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Ponpon House 2 Odekake Tips & Tricks

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Ponpon House 2 Odekake

- Go into the house
- Go right, pick up candy from the candy box on the shelf
- Go right twice and pick up the plants
  (notice key tied to the door)
- drop hat right from the door and open the panel to get the 
  flower wheel
- Go right, zoom in on tablelight, pick up the crystal hart and 
  'read' book. Pick up bookmark.
- go right and zoom in on table and again on the white board. 
  Put the plants there and gt the scissors.
- go left twice and kut the key loose.
- use this heart-shaped key on the table drawer (left side)
- grab fish-key and note
- go left ans use fish key on suitcase, grab fish and wind-up thinggy

Now Ponpon will come in in get out again. Follow it to the water
- put fish in the water, it turns into a submarine
- click the sub twice and go in.
- click the hole behind Ponpon and use the wind-up thinggy to wind it
  (4 or 5 times..)
- turn around and click the black screen
- put in the crystal heart

Now the fish will swimm.
- notice the numbers on the screen
- turn around
- look into the right window 'till you see something moving
- turn around again (fish will swim again)
- notice numbers and symbol that are on the screen now.
- go up the ladder
- turn left 4 times and follow Ponpon to the door
- Use bookmark to solve the code
- follow Ponpon and go up the stairs
- go trough door
- wait 'till Ponpon sits on the bench, click it and give it the candy. 
  You get a nut.
- turn around and go right. Click the arrow and then the hole in the tree
- give the nut to the squirrel and pick up yellow thinggy
- click right and see the fountain and noice the key in the water you can't get
- click right 3 times and see two handles in the wall. Click it.
- zoom in on the weel and put the flowerwheel in and than the yellow thinggy
- use your note to solve this code
- turn, click left, click fountain (3x)
- now turn the thing around till you get the key
- turn left 3x and click ponpon. Give it the key and your out.
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