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Riddle School 3 Tips & Tricks

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Riddle School 3

-Click the globe twice near Mr Soggy's table and get a chewing gum.
-Pick up a ruler on the classroom table.
-Combine the ruler with the chewing gum. Use the combination together 
 with the airvent and you will get a rubber band.
-Shoot the rubber band onto Mr Soggy's glasses. Get the glasses.
 You can leave now.
-Pick up a penny you see on the floor outside Mr Soggy class.
-Go to the library and give Mr Soggy's glasses to the librarian and you'll 
 get a free bookmark.
-Combine a bookmark together with the chewing gum on the ruler.
-On left,Go to male toilet door and get a toilet paper. Put inside the toilet 
 bowl and flush it with a flusher.
-There's a penny outside female toilet.
-Head to the supply closet and use the ruler and bookmark combination to reach 
 a dime on top of the bookshelf.
-Another penny near the staircase to your left.
-Go up the stairs and move to your left.A penny seen on the floor again outside 
 Mrs Flask room.
-Click to the right twice and go to Janitor's closet. A quarter coin is found 
 under the chair.
-Walk back and talk to a person stuck inside the red locker.
-Move to your right again and get a penny on the floor.Open your yellow locker 
 and reach for another penny(nickel).
-Go downstairs and talk to a person in teachers' lounge. "ask about Richy..."
-After short conversation, get a penny(nickel) from second drawer. You should 
 have fifty cents already.
-Click left arrow twice and go to Miss Count's room.A button is hidden inside 
 monkey dolls near Miss Count's table. Its obvious. Pick it up.
-Go upstairs again and turn to your left.Open the door of Mrs Flask room. Use the 
 button together with the small hole of button-making machine and you will get a 
 "science rocks" button. Get it.
-Leave outside and head to Mrs Oddverb's room which is on the right end.Pick up 
 the small note on the blue table.
-Password combination is blobbles 53788078. 
 (for the red locker which someone is trapped inside.)
-Give the button to Richy found inside Mrs Oddverb's room.You will get extra 
 penny for it.
-Go to lunch room downstairs and talk to Mrs Munch. She will give you a pudding.
-Hand it over to Chubb.After that, head to the office door where Chubb was leaning 
-Talk to Mrs Mooses. "Sent to see Mr Potato.." and then "I'm awesome"
-You will get to retrieve a key secretly from the counselor Mr Potato.
-Finally, you can leave right out of school. Happy you go!
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