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Store Room Escape Tips & Tricks

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Store Room Escape

-get the hour glass from the left shelf.
-get the clay statue in the right drum.
-get the claw hammer in front of the window. 
 (near the brown box)
-get the stick behind the same brown box.
-get the can top from the yellow oil barrel.
-combine the stick with the claw hammer.
-break the wooden barrel with the hammer.
-get the metal statue.
-break the lock of the blue box with the hammer and get 
 hacksaw blade and the car jack in it.
-get the hacksaw frame from the right side of the window.
-combine the hacksaw frame and the blade and get a hacksaw.
-cut the chains of the ladder with the hacksaw and get the 
-put the hourglass, metal statue and the clay statue on the 
 shelves at the right side of the window screen.
-you will see a bird house.
-cut the chain of the key with the saw and get the key.
-open the lock of the bird house with the key and save the bird.
-put the ledder behind the chair.
-click up and put the can top in front of the barrel sink.
-click on the sink and let the seed comes in.
-get back the can top with the seeds.
-give the seeds to the bird and get the key.
-put the car jack on the floor left side of the bird house.
-click on it .
-the wall will go higher.
-you will see a key hole on the wall.
-click there with the key and escape.
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