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T2B Escape 2 Tips & Tricks

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T2B Escape 2

1.Click the left pillow on the couch and get the MAGNET. 
2.Go to plant next to couch. In the leaves find ORANGE BOARD.
3.In the soil find the RULER. 
4.Click on the dresser, then on top of it to get different view 
  and get the WOODEN STICK. 
5.Click on floor in front of the couch, You will turn around to see a 
  coffee table with a COMPUTER and take the BOOKMARK. 
6.Use RULER to take off BEAR BOARD 1 on chest. Click on the bear board in
  the inventory and about item it. Click on the right to turn it around.
7.Click few times on right curtain to get VIOLET BOARD. 
8.Click on window, then click on plant to get COIN underneath. 
9.Go right to door with the two frogs . Click on bottom left of door to 
  get PENLIGHT. 
10.Go right to cupboards and clock. Zoom in on sunflower view, get BATTERY 
   from plant on left of sunflower. 
11.Click on penlight about item it, click to open up, insert battery, switch 
   light on. 
12.Open left door of bottom cupboard to get RED SQUARE. 
13.Click just beside top cupboard on left, to get side view – take A WIDER and 
   push the stopper. Now you can open right hand door of top cupboard to get A 
14.Click on clock to zoom in on it. Note the pictures next to the hands of the 
   clock as well as colours of the hands. Press arrow to show down, again note 
   the pictures next to the coloured hands. To determine order of pictures, look
   at clue on back of bookmark. 
15.Insert bear head 1 into first drawer as handle. 
16.Click at bottom of couch to go to coffee table. Click on play train station 
   underneath. Insert coin into slot. Get code – note shape is same as shape on 
   xylophone – so code is for order to play on xylophone with wooden stick. 
17.Go to the coffee table, click on book underneath computer. Compare pictures you
   got from clock to pictures in book. You will get code that you need to insert 
   into computer (must be typed in CAPS). 
18.Go to xylophone and play out code with stick. Click on magnet to open big 
   view, then combine wider with it. 
19.Use it to get a RED KEY from underneath xylophone. 
20.Use penlight to shine into hole of chest under the window to get the 
21.Go to drawers, insert red key in top drawer in keyhole. Click on handle to 
   open, and get PLANT FOOD and the COMPUTER BATTERY. 
22.Give plant food to sunflower on top of cupboard, underneath clock, now you 
   can open right door of bottom cupboard to get BLUE KEY. 
23.Go to computer, click on left of computer to get different view, insert battery.
   Open computer, click on teddy face. Insert password you got from clock pictures 
   in CAPS to get password for frog 1 
24.Go to frog 1, open it and look inside. Insert code into “a strange machine” 
   and click on green button. This will switch off the lights. 
25.Go to couch scene, and look at white board above couch to get code for computer 
   for frog 2. Click on green button of “a strange machine” again to switch lights
   on again. 
26.Go to frog 2, open up and get BEAR BOARD 2 for second drawer. Remember to click
   on head to turn it around. 
27.Insert bear board and use blue key to open blue drawer. Get YELLOW KEY on left 
   of puzzle. Use colour boards to complete train puzzle. If you add the two colours
   on top of each other, you get ? then put answer beneath. 
28.Go to coffee table again, click underneath, and get BEAR HEAD 3 from in front 
   of train. 
29.Insert bear head into yellow drawer, use yellow key and open drawer. 
   Get a GREEN KEY. 
30.The green key opens the front door, you’re out!
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