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Sonny 2 Tips & Tricks

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Sonny 2


Zone 1 - New Alcatraz:
Use brute force to win over these stages

Zone 2 - Oberursel:
-I still use brute force. 
-When there are three guys, I tended to use 
-this strategy once I got Roald.
-Put Roald on complete aggression. 
-This will attack the weakest characters. 
-Have Veradux on defensive until at least one of the enemies 
 has been defeated.

Cult leader:
I found that dispelling all of his focus helped a lot in this battle. 
It is the first thing that I did so I am not sure if it truly helped or not.
He has 300 focus, so I am assuming he has some good shit. I then just beat 
the crap out of him until he is no more. Keep an eye on his focus levels and
dispel when needed. I maxed my magic on dispel. Also notice when he casts the
reverse magic and put your guys on defend. 
This way, attacking him does not heal him.

Defeating him is easy. Just keep dispelling his focus. He casts a magic that
regenerates focus through burning health. He will keep regening focus (for 
the most part) and still receive more focus. 
He continues to lose health until he dies.

ZPCI + 2 Wolves
Put Veradux on defensive mode. Every time I played this level, they went 
after (and killed) him first. Have Roald on offensive. Use dispel to take away
the wolves focus and break when the ZPCI soldier uses the 400+ strength. 
Repeat until defeated Captain Hunt and 2 snipers. 
While this may not be the best strategy, it works. Attack Captain hunt until 
the shields wear off for the snipers. Have Veradux on defensive mode. Have 
Roald on pure aggression. At some point, a shield will be cast on Captain hunt.
Around the same time, the shields will fail for the snipers. If you are decent 
with life, put Veradux on aggression as well to quickly knock out the snipers.
Around this time, the shield for hunt should wear off and start attacking him.

Zone 3 - Ivory Line: The Train:
Use brute force to defeat first rounds of enemies
The Host - Use disrupt on him to take away all of his focus. He will recover 
focus and waste a turn Clemons The Deceiver - clear out the focus and brute 
force works for me! He will heal himself, just keep slamming him until he falls.

Zone 4 Labyrinth:
Again brute force for the first few levels never hurt anyone Vivian Vixen - Ideally
you should kill this while it has 300 hit points. I wasn’t able to acheive this, 
so it transformed into a wolf. Once done, I was able to do actual hit points and 
brute force is the way for me…
Gregor - Silly bug keeps healing itself. At this point, I felt the need to do some
training. At the moment, I am a level 15 and will train until my team has enough 
equipment/levels to deal more than 900 per turn. I have leveled up to 18 and re-
equipped my team members. I then used break to slow the ability to heal himself 
for a round. Next, I dispelled his focus and continued to beat him down. 
Eventually you will squash this bug!

Shunny - brute force worked well for me
Mokoshotar - Wait for him to bite you which will turn whoever into a wolf. Put them 
to aggressive mode which will do 6k worth of damage. Once transformed back, put to 
appropiate level.
Bunny - Set both to aggressive when the bunny blows himself up. He is weaker during 
this time.
The Hydra and the fire claws - I set the medic to defensive and Roald to full 
agression. I went after the hydra since he was acceptable to more damage. I also 
had healing set for when the medic got stunned or overwelmed. It took an eternity 
but I finally overcame the hydras.

Zone - Hew: The Dystopia:
Use brute force to defeat the first few levels
Police Colonel - when he turns blue, he is reloading. Slam him with everyone as 
the most amount of points are dealt out. Once he is ready to attack after reload,
use break to stun him for this turn. 
Repeat and you are golden.
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