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Murder Escape Tips & Tricks

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Murder Escape

1. Collect the notebook from the book case. This will give you many 
   clues for the game.
2. Collect the power adapter from under the bookcase.
3. Collect the eyeball from the blood spill.
4. Collect the yellow keys from the window sill.

5. Use the code in the notebook to open the safe. Get the green keys.
6. Use both sets of keys in the chest of drawer and collect the tool, 
   the wrench and the car key.
7. Open the power box with the tool.
8. Use the wrench to turn the power on.
9. Open the safe with the iris scanner with the eyeball. Get the CD.
10. Plug the computer in with the power adapter.
11. Insert the CD and then play the "favourite game" to get the exit code.
12. Go back to the PC when the disc is out and enter the password. 
    This is ""
13. The door keypad in now activated.
14. Enter the exit code and escape in the car.
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