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The Detective Game Tips & Tricks

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The Detective Game

(c) Argus press software (APS) 1986
 Full solve: Alessandro Defendi (original hints by Stefano Piro)
 THANKS TO: Ryan (

 Go to your room. Take sealed envelope. 
 Go to dining room. You see a picture. Take picture. You found a safe
 Open safe. Which combination?. Very well, look at your is
 a protection check...what?. Have you lost the manual of the game? ;-)
 Oh boy..ok...the combo is 210319. Take THE WILL. (CLUE #1). Put the 
 will in the sealed envelope.

 Go to the reading room...on the left search for a book..Which book?.
 Read on your original manual of the game...oh..oh..I forget you lost
 the manual ;-))..ok it's 101 DETECTIVE STORIES. Examine the book.
 You find THE FOLDED DOCUMENT (CLUE #2). Put the folded document in the
 sealed envelope.

 Go to Dingle's room. He is dead (?!?!). Take CRAVATE (CLUE #3). Put
 cravate in sealed envelope.

 Always here in Dingle's room take the small key. Open drawer near the
 bed and take the briefcase. Use small key with briefcase. You find A
 NOTE (CLUE #4). Put the note in the sealed envelope.

 Go to doctor's room. Search for the black bag. Open the black bag. 
 Take WAD OF NOTES (CLUE #5) and SMALL BOTTLE (CLUE #6). Put wad of
 notes and small bottle in sealed envelope.

 Wait for the second murder. (Cynthia squashed by a piano)
 Go to your room. Search bed. You find A BOMB (CLUE #7). Don't open/
 examine the bomb!!!!!. Put the bomb in sealed envelope.

 Wait for the third murder. (doctor in the clock room)
 Go to cook's room. Search bed. You find A KNIFE (CLUE #8). Put the
 knife in the sealed envelope.

 Wait for the fourth and last murder. (Gabriel in his room)
 Go to Gabriel's room, take SYRINGE (CLUE #9) and put in sealed envelope.
 Take also the locket.

 Go to the kitchen. Use your magnyfing lens icon. It is the second from
 the left. Search all the wall in the kitchen with this icon. The wall
 you must search is down. Understand?. You can't see it. I hope you
 understand. Continue searching this wall with the lens and you will
 find a secret passage. Go in. Take the screwdriver.
 Use screwdriver with locket. You get an OPEN LOCKET (CLUE#10).
 Put the open locket in the sealed envelope.

 * Before choose the murderer go to Major's room and take the blank
   bullets and the elephant gun.

 * During the game, you can follow Bentley, the butler, until he enter
   in his room. Here, you can search the wardrobe. You find Bentley's
   jacket. In the jacket there are the keys. 
   Those keys open Bentley's room (if you are locked inside) and
   the study that is the room on the left.
   In the study you can find some bullets. Simply take the bullets and 
   replace them with the blank bullets.

 Now, you can choose the who is the bad guy. Who is?. Guess...
 The lights goes out...
 Naturally to stop the escape, use the elephant gun on the murderer..

 * I found three secret passages in the MacFungus residence. One is in
   the kitchen and link the kitchen with the cellar. In the cellar
   there is the second secret passage that link the cellar with the 
   dining room. The third and last secret passage I have discovered is
   from the Major's room and the reverend's room. Try it out!.
   I think there are no others.

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