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T2B Escape 3 Tips & Tricks

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T2B Escape 3

-take red coin from left side of fireplace
-take sheep board and stick from right side of fireplace
-go right and click left arm of knight
-take elephant board from bottom right of screen
-go right and click the right flower stand
-take zebra board from behind flower stand
-click above door and use stick to take hammer and monkey 
 board from lamp
-go right. click under drawer and take tree slices and lion board
-use hammer on left side of fireplace. take brick and yellow key
-use key on top drawer. take cat board from drawer and read book.
-take red key from last page of book and notice the animals and 
 shapes in the book
-use red key on second drawer. take matches and put animal 
 boards in box:
-monkey-music note
-take oil and pull off lid
-put wood in fireplace and pour oil on wood
-open matchbox and use match on wood
-take sword. use sword on picture above fireplace and take dragon 
 picture and blue coin
-use matches on dragon picture
-click on the left side of the knight and put brick on handle
-take shield from knight and put sword in his hands
-click his head and take key
-take sword again
-use key on bottom drawer and take blue coin and pill
-open bottle and take out pill. put pill in vase below clock and 
 take green key from flower
-use key on clock. take red pill and swing pendulum left and right
-left: 8:15
-right: 9:00
-go to the door and put the red coins in the left flowerstand in 
 the 8:15 positions
-put blue coins in right flowerstand in the 9:00 positions
-open door and fight dragon
-use shield on his fangs
-use knife on his eyes and wings (turn on sound)
-take paling from under dragon
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