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PhrozenFlame RPG Tips & Tricks

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PhrozenFlame RPG

The game starts in a lab. Go pickup sword and then read computer logbook - 
you get the security door code of 54321

Boss 1 Tank/Scar - use regular attack, it seems to do the most damage - do 
not let your health go below 1000, for his most powerful attack can take 
1000 health away

Once you win the battle, you pick up a half stone.
Walk down a path and you will speak with Captain Leader. He will ask for 
kool-aid in exchange for a key that scar dropped.

In town - walk into the building the cyborg came out from.
Koolaid pub - talk to the person by the arcade game? and you will find out 
that they need a gear. You can trade koolaid for a gear.

Walk up to the top pathway and you will get ambushed by ??? who steals your 

Walk into the hotel to the right and follow the ???
Go to the Jazz area and you see ??? warp into the middle arcade game. Follow him
You will then play the videogame. You need to beat 1000 points. Avoid the bomb 
by using the arrow keys and space attacks. When you win, you will receive your 
sword back

Keep traveling north to find the cyborg
You will find the cyborg and you need to fight it.
Boss 2 ProtoMan - for some reason, regular attack seems to do better than magic 
attacks. Use this. I would not let my heath get below 1500

When you beat protoman, you get a gear and you get warped to the koolaid pub.
After listening to the sob story of your life, you receive the koolaid
Go back to Captain Leader with the koolaid. They take off, and you recieve 
the ancient key.

Now you can go to the temple and you meet up with Stranger/Vex
Boss 3 Vex - Do a lot of healings and when the core gauge fills up, use it. 
The battle takes a few miuntes, but you should be victorious
Boss 4 PhrozenFlame - take the damage until you can use your core gauge. 
Once you use your core guage, lights out!
Enjoy the ending!
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