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Plasticine Room Escape Tips & Tricks

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Plasticine Room Escape

1. Click bed twice. Get paper. Click paper (about item) to get 
   two papers.Click under bed to get screwdriver.
2. Click in the corner to see equation.
3. Get red picture of the wall.
4. Click table. get key under first chair (use tab).
   Look at food
   The food is:
   3 triangle pieces
   2 circle pieces
   2 square pieces
5. Fit those numbers into the equation.
6. Click on carpet to get note that says :3 is last number.
7. Click on hook next to black picture. Drag red picture on it. 
   Note the six.
8. Open box with key. Get paper that says 7 is first number.
   first no.=7
   last no.=3
   food equation give 8
   picture give 6
   safe number is 7863.
9. Open safe and get plasticine carving thing.
10. Highlight screwdriver and drag thing on it .you get a flat 
    instead of a cross screwdriver.
11. Remove screws on vent.(drag)
12. take key and drag it on door.
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