate the balloon, then pop it using the thumbtack to get 
 the padlock key. 
-Use the padlock key to open the fridge. Use the rod from the 
 bird feeder to open the crisper (bottom right) and get the 
 plate of squid bits. 
-Put the squid in the cat food bowl. The fat cat from in front 
 of the door will come to eat it. 
-Use the card on the door and you’re out!
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