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Spec Ops US Army Rangers solve Tips & Tricks

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Spec Ops - US Army Rangers [solve]

Here's the walkthough for "Spec Ops: US Army Rangers "


Spec Ops: US Army Rangers

One  time  Army  Ranger and now grande fromage at Zombie  Studios,
Mark Long leads us though his pride and joy. Bringing up the rear: 
Richie Shoemaker


The  first  level takes place in the Siberia. An Aurora spy  plane
has crashed and you must retrieve its Top Secret Data Module.

Phase 1
This team must neutralise enemy forces and shut down the Spetznatz
communications centre.
Follow  your  GPS and head SE to the main road. Ambush  the  enemy
troop truck and destroy it, then  follow  the  GPS and the road to 
the communications  center. Destroy the radio with gunfire or
explosives. Radio in and report.

Phase 2
With  communications knocked out, this Ranger team  must  retrieve
the Data Module. Both Rangers have a Data Module key which will unlock 
the hatch on  the nose of the Aurora spy plane.
Follow  your GPS and the fires in the trench created by the  plane
crash. Use the key to retrieve the module and report in.

Phase 3
After  retrieving  the  module, you must clear  the  way  for  the
exfiltration helicopter. Head east up the ravine  and towards the 
anti-aircraft emplacements. Use a bounding overwatch technique, moving
forward, then sending your buddy forward, then yourself in a leap-
frogging manner. At the top, blow  the  guns  and radio in. Head NE 
down the  hill  toward  the extraction site.
Board the helicopter
and exfiltrate with the Data Module.

This  level  is  in North Korea. Your mission is  to  take  out  a
chemical weapons manufacturing facility. The first three teams will 
soften the base up for the demolition†s team in the fourth mission.

Phase 1
The  air  defence radar must be taken out, and a bridge that  will
cut off their troops destroyed. A base  alarm will be set off if the 
enemy sees you, but it  can  be disabled by blowing up the second
guard  shack. Follow the road and your GPS to the radar  base  and
destroy the radar dish to disable their  air defence network. Then 
proceed through the camp,  follow the GPS and road to the
bridge.  To  destroy  the bridge, place a satchel  charge  in  the
middle of the
bridge. Then radio in
and report.

Phase 2
Now  you  must take out the North Korean air capability.  The  GPS
will lead you. Head NE into the air base  support  camp. From the camp, 
turn west and proceed  to  the airfield.
When you come to some  trucks and a bunker, turn north to the airfield.  
The  first aircraft is directly ahead. To the west is  another  on  the  
runway, and to the east are  the  last  two. Destroy all of them
and radio in.

Phase 3
This  mission†s  goal  is  to destroy the  North  Korean  chemical
weapons deliverance  capability ¥ you must destroy four SCUD launchers. 
You assume control of the Ranger team on the base perimeter  of  the  
first SCUD site. Destroy both  launchers  with satchel charges at 
the base of the missiles.  Then  proceed north to the road  to  the  second  
Follow the GPS
look out for the
APC  along the way ¥ you must destroy them with satchels  or  high
After destroying the
second base, radio in and report.

Phase 4
The  final  mission  is  to destroy the chemical  weapons  storage
facilities and
their air defence radar.
The  USAF  bombers will destroy the plant after your exfiltration.
Follow the
and head north to
the  first  manifold.  Avoid  the  poisonous  gas  released  after
destroying the
manifold. The second
Manifold is north of the first site, and the third is north of the
radar base is SW of the
third  manifold.  Destroy  the  radar,  and  radio  in  for   your

You  are  in  the  jungles of Colombia. Colonel  Marcos  had  been
running a large
cocaine production
operation. You must capture him and shut down his operations.

Phase 1
Your mission is to capture Colonel Marcos. Head NW, following your
GPS, to the jungle path. The path  is  long and filled with enemy. 
Good tactics involving  your Ranger buddy are vital. Use your
bounding overwatch technique. You will come to a clearing  with  a
large hacienda building. Find Marcos and capture him ¥ be careful: 
you do not want to kill  him, you must capture him.

Phase 2
This  mission†s goal is the destruction of the enemy barracks  and
supplies. You must destroy five buildings with satchel charges, so 
ensure you have enough of  them to complete the task. Destroying  
this  infrastructure  will  significantly  impact  the cocaine
producer†s ability to operate. Follow the jungle path north and use 
your GPS to find the training camp and barracks. A satchel
charge  in  the middle of the barracks will destroy  them.  Again,
good use of a bounding overwatch will help. When the buildings are 
destroyed, radio in and report.

Phase 3
This last mission will destroy the production facilities. You  are
the spotter team for a napalm air strike.  To  the  west  are  the  
lab  buildings.  Radio  in   for instructions, and then place a smoke 
grenade in  the  middle  of the camp to mark the location for  the  napalm 
bombers. Radio in after placing the grenade,  and  get  out  of the strike  
zone.  When  you  get  the broadcast that Marcos has escaped, you have 
another mission: locate and eliminate Marcos. Follow your new GPS
destination to the helicopter  crash site and take him out. Then radio in  
and  board the exfiltration helicopter.

Level  4 occurs in the deserts of Honduras. A container of weapons
grade plutonium is being sold to  a  militia group. You must intercept 
and recover the plutonium covertly. News of its disappearance  has  been  
covered  up  and  the  cover   must   be maintained.

Phase 1
You must infiltrate the perimeter of the militia base and blow the
entry gate to enable access. Follow  the  road  and your GPS to the 
perimeter gate.  There  are bunkers and guard towers with enemies  
in  them lining the road. A Ranger with  a  sniper  rifle could be very
helpful. Once you reach the gate, blow it with a satchel and then radio in.

Phase 2
A  news group is meeting with the militia. You must destroy  their
ability to broadcast their story, and capture  a  militia  officer  
with knowledge  of  the  plutonium†s whereabouts.
Follow  the road to the media camp. Along the way you will find  a 
guard point of militia in their camp of RVs. Their position is well 
defended, but a well-thrown grenade or M203 shot will take out the
RVs. Continue on past the RVs and follow the road. You will pass a
collection of buildings and then  follow the road up the hill past 
the school bus. At the  top of the hill you will find the media
van. Shoot the dish antenna with a grenade launcher to disable  the
van. Do not blow up the van, the   militia  officer  is  inside  the  
van  and  you  need   his information. When he jumps out of the van,
capture him to learn the location of the plutonium. Radio  in  and

Phase 3
This is the mission to intercept and capture the plutonium. Follow 
your GPS NW to the oil facility and find the catwalks that will take 
you to the top of the largest tank. The transfer will take place
here.  Find and eliminate the plutonium buyer. Take possession  of
the case and radio in. Then you must  make your way to your exfiltration 
helicopter. Look out  for the enemy helicopter.

This  level  takes  place in war-torn Afghanistan.  United  States
Senator Janet Galore has been captured by Mujahadeen forces and is 
being held hostage. A  rescue mission is being mounted by US Rangers.

Phase 1
This  is  a  support mission for the hostage rescue team.  Afghani
soldiers feuding with the Mujahadeen  are bombing the fort where 
the senator is being  held. The goal of this mission is to take  out  
the Afghani rocket launcher in the city to protect  the senator. The
GPS in your inventory is  useless here. The GPS satellites are not 
available for updates but you can use the compass
portion. The city is very dangerous and it is easy to get lost.
You  start  out  on  the edge of the city. Head east  through  the
double arches and turn north on the road,  and then east. There is 
a very dangerous tank coming up  to the square but you need to get
past  it. Only your satchel charge is powerful enough to take  out
the tank, but it is difficult to place. Follow  the road east and 
then turn SE. Stay on the road, it  will turn east next.
At the intersection, turn south and follow until the road turns west. 
It ends at a Y intersection. Turn NW and then follow it  west. At 
the corner, turn south, then at the next corner  turn west. Shortly
after the turn there is a bridge to the south. Cross it and continue 
south. Pick up the road again and follow it south, then
turn west. Turn SW and continue following the road which will then
turn SE. It will then turn east, and when you come to the intersection,  
turn north into the square. Destroy the rocket launcher with a satchel 
charge or high explosive grenade, and radio in.

Phase 2
This  purpose  of this mission is to soften up the  fort  for  the
hostage rescue
team†s exfiltration. You
must blow the fort†s main gate to gain access, and take out the
emplacements along
the  fort  walls. There are three guns to be destroyed. Make  sure
you take a
Ranger with a satchel
charge to blow the gate. Head towards the fires and the fort. Blow
the gate
a satchel. Go
through  the  gate and turn left to find stairs going  up  to  the
wall. Follow
wall to the first gun.
Retrace  your path to the main gate and go past it up more stairs.
The second
is at the top of
the  stairs. The third anti-aircraft gun is past the second  along
the wall.
Destroy it and then radio in.

Phase 3
The  last part of this mission is the rescue. The senator is being
held deep
inside the fort. Follow
the  passageway keeping to your left as much as possible, and this
will lead
to the senator.
Look  out for snipers on the rooftops. You are essentially running
through an
ambush the entire
way.  Stealth and caution are you only chance. After rescuing  the
your exfiltration
helicopter and ride out.


Spec Ops cheats
1.  Delete  the savedata.txt file from your specops directory  and
you†ll be
to access any of the
2.  For  invincibility, press ALT+SHIFT+V during the missions  and
then switch
your inventory and
select  the  viewfinder. The screen will go blue for a second  and
your ranger
leap up. You now
have ten minutes to complete the mission, as well as a sponge-like
absorb limitless

General H Ince

As a general rule you†ll need to balance your men: one with either
the heavy
machine-gun or M16
with underslung grenade launcher, and the other packing the state-
sniper rifle. Always
make sure you have the required number of satchel charges as well,
as you
want to end up
spending  precious time searching for equipment.  Don†t  worry  to
much about
claymores, you can
quite easily get by without them.

Move on up
Use  your team-mate to scout up ahead. Once he†s in position, move
until you†ve taken
out  one  of the enemy. Keep doing this and you should be able  to
make up
quickly without
taking too many hits.

Swap men
If  the guy under your control is low on health, switch over ¥ the
take better care of
the guy than you generally will. If you do lose one of them, don†t
worry too
much ¥ some missions
are  even easier when all you have to worry about is yourself.  An
factor when swapping
over is not to leave your computer-aided comrade in control of the
launcher ¥ he doesn†t
know how to use it properly and will use it at close range without

Keep  an eye on how many rounds are left in your weapon. You don†t
want to
a firefight with
an  empty mag. Reloading may only take a second, but you could  be
half dead
before you get your
first shot in.

Rest in piece
Don†t  move too quickly over open ground. Use buildings and  trees
as cover
the enemy will
not  be  able  to  surround you. As no one can fire  through  wire
fences, skirt
around them. Lying
prone  is also quite dangerous, as the enemy can shoot you as  you
get up.
Kneeling is the best

Listen up
A  lot  of  effort has gone into getting the sound effects  right.
Pump up the
volume ¥ even better,
plug  in  some  studio-quality headphones ¥ and  you†ll  hear  the
direction from
which the enemy are
approaching. Spec Ops looks good and sounds even better.

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