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Naughty Hospital Tips & Tricks

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Naughty Hospital

-Click on the Ceiling fan  and a patients cover will fly up
-Click on a black thing thats a fly behind the television 
 and it will go into here hair
-Gather together the two pink clip heads and put them together
 with the blue thing that looks like an eye patch and it will 
 tie them together. once this is done click on it in your 
 inventory and click on te oxygen tank.
-Click on the bottle on the bedside table an dit will smash 
 then click on the T.V. and the nurse will get soup ad spill
 it giving h a soap bath.
-Click on the banana on the bedside table and it will trip her up.
-Final One - Click on the small tub of medicine that sits on the 
 window sill and then click the flowers in the corner beside the door.
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