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Nezumi 2 Tips & Tricks

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Nezumi 2

-Get the shrink ray and the mirror from top drawer of the desk
-Click on the top of the desk to zoom in and put the mirror
-Beam the shrink ray to the mirror and you will be reduced to mouse
-Move left to the bed view and click on the right side of the bed to 
 view mouse hole
-Enter the mouse hole
-Close the pink door and click on the light switch to turn on the light
 in the stairway (if you don't do this, you will end up with the ending
 where the mouse is holding the shrinking ray)
-Open the pink door again and enter the stairway through the door
-Once you are in the second room, you will automatically return to 
 your normal size
-Move the black cat to get the grey key
-Use the grey key to open the wine cooler
-Get a bottle of wine from the cooler
-Zoom in to the bottle and uncork the bottle (you will get the cork)
-Pour out the wine into the plant and you will get a yellow key
-Use the yellow key on the mouse case to release the pink mouse
-Zoom in to the cork and you will see 1996 with a red line on top of it
 (that means the correct number is inverted: 9661)
-If you use the code on the door panel and open the door, you will end 
 up with the ending where the mouse is searching for something in front
 of the book shelf.
-Use the shrinking ray on the mirror (between the plant and the clock) to
 become small again
-Move to the right (to the wine cooler view) and get the silver/grey ring
 under the shelf
-Move to the left twice (to the box view) and click on the right of the 
 box to view the mouse hole
-If you go all the way back to the first room, you will become large again
 and the shrinking ray will not work anymore.
-You will end up getting out from first room which will give you an end 
 with a sad mouse facing the wall
-Once you are in stairway view, turn back to the view right before you get
 out from the mouse hole (this will be the small room with pink wall and 
 blue floor and no stair)
-Click on the right wall which will bring you to a pink door
-Knock on the door and the mouse will open the door.
-Give the ring to the mouse and he will be really happy
-If you get back to the second room now and get out using the code from 
 the cork, you will end up with an wedding end where the mouse get married
 (so cte)
-Zoom in to the cork again and click on the left edge of the cork to turn 
 the view to its top (and you will notice a circle marking on the cork)
-Give the cork to the mouse and he will give back a note
-Read the note (which says something about DATA = 3282) and go back to the
 second room
-Once you're big again, look at the red collar of the brown dog and count 
 the number of triangles (Dog's delta = 4)
-Go to the panel next to the door and enter the code from the cork: 9661 
 (you will get "OK") Then enter the code from the note: 3282 and you will 
 get "CHANGE"32. Now read the warning sign above the keypad. Click it once
 to change the note to a new one.
-Now take a look at the painting  on the wall and click on the top frame to 
 expose a screwdriver (also notice the number of "Elephant's Egg" = 1)
-Now go to the clock and click on the right side of the clock to get the cover
-Put the clock's cover and you will notice a number on the clock 
 (Clock's cover = 5)
-Go to the wine cooler view and count the number of Olive oil boxes on the 
 shelf (the green ones on the bottom shelf), Olive oil = 3
-Go back to the door and enter the CODE (Clock's cover, Olive oil, Dog's 
 delta, Elephant's egg) = 5341
-Exit the door and you will end up with the ending with tea ceremony.
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