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Notpron Tips & Tricks

Tags: Notpron Game Guides, Notpron Hints, Notpron Walkthrough


Level 1: Simple, click on the door itself.
Level 2: Go to the URL bar in your browser and change level2.htm to level3.htm
Level 3: Another URL solution: change the /false/ to /true/
Level 4: The morse code under the lamp translates to “voodoo power.” Click the  
         clock (the yellow circle): login is ‘voodoo’, pass is ‘power’
Level 5: Click the red “start/stop” button: login ’simple’, pass ’songs’
Level 6: Click the meter on the bottom-left corner: login ‘kill’, pass ‘hour’
Level 7: URL: change tieman.htm to rediar.htm
Level 8: Click the hole in the guitar: login ‘inverted’, pass ‘levelten’
Level 9: Click on the 9 in the top-left corner: login ‘turnmeon’, pass ‘deadman’
Level 10: Click on the ring: login ‘gray’, pass ‘world’
Level 11: Click the bright light towards the upper-right corner: login ‘fucking’, 
          pass ‘pans’
Level 12: Click either of the ’12’s: login: ‘remote’, pass ‘control’
Level 13: Click the clock face: login: ‘devil’, pass: ‘hell’
Level 14: Click the red “start/stop” button: login ‘déjà’, pass: ‘vu’ 
          (copy and paste the login from here)
Level 15: Click the top of the pipe: login ‘random’, pass ’shit’
Level 16: Click the square in the bottom-right corner: login ‘doom’, pass ‘murder’
Level 17: URL: change pron.htm to lamp.htm
Level 18: URL: change lamp.htm to deaf.htm
Level 19: Click towards the end of the finger: login ‘weird’, pass ’stuff’
Level 20: Click the Windows logo: login ‘really’, pass ‘unfair’
Level 21: Click the Greek lowercase alpha in the bottom-left: login ‘getting’, pass ‘further’
Level 22: URL: change banana.htm to unexpected.htm
Level 23: URL: change unexpected.htm to music.htm
Level 24: URL: change music.htm to nextlevel.htm
Level 25: Click anywhere in the image: login ‘riddle’, pass ’solved’
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