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Save the Witness Tips & Tricks

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Save the Witness

-“Accident” - Shoot the car before it hits the witness.
-“Tea Pot” - Shoot the lamp when the tea cup is under it.
-“Bombasement” - Shoot the fire alarm right when the witness sits 
 down at the computer.
-“One Night Stand” - Shoot the street light after you see the sniper.
-“the Bunker” - Shoot the crouching guard, then the second guard with 
 the gun. Do this only after the guy walks outside of the building
-“The Park” Look at the back bushes and wait for one to move. 
 That is going to be the bush he is going to jump out of. 
 Shoot him in the head
-“La Kentre” Shoot the guy all the way to the right
-"Judgement Day” Shoot the witness in the head.
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