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Scope First Blood Tips & Tricks

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Scope - First Blood

1. Shoot the dog
2. shoot the radio. Then shoot holes in the pool. 
   The water will spill out of the pool and shock all the people
3. shoot the guy in his dick as he is peeing
4. shoot the cigarettes. Shoot the ones that arenít by peopleís 
   heads first, then work your way around
5. Shoot the guy with the umbrella then shoot out the light
6. Shoot the Rope (it is right above the window) on the window for 
   the machine. Then shoot the oil can and let the puddle build. 
   Next shoot the rope and have the beam hit the worker. He will 
   throw a cigarette and blow the building up. A weight will hit 
   the worker in the building
7. Shoot the guy to the left. Then shoot hte guy on the lower right.
   The next guy will walk, shoot him. Then shoot the guy behind the tree
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