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StarCraft Tips & Tricks

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submitted by: mike alto

When attacking in a skirmish or multiplayer
game i find it key to attack using mass quantities
of a well ballenced or very powerful unit. Dragoons
are a very nice swarming unit that you can produce early
in the game for reletively cheap and you can keep
churning out. Caarrier rushes are my favorite and
by far the most deadly rushing with 24 to 30 carries
is an incredibly fun way to crush your opponants.
Sometimes people like rushing with zealots as it
requires no vespene and they are powerful. I advise
against it only becuase they have no anti air ability
and i have seen raids like  that get wasted quickly
becuase of high enemy air power. But if your allies
will go air then this is a nice tactic to use which
will quickly wipe out an enemy base if you have the
needed air support(it is also an nice early rush
tactic which can be used quite nicely against
especially zerg comps). Also especially for protoss
dont slack on harvesting keep creating drones
continually throughout the game but dont be to
excessive. 43-50 probes is what you should aim for
becuase you dont want to significantly lower your
attack forces power especially with carrier rushes.

And with protoss you only need 1 probe warping in
buildings. Also in heavy multiplayer games chaotic
melee) you shouldn't hold of on photon cannons but you
can't be to excessive. like the probes photon cannons
will eventually take away from your attack force if
you build to many. Build enough to keep the enemies at
bay with defense of your units and rebuild any that
are lost in battle as soon as possible sometimes i
like to designate a photon cannon only probe which is
helpful in heavy games. Buildings: When doing ground
rushes you should have atleast 10 gateways to warp in
units but preferably 13 or 14. This may seem excessive
but it isnt in the end. Especially when you find out
your enemies d is better then you thought. When going
carrier you should have no less then 6 starports but
more isnt neccessary but it doesnt hurt if you have
Sometimes i make 12 when i feel very rich and
make a carrier group at a time. Also upgrade all units
(especially carrier, becuase the differance between an
upgraded carrier and a non-upgraded carrier is
immense), it could mean the differance between victory
and defeat. If you are playing with numerous allies (2
or 3) then  if they will go main offensive you have
the option to go reaver. If you decide to go reaver
you must build up vast quantities of them in a short
period of time and since they are high on the tech
tree you have to have alot of money to have a successful 
attack. Reavers work best singularly but
sending 24 or more reavers into an enemy base can wipe
it out before your compadres get past enemy D. (when
inserting reavers attemp to get them into the back of
base ware there is little enemy D if any) unless you
decide to take out the enmies D for your allies.
Hydralisks are a key aspect of the zerg empire.
They provide the key firepower in the ground and air
fields and in quantity can crush any enemy. This unit
i like spawning as my main attack and defense force
backed up by about 24 guardians or mutalisks. This
tactic is a useful way to easilly raze an enemy base
with the hydralisks providing the nessesary air cover
for the guardians and the guardians using their high
range and firepower to obliterate all that moves. 
When it comes to the stucture of the hive cluster, one
must have at least 4-5 but preferably between 7 and 
10 hatcherys. 
Line them up for quicker grouping. This provides you with
enough larvae to spawn many groups at a time so that
you can generate mass quantities of units that the
zerg rely on.  If you like to destroy your enemies
quickly, people enjoy building up the smaller strike
forces of about 48 zerglings and 24 hydralisks.  
This works the same way as the other tactic, with the
immense numbers of zerglings destroying the enemy base
while the hydralisks provide backup and air cover.

The zerg though, die easily and you must have many 
reinforcements to back up your initial squads. 
A zerg player must keep a sharp eye on their drones.  
You must construct a new
drone for every structure you build or else you will
loose all your drones by morphing them to structures. 
This shouldnt be a problem since you should always
have a vast supply of drones for harvesting resources.
In the begining of your game, you must build a
spawinig pool as soon as possible. Then climb th tech
tree to the nessesary level.  If you have a balenced
initial strike force, you may want to add some more
specialized strike units such as defilers or queens. 
These come in handy when countering special abilities
such as the terran cloak.  Zerg units start out very
very weak.  You MUST upgrade all abilities to their
maximum level for optmum performance. If you ever get
your hands on an infested command center, the infested
terran can be a useful clean-up unit along with ultralisks.
The terran are a very powerful force when used well
they are the most well balanced force in starcraft or
the median. They have numerous strong points and
numerous weaknesses. But we will start with their
strong points. 
Rushes: Terran rushes are extremely
powerful and effective. Marine rushes backed by siege
tanks are the most effective. To make a marine rush
you will need atleast 10 barracks preferably 12. And
you will need to uupgrade marine range. 
Then you should make atleast 8 groups of them (96 marines)

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