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Naughty Airplane Tips & Tricks

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Naughty Airplane

-Click on the Snake and the String to pick them up. 
-The snake is under a seat, and the string is hanging from the 
 luggage compartments on the right. 
-Also click on the ice cube machine in front to get ice cubes. 
-Itís the machine far on the right.
-Click on the red call button on the left side. 
-When the Air Hostess stops in front of you, click on your overhead
 luggage storage and the bag will fall. 
-When the Air Hostess bends over, click on her ass.
-Click on your overhead luggage storgae and the one marked CREW. 
-Click on the clothes in the CREW compartment and then click on them
 in your inventory. 
-The compartments will close and the Air Hostess will bring lemonade.
-Click on the leftmost lemonade drink to put the ice in. 
-Then click on the snake and the string in your inventory.
-Click on the ketchup on the tray, then again in your inventory, then 
 on yourself.
-Click on the toilet paper next to the toilet, then twice when itís 
 in your inventory.
-When the waitress leaves, click on the bottle of Tobasco, then on it 
 again in your inventory, and then on the lemonade. 
-After the man freaks out, click on the water bottle on the top rack.
-When the man goes in the bathroom, click on the bathroom door.
-Click on the glue bottle next to the ice cube machine, then click on 
 the glue bottle in your inventory and the Air Hostessís seat in the 
 front of the left side of the plane.
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