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Sphere Core Tips & Tricks

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Sphere Core

1.On starting the game, click towards the bottom of the screen (just
above the inventory) to look down at the floor. Remove the floorboards
and collect the screwdriver and the glass. The starting screen will be
referred to as "North".

2.Go to the west wall and collect the kettle from the table.

3.Also collect the tile with part of the circuit board on from the 
right enertron alcove.

4.Go to the south screen. Open the cupboard door and remove the wooden 
tile containing the second part of the circuit board.

5.Drag the kettle from the inventory to the sink, in order to fill the 

6.Use the screwdriver on the four screws around the metal plate on the 
wall, to remove it. When it falls off, collect the two power cores and 
the remote from inside.

7.There is a piece of wallpaper just above the sink which can be clicked 
on. Doing so will reveal the code to the Cryo Unit (534).

8.Just above and to the left of the sink is a tile which can be clicked.
This is the final piece of circuit board.

9.Click on the Cryo Unit, and enter the code (534). The numbers ARE in 
english, they are just heavily modified (perhaps the digits 3 and 4 are 
the most recognisable, the rest are 1, 2 and 5, it should be simple to 
work out which is which as they are in order).

10.Remove the frozen embryo from the cryo unit.

11.Go to the east screen. Drag each of the tiles collected so far onto 
the tile rack on the right of the screen, in order to reveal the pieces
of the puzzle.

12.Drag the puzzle pieces from their rack onto the circuit board. When a 
piece is dragged onto a part of the puzzle, it will lock in place until 
the power button is pressed. If you make a mistake, just press the power
button and it will release the pieces so they can be corrected. When the
puzzle is correctly assembled, press the power button to activate the 
power to the magnetic coils under the sphere.

13.Go back to the Enertron (west). Drag the kettle back to it's stand in
order to boil the water.

14.Drag the glass onto the kettle to create a glass of hot water.

15.Drag the embryo from the Inventory onto the left alcove of the enertron.
Drag the first power core to the right alcove. Hit the power button to 
create the Ice Power Core. Remove the power core and embryo from the 

16.Repeat the above process with the glass of hot water and the second 
power core to create the Hot Power Core.

17.Go back to the Sphere.

18.Click the remote button in the inventory to make the sphere remote 
visible on the screen.

19.Click button 1 (same symbols from the cryo unit) to open the Sphere Iris.

20.Drag the Ice Power Core into the hole and close the iris again.

21.Press button 2 to cause the sphere to levitate, and lower it's legs.

22.Press button 3 to activate the Head. This is as far as you can get using
the Ice Core. The Sphere needs more power to move onto the next stage.

23.Remove the Ice Power Core and replace it with the Hot Power Core. The 
machine will still not activate it's the 4th button until it's target is

24.Go to the south screen, and click on the large screw in the floor until
it is at it's highest setting. Drag the Ice Power Core ontop of the screw.

25.Go back to the north and press button 4. A beam of energy should be fired
by the head, and strike the Ice Power Core, converting it into the Super Power
Core. Click on it to collect it.

26.Go back to the north screen, remove the Hot Power Core, and insert the 
Super Power Core.

27.Press button 5 on the remote. The Sphere should open, and begin charging 
up for it's final ability.

28.After a short animation, the sphere will vanish, taking with it part of 
the room, leaving a hole in the wall. Click on the hole to Escape.
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